How to plan the perfect wedding BBQ

Congratulations on your engagement! We are sure you are excited to start your new life together as an officially married couple. Before that becomes logged in the wedding directory by your pastor, you need to start to plan what you want for a wedding ceremony and a wedding reception. This is the most crucial juncture in your relationship together and everything for your wedding ceremony and reception should be planned out so that it can run smoothly on the day with no complications.

The reception…..

The ceremony is one thing, organising the chapel, finding the right pastor and making sure that he is available, the gown, the makeup, the hair and the tuxedo. All these things need to be just right to make sure that you tie the knot in style and in front of all of your loved ones. When it comes time to plan the reception, it’s a different ball game. While the ceremony may only last a hour or so, the reception is where the rubber meets the road and hours are spent mingling with your guests and your friends and family. Meeting everyone can be a strain, not only for the brief, but for the guests as well and making sure that everyone is well entertained and well fed is a top priority if you want your wedding reception to be a success.



When it comes to wedding receptions, there are a smorgasbord of options, themes and venues to choose from. However, if you live in a nice open area that is warm in the summer evenings then you might want to think about having a BBQ for your wedding reception. While this may sound a bit tacky, we assure you it is any but that! We will show you how to plan the perfect wedding BBQ and make sure that all of your friends and family have a completely unique wedding reception experience that they will hold dear in their minds for decades to come!


The necessities……

The best kind of BBQ for a wedding reception is a lamb on the spit. Not only does it taste absolutely fantastic, but it provides an event within the event that gets everyone from grandad to the kids snooping around the spit wondering what’s going on. There are plenty of service providers to choose from when selecting your caterer to make your wedding BBQ.

Take a bit of time and research the local vendors close to the venue that you are hosting your reception at and then read through the client testimonials to make sure that they deliver on the service they promise. Then simply pick up the phone and make your booking for your perfect wedding BBQ. It doesn’t have to be a lamb on the spit, that’s just the most popular option, most caterers will have a complete menu and they will send their staff to the venue on the reception day top set up everything for you. A chef can also be arranged and the venue will most likely have a waiting service that you can use to serve your guests.


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The setup….

Once the fire is lit and the spit is set up, it’s a relatively easy process to mage even if you decide to do it yourself, or have the folks tend to it for you. Outdoor BBQ receptions are an awesome way to enjoy the outdoors in the company of those you love on your special day, just make sure that you remember the marshmallows to warm over the coals as the sun goes down! A perfect end to a perfect day! Congratulations on your new life together and all the best!


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The entertainment….

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Of course while you’re cooking up a storm you’ll need to keep your guests entertainment, what better way to do this through live music such as a Jazz or Pop band or perhaps something a little lighter like a string quartet. Whatever your entertainment needs we here at Earcandy can help you plan the perfect entertainment to keep your guests enthralled while you cook the perfect meal.

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