Overseas honeymoon travel tips

Almost everyone dreams of a honeymoon in a tropical paradise, or a cultural city abroad, taking your honeymoon overseas is a thrilling, exciting and rewarding experience. Being prepared for the trip is another thing altogether, for those couples that have lots of travel experience abroad, it may be as simple as packing a bag and jumping on a plane. For those that have very little experience in international travel, this may seem a daunting challenge that requires plenty of planning.

It’s all about the details

Being responsible travellers requires a bit of homework up front. Not only should you pack for the climate, you will also need to learn a few basics about the culture and language of the place you intend on visiting.

What are the local food specialities? Where are the tourist attractions? How does the exchange rate compare to your local currency and what season is there? These are all questions that need answers. The best means of finding out the specifics of your preferred destination is to purchase a travel guide such as “The Lonely Planet” that will give you all the info you need.

While scouring the internet is a great idea, it’s always good to have a travel guide on hand, rather than a bunch of assorted printouts that can be easily lost.


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Insure yourself and your travels

Travel insurance is a must for your trip. While we leave the airport with good intentions and dreams of an exotic beach, or snow-capped mountains, others may have different plans for you.

Luggage may be lost; medical emergencies may present themselves or items stolen. It’s important to have you and your spouse covered properly. Travel insurance will make sure that if the unthinkable happens, then you are covered. Be sure to check with your current medical insurance provider to see if you have coverage in your policy that extends overseas.

Peace of mind is something that is priceless and vital in your preparations, so make sure that you get it sorted before your take-off.

Keep an eye out

N every city, all-across the globe, there are thieves and scammers that are waiting for easy prey to step off the plane. Don’t let thin discourage you but keep a close eye on all your luggage and valuables.

Pack your main suitcase with the valuables and check it into luggage, make sure that you keep your hand luggage close to you at all times and within eyeshot. Keep your passport, wallet and travel documents on you at all times, following these few precautions will greatly reduce your risk of becoming a target.

Take copies of all of your relevant documentation, such as passport, ID, driver’s license, medical and travel information. Ensure that all of the copies are properly legible.


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The money honey

It’s important to have a good understanding of the local currency and its exchange rate against the Euro and Pound. It can be a frustrating experience to have to convert the cost of items in your head everything, so by downloading an app like XE.com, you can keep the conversion rate on your phone for easy access and quick calculations to make sure that you are spending within your honeymoon budget.

Call your bank and tell them that you are travelling overseas and that they can expect charges from foreign destinations. This is vitally important as credit card companies and banks view out-of-country expenses as possible fraud and will freeze your account to prevent any possible losses. This can become a huge hassle, so call the bank and let them know your plans.

Cash is a magnet for thieves, so rather convert your cash to traveller’s cheques that require ID to cash. Using these few tips will keep you safe and protected in your travels.

Driving around?

Driving in a foreign country is a big no-no if you are not licensed in their land to drive their roads. If you wish to drive on your honeymoon, then consider obtaining an International driver’s license. While country’s regulations surrounding the paperwork, you need to keep on you may differ, for the most part, an international license accompanied by your official license from your issuing country will be enough to get you behind the wheel but check the rules before you book any car-hire.


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The final word

Travelling overseas on your honeymoon is a fantastic life experience that will live in both of your memories forever. No-one wants a memory of how things went horribly wrong, so make sure that you have a thorough understanding of what you are getting yourself into before you just jump in. An ounce of preparation is better than a pound of cure and this old adage holds up with international travel as well.

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