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We all know that in order to make your day special, loads of things have to be personal to the bride and groom.

We’ve had personalised table decorations, napkins and even glasses! So, following on the personalisation, I suggest you try and make sure your evening entertainment is as meaningful as everything else. There are loads of live wedding bands to choose from, which although gives loads of choice it can make it hard to find the right band that’s right for you.

From past experience, I’ve noted down a couple of unique ideas that could make your live wedding band more memorable!

Acoustic set: For those who prefer chilled out music on a Sunday, but would like to hear songs from modern artists like Adele, why not have an acoustic set played by your band during your dinner. Having a vocalist backed up with an acoustic guitarist would leave you with a real intimate environment, ensuring everyone is in a relaxed, chilled out mood … before the party starts!



Traditional set: I’ve recently worked with a client who had Jewish parents, and requested a few traditional Jewish songs to be performed by one of our bands. The right band will be versatile and ready to adopt all different styles of music. So whether it’s Arabic, Australian or Country, why not try looking into having some traditional songs incorporated in your evening of entertainment.


Black & gold 3 Judi Checketts - Diplock band29


Soloist: As well as your reception, you could consider having a soloist perform during your ceremony. It’s something different and with the right vocalist, can be just as heart felt as the choir which makes everyone cry as you walk down the aisle (Note: Ensure you have waterproof mascara on Wedding day).



These are just a few suggestions out of 1000 you could choose from, but instead of going for a typical band, you should make sure everything down to the live wedding band you hire is a reflection of you and your partner!

Krystine Atti

Entertainment Coordinator, earcandy

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