The Perfect Wedding Party Playlist

After the excitement of a wedding, the photographs and the meal, everyone just wants to get to the reception venue, have a drink or two and let their hair down. Having a great DJ or band and a perfect playlist that will get both young and old up on the dance floor is essential. Here are our top 5 tips for picking the perfect wedding party playlist.


1. Choose Carefully

Before you even start creating a playlist you need ensure you have picked a great DJ or band. We will all at some point have been to an event where the DJ rose a few eyebrows. Whether for their inability to beat-match or song mix or because they are one of those acts who are more interested in entertaining themselves and makes themselves the centre attention. Ensure you do your research, find out how long they have performing and read reviews from their clients to make sure to your wedding party is memorable for all the right reasons. Hint: Choose our DJs.


2. Play The Hits

Whether you’re a fan of the mainstream or not, to keep everyone happy and create a great atmosphere you need to play the hits. There are certain songs people just want to hear; the reason we hear the same songs repeatedly at weddings is that they work. They fill the dance floor and put a smile on everyone’s face. Your carefully curated list of independent indie songs isn’t going to raise the energy in the room, it will most likely kill it. MJ, Motown Bands & 80’s classics is what’s needed, throw a few curveballs in there by all means, but remember the playlist needs to be music to everyone’s ears, not just yours.


3. Play The Top Five Songs In The Charts

For basically the same reasons as our previous tip, find out the top 5 songs in the charts or the most upbeat tracks currently playing on the radio. These songs will be fresh and new, and familiar to guests and guaranteed to get people singing and dancing.


4. Choose A Combination Of Fast & Slow Songs

During the wedding party, you want a good combination of fast and slow songs to ensure you get high and low moments; the rule of thumb is 90% fast and 10% slow. This will ensure there are times where people can dance slow and close; it will also give people a chance to get a drink from the bar. Every 10-12 upbeat songs, put in a slow one, everyone loves a slow lovey dovey song, especially after a few drinks! So when putting together your playlist ensure you throw in some great slow tunes in-between your floor fillers.


5. Finalise Your Playlist

Before the big day ensure you have talked to your DJ or band about what you want from them. Give them your playlist and discuss how much creative freedom they can have and most importantly let them know any songs that you don’t want to be played. It’s really important you are both on the same page and this will guarantee your party runs smoothly. The last thing you want is a song to be played that could ruin your mood.

Follow our top five tips and you can guarantee the soundtrack to your party will be a hit with all your guests!

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