Introducing King of Swingers & Soul Fresh

By Ben



It is with great pleasure here at Earcandy to announce we have 2 new acts on our books and they are the fantastic bands “King of Swingers” and “Soul Fresh”. Through partnering together we believe we can bring these bands to a higher level and provide easier accessibility to those who desire to book performances. With so much talent existing in the music world, it can be difficult to find an artist who stands out and breaks the moulds of conformity. When it comes to both these artists, we have found something completely different and unique, allowing for a once in a lifetime opportunity to be had.

With a distinct style, with funky beats and memorable sounds, we believe both bands are able to offer an interestingly unique alternative to special occasions. With the raw talent on display, we are proud to announce an exclusive relationship which we aim to forge and strength over the fore coming years.

While these artists are new to Earcandy, they are by no means new bands. Consisting of many years of experience and an individual expertise of the instruments they play. At Earcandy we only partner with the highest quality of musicians, and we are proud and excited to finally be able to announce the existence of what is expected to be a long term relationship.

At Earcandy we have extremely strict quality standards meaning it is a difficult feat to be hired by us. We only accept the very highest level of quality and only look to work with artists who have that proven track record of preforming at the next level. We already have an established catalogue of bands to choose from, but we are always on the look for bands that can offer an alternative type of experience to diversify what we can offer. When it comes to King of Swingers and Soul Fresh, we believe we have found the winning formula that can enhance your event.

Fortunately both artists have been able to demonstrate their abilities and experience and we jumped at the chance of signing them to a full time contract. This feat can be difficult to achieve and only those artists who have proven themselves are able to accomplish it.


King of Swingers

The revival of jazz is in full swing and the professional band King Of Swingers have entered onto the scene and can provide professional performances suitable for any occasion. When you are looking for something that provides a higher class than a DJ and suitable for black tie and extremely formal events King of Swingers are able to deliver beyond expectations.  Click here to view of the UK’s finest Swing Jazz Bands in action.


With charming melodies and a refined voice, King of Swingers are able to set the atmosphere and allow a crowd to bathe in their surroundings taking in the easy laid back nature of the music. Featuring a collection of classic jazz tracks from infamous performers like Ray Charles and Louis Armstrong, you will receive the very best music from some of the very best musicians.

Not only that, but King of Swingers have developed and curated their special own arrangements that will stand out and make ears perk up.

Jazz has become increasingly common over the last decade. With films like The Great Gatsby allowing a look into what this genre can provide. Originally being born in America and with heavy roots tied into the genre blues, jazz has become a household name.


Many events are increasingly hiring jazz artists to provide something different that is not usually. The easy-going nature makes it a perfect match for events such as weddings, corporate dinners and award ceremonies. While you don’t necessarily have to be holding a formal affair to hire a jazz band, if you are, it adds that cherry on top of the cake.

Soul Fresh

The addition of Soul Fresh to the Earcandy team is another extremely proud feat we are glad to have achieved. Providing a mixture of new soul and RnB which when combined brings you with a confident sound that has no shame.  Click here to view one of the UK’s finest Funk & Soul acts in action.

The vocals allow for a unique blend combining both male and female singers creating an amazing dynamic that creates a beautifully arranged type of music. Soul Fresh are no strangers to getting the crowd involved and encouraging them to make their way onto the dance floor to enjoy the sounds created. Even the most quiet and reserved guests will be swayed to get up and move about as the power of the music takes hold of them.


The package of Soul Fresh can even be taken further, those wishing too are able to receive a full brass section, adding a further layer of professionalism and atmosphere to the event. There is no corners cut, and when it comes to creating a night to remember, Soul Fresh are able to provide exactly what you are looking for.

Prepared to be amazed as the soulful harmonies wash over you and the pure talent possessed by Soul Fresh impresses you. While many people look for traditional style musicians to perform at their events, when you book an alternative artist like Soul Fresh you will receive something that your guests go home and talk about.


Not only will they create a memorable night, you will receive a performance of the highest calibre.


If you are interested in booking either of the newly acquired talent we must advise that you act fast. There are only limited dates available and demand is extremely high. We recommend getting in contact as soon as possible with the dates required to allow us to see whether we can make suitable accommodations.

Both artists are available to hire and are able to offer flexibility in terms of arrangements. Contact us today and we will work with you to achieve a desirable outcome for all parties involved.

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