Live Band or DJ? What’s the best choice for your wedding?

The right choice of entertainment can turn an average wedding reception into a memorable night for all your guests, so picking the right entertainment for the atmosphere you want to create is vital when planning your wedding.

No wedding reception is the same. Different people enjoy different styles and tastes in music, so make sure you are picking a performer or genre of music that your guests will enjoy, not just you. 

As much as the big day is all about you and your partner, remember your guests and why they are there, think about how best to cater for their needs as well.

What are the benefits of a DJ?

Picking a DJ for your wedding can have many benefits. 

For example as an Act they typically cost less than a live band and are more affordable. They can play any music at any time to fit your schedule - whether they are filling the dance floor to get your guests up and dancing or fulfilling your requests from obscure first dance songs to your prepared playlist. 

DJs are also booked to play in between band sets to keep everyone in a party vibe and entertained. So DJs offer a lot of flexibility; plus most venues will have experience with setting up DJs and be familiar with their needs and know how to accommodate them. 

The Earcandy DJs also come with different equipment packages that include top of the range lighting and sound equipment to really bring the vibe to your dance floor. 

Of course if you want the range of a DJ but also the feel of live music you can hire a DJ and instrumentalist combined for a unique musical experience.

Earcandy offers a range of DJ & Musician combos, available to book, when you want something that meets your needs for a DJ and a live performer.

  • Sax & DJ Combo



  • Beats & DJ Combo

  • Sax, Beats & DJ Combo


What are the benefits of a live band?

If it’s in your budget, having a live band at your wedding can really bring a touch of exclusivity and top-rated live performance to your wedding reception. It’s hard to beat the audio and visual display of musicians performing live just for you and your guests. 



As wedding bands are made up of professional working musicians, you can be sure they will deliver the best entertainment for your guests, from a personalised first dance to delivering a flawless set that your guests will never forget! 

Next steps

Earcandy provides a variety of different bands and music genres so that you can be sure there is a style that you and your guests will be inspired by.

When booking entertainment for your wedding, make sure to contact the venue and ensure that they can accommodate a DJ or live band in their function space. 

If you have the room and budget why not consider hiring both so that when the band’s set has finished, a DJ can avoid the awkward post set silences and keep the party going all night.

While every wedding reception is unique and every crowd has different tastes with our many years of experience and music expertise you can be assured that we will provide an experience that will live on in the memories of your friends and family forever! 

Earcandy has a wide range of entertainment to choose from, including live bands for day entertainment, or DJs for the evening. When you make your choice of band or DJ our team will ensure the perfect selection of genre and mood for any setting. 

Whatever you choose, Earcandy can help you plan to have the best live entertainment for your very special day. 


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