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Organising a wedding can be a little stressful at times, here at earcandy we want to help in our own little way, so we’ve gone out and done all the research for you. We hope you find these wedding entertainment ideas useful and please feel free to get in touch with us with any suggestions/comments/feedback or hey just to have a chat…We’d love to hear from you.

When do the guests need entertaining?

When looking for wedding entertainment ideas, it is important to look at the order of events for the day to see when the guests are in need of entertainment.  Whilst everyone knows that entertainment must be provided at the reception, there are other areas of the day where there are definite lulls in activity.  These are the ideal times to break out some entertainment to keep the atmosphere alive and remind everybody what a special day it is.  So the three points of the day where entertainment would be needed are generally:

  • Cocktail hour – The time between the ceremony itself and the reception.  The bride and groom will be having some photographs taken and the guests will be left to mingle.


  • Time between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception – This may not always be a gap in the day, but in some venues, guests may need to leave the room whilst it is re-set for the first dance.


  • The reception – The after party.  Normally guests from the day will have stayed for this and be joined by more friends of the happy couple who did not attend the ceremony itself.

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Entertainment for short gaps in the program

 When it comes to the cocktail hour and the time between the breakfast and first dance, the idea of providing entertainment is to keep the conversation between guests going and keep the atmosphere light.  In years, people are leaning towards more unique weddings in regards to location and such.  This is also reflected in the entertainment they choose.

  • MagiciansOne of the oldest entertainments known to man.  Whilst some people may have a natural aversion to magic acts, there are some magicians these days that are absolutely phenomenal and have the ability to leave guests in wonder.  A good wedding magician should be have a good patter with guests, mingle well and above all, have show-stopping magic tricks.


  • Circus entertainers – There are few places in the world which generate the mystical feeling of the big top at a circus.  This feeling can be recreated at a wedding.  Think jugglers ushering guests out to the grounds of a stately home for cocktails in the sunshine with fire breathers and acrobats performing around the grounds and stilt walkers moving between the guests.


  • Casinos – Why pay the hefty price of tickets for all the couple’s nearest and dearest to go to Vegas when Vegas can be brought to them?  Many companies will send out some of the world’s favourite casino games along with croupiers for guests to try their luck at.


  • Quizzes – Bring guests together by making them team up and enjoy a fun quiz.  Questions shouldn’t be too hard to keep the mood light.  In fact to keep within the theme of the day, and to make things even more personal, the questions could be about the couple themselves and include funny anecdotes which will have guests feeling even closer to the couple.


  • Cocktails – Mixing alcohol with a show is often a winning combination.  Couples can choose their very own “signature drink” and then hire a cocktail expert to put on a show behind the bar for all guests who would like to try the romantic drink.


  • Photo booth – Whilst the couple are having their precious photos of the day done, why not let the guests enjoy some photo opportunities as well?   Guests can get together and have beautiful, wacky or funny photos taken throughout the day.  If couples provide a dress-up box with this as well, there are bound to be some amazingly….interesting photos taken the more drinks are consumed.  The photos can either be taken home for the guests to enjoy or signed and given to the couple themselves, or both!



Wedding reception entertainment


Wedding entertainment ideas

For the evening entertainment, it is all about the music.  Yet this does not mean that there are not so many choices to make, there are plenty. Firstly, the music must represent the couple and their own personal preferences, as well as appealing to everyone who has attended the reception to share in the joy of the special day.  The first choice though, is whether to have a DJ or a live band.  Some couples will prefer to have a combination of both and have alternating sets throughout the night, or have a band for a set time (maybe one or two hours) and then finish the night off with a DJ.  This option has a couple of benefits:

  • The couple can have the first dance to a live band – This looks great on the wedding video and often, the emotion from a live band singing the couple’s song can be intoxicating to all who are there to witness the event, making the first dance stand out in everybody’s mind for years to come.


  • The band will undoubtedly appeal to the more mature members of the wedding who may well leave after the first couple of hours of the party.  Then a DJ can be brought in to play more specialised music reflecting the couple’s taste.

Another option for the musical entertainment which never fails to keep guests entertained is of course, karaoke.  Again, the more drinks consumed, the more amusing this form of entertainment gets.  One thing to remember with karaoke though, is to remember to keep the video cameras rolling and be sure to remind all the guests the next day of their beautiful new found singing skills!

Top 7 Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding Entertainment

  • Provide the Transportation – If you can afford it, book a limo bus to take your guests from the ceremony to the reception. Arrange for music and drinks on the buses so your guests can get the party started on the way to the venue. You’ll have to arrange the same transport to take the guests home, or at least back to their cars.


  • Wine Tasting – Replace cocktail hour with a wine tasting event for the adults. Set up stations along the hall and lay out a variety of wines for your guests to sample. Include a number to unique wines to make the wine tasting more interesting. Bring in an expert who will pass on information about the wines presented.


  • Provide Comic Relief – Get your guests laughing with a comedy show just after dinner. If you have a lot of children at the reception, you’ll have to make sure that the comedy act is appropriate for all ages. It’s a good idea to witness the full act beforehand, so you’re not taken by surprise with any gender, race, or religious attacks.


  • Love Is Not An Illusion – Love is not an illusion but that doesn’t mean that you cannot create a few illusions on your wedding day. Hire a magician to deliver an entertaining show at some point in the reception. Choose a magician who makes it a point to involve the audience in the act. This will keep them engaged and interested.


  • Hire Dancers to Get the Party Started – Hired dancers are the way to go if you want to get your guests on the dance floor. You can hire a regular dance group to teach simple moves to your guests or belly dancers for something more fun. Whatever you choose, it’s a great way to get everyone dancing.


  • Hire a Live Band – Hiring a live band is a must have for today’s weddings. They are fast replacing wedding DJs and way better than iPod music. They get the audience moving and give them something to talk about long after the wedding has ended. You can use live bands from the ceremony and have them continue during the reception. The best part about live bands and wedding entertainment is that you can choose one according to your theme and ask them to customize their repertoire to suit your needs. To give you an idea of the quality acts earcandy has to offer, please view our wedding bands for hire section.


   You’re guaranteed to have a good time….


guaranteed live bands

You’ve chosen the venue, the music, the guests and the food. And now you want to relax before your big day. Here’s how to make sure that all that you’ve asked for from suppliers is guaranteed.

If you’re looking to hire a live wedding band, using an entertainment agency can take a lot of stress off the process and they will put contracts in place to ensure that you get what you asked for, something that a local ‘pub band’ is unlikely to have. Unlike many agencies, earcandy works very closely with each individual performer, so you can rest assured of the quality and professionalism of your entertainment.

2. Don’t forget insurance
When you plan your wedding, it’s the most memorable day of your life. Unfortunately we have all heard horror stories of the band who have unsafe equipment which could hurt your guests. You should check what insurances the entertainment has. Things to ask are whether the providers have public liability insurance and whether all equipment has been PAT-tested, otherwise you could leave yourself open for problems if something doesn’t go quite to plan on your big day.

3. Don’t worry about last minute changes
Changes happen. Although it is difficult to find bands or DJs at last minute, it is possible. When we get last minute calls, we are often able to provide a client with something brilliant, so it’s always worth giving us a phone call, ensuring that your party needs can be met no anxiety.

4. Worse case scenarios can be fixed
You may have your heart set on the perfect party entertainment, but what would happen if your dream act split up, or if a band member leaves? You will need to obtain assurances that this situation could be speedily dealt with. Live acts are sometimes booked years in advance, so you need to know where you stand. Our close relationship with all of our performers means that no matter the eventuality your booking will always still stand.Booking live entertainment should be easy. At earcandy we have experts who know how to make your wedding entertainment run smoothly

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