How Not to Do Wedding Entertainment

Your wedding is likely to be one of the most memorable events of your life. It will be months in the making, for a few short hours of – hopefully – perfection. The problem is that you have just so much to do. And when it comes to entertainment, it’s easy to think that once you’ve found your performers it’s job done. But there are so many other things to consider if you want to get things right for your big night.

The Most Common Mistakes When Planning Wedding Entertainment

Not checking sound restrictions

If you’ve booked a venue in an inner-city area, or a boutique venue with guestrooms close to the event room, you may well find that noise restrictions are in place. This means that your party may well come to an abrupt end as management tell your band to go home. Or that the band you’ve selected simply won’t be allowed to play at all. Having sound restrictions in place doesn’t mean that you have to forgo live music, it just means that you need to choose your acts carefully. For more of a mellow feeling, an acoustic duo could work wonderfully. If you’re wanting more opportunity to dance, a silent disco could make an awesome alternative.

Booking a band without backup



There are some incredible independent bands out there, many of which would be perfect for a wedding. But only if they turn up. If you are working with an unsupported band, if something goes wrong – sudden laryngitis, equipment malfunction – you’re on your own. Your evening of stellar entertainment ends up being a tinny broadcast of your iTunes playlist. For important events it’s always best to have a contingency. Earcandy have highly professional support artists available for every element of every act, so our clients are never left disappointed.

Not making a no-play list

We all have songs that make our toes curl and our jaws clench. You don’t want them performed at your wedding. In a way, your no-play list is more important than your play list. You don’t want a magical moment tarnished with a song you despise. Or even worse, by a track that brings an ex to mind.

Not checking performance space



OK, so you’re wanting a Motown wedding, complete with band and full brass section. Good choice! But you’ve booked a bijoux venue. The performance space is intimate, to put it politely. There’s no way it will accommodate upwards of nine performers. This is not something you want to discover on the day. The good news is that you can still have your Motown performance and your perfect, petite venue. You just need to book a vocal act, like Motown Gold Frontline, who deliver a full, live performance with a specially arranged backing track instead of a band.

Selecting a really long first dance

It’s your day. You get to make the choices. And your first dance is a beautiful, romantic moment that will stay with you forever. But only if your guests don’t start whispering conversations, checking their watches and making covert trips to the bar. Make it special, but don’t make it epic.

Forgetting about sound equipment

A lot of small bands rely on venues providing sound equipment. A lot of a venues don’t. If you don’t check that all is in order beforehand, you may find yourself facing problems when it counts. Earcandy acts don’t just come with all the kit, but a dedicated professional sound technician to make sure that you hear every note throughout the night.

Not checking act pedigree and reviews

One really common mistake when booking a live wedding band or DJ is not checking their experience. You might have seen them perform somewhere and thought they sounded great, but have they worked any weddings? Weddings have their own unique set of requirements that can be hard for inexperienced groups to handle. Equally, you need to check reviews to make sure that your act is reliable. A no-show might just mean a few lost pounds for them. But it will mean a whole lot more to you.

Wedding entertainment can seem quite a frivolous thing to worry about. But the thing is, whether you’re talking about a string quartet or a fire breather, your entertainment plays a really big part in making your day special. It sets the scene. It provides the atmosphere. And when it comes to music, it can trigger memories for the rest of your life.  So, although you have a lot on your plate right now, it’s worth taking a little time to get your entertainment just right… Or you could contact Earcandy and get us to do it for you.

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