Jazz or pop music for your function?

The evening of your function is fast approaching and it’s time to make the entertainment selection for the evening. We are sure that you have put a lot of time into the preparation of all the other dynamics of your event. The lighting, the food, the layout and the service. So when it comes to the entertainment, make sure that you put the same effort into finding the right entertainment.

Where do we start…..

Begin your search online, there are plenty of agencies that offer great entertainers. Select and agent that is credible and has a good market reputation, a quick search around social media will give you tons of results to see what people thought about the service of the agent and the act that they provided.



ACT : Black & Gold

Once you have your agent selected, it’s time to decide on what kind of music will suit your theme the best. If you are hosting a small event, or the largest gala, there is an act for you. The two most popular genres of music for a great environment that everyone can enjoy are Pop and Jazz music. So how do you decide on jazz or pop music for your function? Well, it’s quite simply.



Jazz is a form of music that is creative, relaxed, exuberant, flamboyant and expressive. It is versatile and can be used in almost any kind of event. From wedding receptions to evening galas, right down to small, intimate affairs with small groups. Jazz has the ability to blend itself into any situation and make everyone feel great. If you need something up-tempo and vibey, then jazz music can whip your guest into a frenzy on the dancefloor. If it’s something more relaxed and intimate, the soft sounds of jazz can play beautiful melodies that have everyone’s mind put at ease.


ACT : King of Swingers

Jazz, however, does cater to a small crowd and can be viewed as old-school or boring by more youthful generations. In truth, jazz is a refined style of music that people can enjoy, but not everyone will appreciate it.

For the younger generations, or more youthful party events, you should definitely look at hiring a pop band for your function. Pop bands are great because everyone has heard their songs on the radio and everyone in the crowd or audience will be able to relate to what’s happening, providing a great experience for everyone.


Pop ……

Pop music is great and can really get things moving if you are planning on having a dancefloor at your function. The ladies all want to get out there and shake it and the guys will get up to dance if they recognise the song and feel adventurous. Pop music keeps the vibe going and keeps things exciting the entire way through the event. While pop music may seem like a genre that is best suited to evening functions, it is also great for afternoon or early evening as well. Whenever you need to get the party started, you can rely on a good pop band to get the place jumping.


ACT : The Somebodys

At the end of the day, your decision should be based off of what you think the guests will enjoy the most. Don’t make the mistake of making your decision based off of what you like or feel is right, take some time to analyse your guest profiles and make tour decision based on what you think would be bring them the best entertainment value. If you look out for your guests, then they will have a great time and you will have achieved success with your function.

So there you have it, two of the best genres of music to have at your function. Whether you select jazz or pop music for your function, you can be sure that everyone at the event will have a great time! Once you have decided on which band to go with, call your entertainment agency, make the booking and leave the rest up to the musicians!

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