Live Band Ideas for your Christmas Party

Few forms of entertainment are as popular for a holiday party than a live band. It is difficult to sit still with live music and the energy of performers on stage. If you have decided to hire a live band for your Christmas party, you still have some decisions to make. What type of band will best suit your guests for a great time that will not soon be forgotten? You may be surprised at the number of options that are available for your event. From the simplicity of strings or acoustic ensembles to the high energy of pop music or karaoke, Earcandy has a band that is perfect for your Christmas party. Whichever you choose, a live music performance is guaranteed to create a memorable and enjoyable evening for all.





in-the-modeJazz Band

This is not your grandma’s jazz we’re talking about. In the Mode is a jazz band that performs classic jazz and jazz arrangements of new music for an experience that is unique, classy, and enjoyable for all ages. Looking for a sophisticated classic jazz sound? No problem. Maybe you want to get people dancing with music that is peppy but a little unexpected. In the Mode can deliver. With a sound that is customized to suit your venue, jazz music will make your party stand out among the Christmas festivities.





rock idolKaraoke Band

Combining the fun of karaoke with the energy and expertise of a live band, karaoke band Rock Idol can take your party to a whole new level. Your party guests are invited on stage for an exceptional karaoke experience that makes them lead singer for a live band. A perfect combination of professional tunes and karaoke fun, Rock Idol provides opportunities for dancing, singing, and laughter for all.






Raising the bar for elegance and sophistication, a string quartet or harp will create a soothing environment for your gathering. Music during dinner or drinks can set the stage for the rest of the night, helping your guests relax and unwind to the tunes of stunning classical sounds. Earcandy Strings can also provide string arrangements of popular new music for a unique, quality experience.




pianoPiano Man

Who doesn’t love singing along with the piano man? The increase in popularity of piano bars testifies to the effectiveness of this form of entertainment.

Pianists are famously versatile, providing soft classical music during dinner, rousing tunes during drinks, and popular arrangements for dancing.





If you love the sound of a live band but lack the budget for a full set, consider an acoustic performance as the perfect balance of value and great entertainment. Acoustic performers provide all the energy and excitement of a live performance without the expense of a big band and a plethora of equipment. Acoustic arrangements are designed to make the most of the voices and instruments involved for a high quality sound that is ideal for more intimate gatherings.





black-and-gold-logoParty Pop

If your Christmas party is all about excitement and dancing, party pop band Black & Gold can deliver the big sound and dance tunes that will get your guests out on the dance floor. In high demand for every kind of event, from wedding receptions to corporate retreats, Black & Gold knows how to bring out the party animal in all of your guests with high energy sound and performance of popular pop music.




the somebody'sRock Classics

Classic rock is universally loved by people of a wide range of ages. The Somebodys are a band that skillfully rocks a party with classic sound that provides energetic entertainment that pulls everyone out of their seats. By mixing in just the right blend of modern pop and indie music, The Somebodys are the ideal band for a mixed group of diverse ages. They come prepared to entertain everyone in attendance.




groove-environment-logoFunk & Disco

Groove Environment can create just the right mood for your Christmas party if you are looking for some classic funk and disco, with just enough new music in the mix to please all of your guests. Even younger guests will be entertained by this large band with great skills in working the room. Playing music that was created for dancing, Groove Environment is the perfect band for helping everyone get their groove on.






The soulful sound of Motown will fill your venue with the members of Motown Gold at your Christmas party. With just the right blend of energy and sophisticated sound.

Motown music can energize the room or fade into the background of events as is appropriate for your evening’s itinerary. Even guests who don’t remember music of the 1960s firsthand will recognize the famous songs of the giants of Mowtown, skillfully recreated by Motown Gold.

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