It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding

Chances are, if you got engaged this Christmas or New Year, you’ll be considering a winter wedding. Most couples take 12 months to plan, and you already know the season’s potential for romance. And winter weddings have the capacity to be wondrous. But how can you make it so, when all your ideas revolve around snow and frosty glory, and the actual weather on the day is anyone’s guess?

Five Steps to Create the Ultimate Winter Wedding

Choose a Winter Theme

If you can’t rely on idyllic winter weather without, take precautions and create your own winter wonderland within. Choosing a winter theme might seem like extra work, but it can actually help simplify your planning. It not only gives you something specific to work towards, but it also creates a cohesive aesthetic on the big day and ensures that even if it’s bucketing down outside you still get the cosy character you’ve dreamed of.

Whiter than White

Pure white wedding dresses have fallen out of favour, with more brides opting for ivory, cream, or increasingly, colours. But white is the colour of winter, so use it to build your theme. Cream and white flowers look amazing en masse. It provides the perfect background and accent to those dusky bridesmaid dresses so on-trend. And it will make any jewellery, make-up or embellishment of yours POP.

Warm It Up with Amazing Live Music

A live wedding band can be the ultimate way to bring soul to your wedding – pun very much intended! Whatever the season, it’s music that will get your guests to relax. And that doesn’t necessarily mean dancing. An acoustic duo can capture the attention, bringing warmth and  joy to the occasion without bringing down the roof – although that doesn’t preclude them from performing your first dance. A swing band will inevitably get your guests up and moving. An indie group could lead to your very own mosh pit! While there are other music options, from iTunes playlists to DJs, a good live band brings a vibe like nothing else can. And it’s that amazing, unforgettable atmosphere that you want for your big day.

Borrow Ideas from Christmas

Now, no one is saying that you should dress your bridesmaids and groomsmen as elves… Especially if you ever wish them to speak to you again. But Christmas can provide a lot of inspiration for a winter wedding in terms of decoration. You just need to make a few adaptations. So, think of using twigs and branches in your table centrepieces. Look at other natural decorations – pine cones, fallen leaves, mistletoe, seasonal wreathes. Think gilded and golden for your colour scheme – it brightens up a dark day and always looks celebratory. Create your own snowflakes – or even your own snow. Use fairy lights.

Have Contingencies

The golden of wedding planning is to expect the unexpected. And that goes double in winter. Don’t just plan for broken down cars, or catering problems, but get insurance. Problems can happen at any time of year, but you’re more likely to find yourself with a flooded venue in winter. While you might be dreaming of snowfall, it could actually stop you reaching your venue. Disastrous at the best of times. Doubly so if you don’t have insurance and still have to pay for the venue, the food, the band, the transport, with no means of recompense.

Winter weddings are super-special. And yours is going to be tremendous. The trick is to start early and have fun in the planning. Your big day starts right… here.

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