Most popular music for civil wedding ceremonies

In planning your wedding reception, your choice of music sets the tone of the day or evenings events. If you are looking for the most popular music for civil wedding ceremonies, then you are reading the right article! We have put together this list of the most popular choices of music for you to consider at your civil wedding ceremony, so have a look a decide which option speaks to you and will be the best genre for you and your guests.


Jazz is as timeless as it is versatile. Jazz has the ability to play at a wide variety of tempos and styles. The softer, more elegant sounds of the saxophone and the clarinet, with the crisp, clean sounds of the piano are sure to put a smile on all of your guest’s faces as they spin you away into a melodic wonderland of sound.

Jazz is personal and performed live, it’s suited to smaller venues and crowds and makes for fantastic background music. If things do step up a notch, jazz musicians can kick up the pace as well. Jazz artists are true crowd performers and keep an eye on their audience to understand their mood, playing the songs that keep the atmosphere going.


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A mixed bag

Every music genre has a few tracks that are timeless and can fit in perfectly with any civil wedding ceremony. The key to doing this successfully is to hire a quality, experienced DJ. A DJ is a popular choice for a wedding ceremony entertainment option because of their versatility to cross a wide variety of music genres while still sticking to a consistent theme.

This makes a DJ the ideal solution for anyone looking for a musical performance that speaks to a wide audience. Another great thing about a DJ service is that they do not take up a lot of space in the venue because they do not need to set up an entire band-stage.

Motown and soul

Motown and soul have had such a huge impact on the music industry since its birth in the early sixties, let them have the same impact at your wedding. Soul and Motown features some timeless, romantic classics from artists that we all remember. If you select a soul or Motown artist for your wedding, then you can expect some beautiful acapella solos and lyrics that will bring tears of joy and happiness to all that listen to it.

Motown and soul artists have some of the most beautiful voices in music, their ability to match their song choice to the atmosphere of the venue makes them engage with the audience on a deep, personal level that resonates with people from all age groups and both men and women.


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The final word

The most popular music for civil wedding ceremonies is really up to you and your guests at the end of the day. The key is to select the right entertainment agency to set up everything for you and understand your needs on the big day. Whatever style you are after, a good entertainment agency should be able to assist you in booking the artist that will make all your friends and family smile as they watch you tie the knot in your new life together.

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