How to Plan a Christmas Party

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need…a right rollicking party!


Ah, Christmas, it’s the one time of year where almost everyone gets to let their hair down. But what if it’s your turn to organise the Christmas party? What if everyone’s Christmas hangs upon you? Oh, the pressure! Worry not, because we’re here to help, with everything you need to get your Christmas party swinging.

7 Steps for Christmas Party Success

1. Set the Date.

Dates are difficult for Christmas parties. You don’t want to be too early because it can be hard to fuel that Christmas spirit, but the closer you get to December 25th the more conflicts you’re going to face. Check with a few important people and go from there. And don’t forget that intimate parties can be just as much fun as house-fillers, if not more so.

2. Choose a Theme.

OK, so Christmas is probably as much of a theme as anyone needs, but if you narrow it down a bit it can make things easier for you to plan – Santa’s workshop, for example, has very specific styling, food, dress and décor. The same goes for ‘70s, Motown (our favourite!), panto etc.. It can also make things a bit more fun.

3. Send Invites.

This one is kind of important if you want people to come! Give them plenty of notice and state any themes if you want guests to get involved – you don’t want to be the only one dressed up as the Oogie Boogie man!

4. Set a Budget.

Yes, it’s a boring thing to do, but it’s so easy to get carried away, and there’s really no fun in finding yourself penniless come January.

5. Plan your Menu.

Christmas party food is easy because there’s just so damn much of it in the shops. If you don’t want to make it all yourself – and if you’re planning on inviting big numbers, that’s probably not practical – it’s easy enough to buy in and tailor to your theme. ‘70s? Stick it all on sticks! Motown? You’re fairly safe with anything covered in breadcrumbs and fried! Santa’s workshop? All things miniature, cutesy and sweet… With a shot of added alcohol, if you’re so inclined.

6. Organise your Decorations.

Presumably, you’ll already have your usual tree and décor in place, so all you really need to do now is personalise it and work within your theme. If you’re having a sit-down affair, decorate your place settings – if you’re working on a 70s, 80s or sweet Santa theme, Swizzels’ Love Hearts could be your go-to. For Motown, Pinterest has some sacrilegious suggestions as to what you can do with old vinyl.

7. Create a Playlist.

Now we’re getting to the fun part! Everyone has their own favourites when it comes to Christmas songs, from Silent Night to Have a Cheeky Christmas (well, someone has to like it!) and your choices are entirely yours. Christmas is usually either about cheese or class, but you could go somewhere in the middle with a few Motown greats – ever hear the Temptation’s version of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer? And if you’re organising a black-tie event for your work’s Christmas do, why not consider letting us take it out of your hands? Earcandy’s harpist could create the perfect mood:

While for the Earcandy Christmas Band it feels like Christmas every day!

And that’s it. You can add a few games, if that’s the way you’re roll – set up a Santa Selfie Challenge, a grown-ups pass the parcel, or grab a couple of boxed games like Christmas Pictionary – otherwise, just stick to the check list and have a very merry Christmas!

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