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There is some real excitement emerging from wedding trends in 2015 with a longer reception, more entertainment, guest entertainment , simplistic decor, reception lounges and live entertainment being the trend setters for this year so far.

1) A longer reception – In 2015 couples hosted wild parties after the party. This trend has been replaced by longer receptions as couples recognize that it is exhausting to start the wedding early and party till the wee hours of the next morning.

The Somebodys


2) More entertainment – You’ll have to find more ways to keep your guests entertained if you’re going to have a longer reception. Think string bands, steel bands, magic acts and photo booths and good entertainment agency will be able to help with this.

Wedding EntertainmentPhoto Courtesy of Sarah Legge 

3) Interaction – Another way to keep your guests involved is to keep up the interactivity. Magicians and dancers who can give dance instructors are a growing trend at weddings and party entertainment is such a great way to get people to mingle.

4) Incorporate social media – Engage your friends and family who cannot make it to your wedding though social media. Provide social networking capabilities within the photo booths so friends can instantly share photos once taken. Setup up hashtags so it’s easy to keep track of shared pics. You can also have a roving social media photographer to take videos and pictures for instant sharing on social media.

Social Media Wedding

                                                                                                                      Photo Courtesy : Wedding Industry Rescue 

5) Make your first dance special- First dance numbers should always be special, but you can make your’s truly unique by changing it up a bit. Start by using a mix of both your favorite songs, getting others involved in the dance or doing a choreographed number.

weddin dancers

                                                                                                                 Photo Courtesy : Woodlands Dance Lessons

6) Make it about your guests – Weddings today are no longer as bride or groom centered as the weddings of yesteryear. Use the occasion to honor your special guests such as your parents and the bridal party.


Wedding Guests

Photo Courtesy : OneWed


7) Play on request – As the focus turns towards to the guests, couples are doing away with the do not play list and letting the bands play songs that people want to hear.


8) Simplistic – Wedding décor and extravagant meals were the order of the day for 2014. In 2015 couples are embracing simplicity for almost every aspect of the wedding. From clean lines in the décor to simple meals, simplicity is the order of the day.


Simplistic Wedding Decor

Photo Courtesy : OneWed


9) Reception lounge – There will no doubt be people who won’t face the dance floor. There will also be people who want to take a rest from all the dancing. A reception lounge provides a quiet area for your guests to relax and talk with one another. You can provide drinks here and invite an artist to go to work painting miniature pictures of the guests.


Wedding Reception Lounge

Photo Courtesy : Talk Wedding



10) Live bands – Live bands at weddings are growing in popularity. They are not as expensive as you think and they’ll leave your guests in awe of the entertainment. What’s more is that there are various types of bands, so you’re sure to find one that suits your wedding’s theme. While rock/pop bands seem to be the order of the day for 2015, you can hire a jazz, Latin, classical, Celtic or some other band of your choosing.


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