Say hello to your own personal wedding planner.

Here at earcandy we love to form collaborations that we feel may benefit our customers in some way, today we have one such great collaboration with a company that is making waves in the wedding app market. We’re happy to introduce you to Apptrimony.

In 2014, the use of smartphones to access wedding planning websites had nearly doubled from 2011 (33%) to 2014 (61%). About 6 out of 10 brides are actively planning their weddings through their mobile device

(Figures taken from statistics and research carried out by XO Group).

We spend the vast majority of our time using our mobile devices for various different things including checking emails, creating lists and making appointments. How many people can say they leave the house without their mobile phone? Would you feel lost if you accidently left it at home? The answer is most likely, yes! I know I would anyway; my whole life is on my phone from my daily reminders to my shopping lists.

The developers  at Apptrimony thought, what if they could create a wedding app that can help with all the planning aspects of the wedding, from the guest list to the table plan.

Say hello to Apptrimony – your very own personal, on the go wedding planner.




You’ve taken the big step and got engaged! Congratulations! You want the wedding of your dreams and why shouldn’t you have it! Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. Here at Apptrimony we have created something to help you along the way so that when the time comes you can enjoy your perfect day.


With their app you can create your wedding guest list at ease using your existing phone contact list or add new guests manually. Each guest has an individual profile so you can see who you’ve sent invitations to and who has RSVP’d and much more.


The table planner functionality is both easy and fun. You can create and name your tables, add guests and use the drag and drop feature so you know exactly who is sitting next to whom.



Stay organised with your to do list, set reminders e.g. ‘my wedding dress fitting’ and mark items as complete.


You can also use the app to set your wedding budget and keep track of your spend.


Apptrimony is available to download now on the app store for the introductory price of just £0.79! (See the app store for compatibility).

Visit their website to read some more about their wonderful app…

We look forward to hearing all about your lovely weddings once you have used our appJ, happy wedding planning!


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