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After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.
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In the midst of planning your perfect wedding day, you must also decide on your wedding catering for the event. If you have decided to go with a seasonal menu, you will find your dishes will be fresh, and truly suit the time of year you have chosen for your special day. Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to plan a seasonal wedding menu and how to pull of the perfect wedding catering.

Do Some Research

In order to know what to put on your menu, you must know what’s in season. This is where a little research comes in to the planning process. You will have to narrow down your research by what region your wedding will take place in, since items will have different in-season times depending on the area. You will have to take into account what is growing at that time of year and also what will people want to eat at that time of year. For example, a nice light refreshing salad for summer, or a mix of roasted vegetables for the winter.

Have a Variety of Food

At a wedding it is a good idea to have a variety of foods available for your guests. Summer menus are full of fresh vegetables and sweet fruits like strawberries and blueberries; while the winter months can be filled with heavier potatoes and rich red meats like steak. It is a good idea to have a good range of choices even for a sit-down menu, so your guests will enjoy their meal.

Creativity and Flavour Mixture

One thing to remember about creating a seasonal menu is to balance out the flavours and use fresh ingredients in every course. You can use blueberries as a salad dressing or topping, use them as a glaze or in your dessert. This also connects the elements of each course beautifully, and seasonal items tend to fit together well. A good wedding catering company will be able to do this all for you.

Try to Purchase Local Food

If you want to have the freshest menu possible, then you should try to purchase local food from local farmers. If you have a farmer’s market nearby, or a farm that has a stand, that is the best place to buy fresh and truly in season produce and meats. If you are able to, try to be flexible with your menu, since you never know what you might find in your travels.


For formal weddings, or even not-so formal weddings, it is a good idea to have some form of appetizer before the main meal. This can be anything from elegant salmon bites and caviar topped crackers, to fresh vegetables served with delicious dressings and fresh fruits. The point is, is to have a variety so your guests will enjoy themselves.

Beef, Chicken or Lobster

It really depends on the type of wedding you are having. If you intend for a formal wedding, then your reception could probably include lobster or fresh seafood, filet mignon, or even delicious duck. If you wish to appeal to the masses you could choose steak, chicken or game hen, or even hamburger sliders. If you go with a buffet style dinner, then it is wise to have a selection of red meat, chicken and vegetarian style dishes for your guests to choose from.


Dessert can be styled in a buffet or dessert tray style, in which guests choose between bite-sized cakes, pies or tarts; or guests might enjoy cupcakes, chocolate mousse, or fresh fruit topped with cream. The dessert is usually apart from the wedding cake, which you can also style as cupcakes, chocolate or white cake or any flavour you believe the majority of your guests would enjoy.


If you have hired a bartender to pour your drinks for you, you should plan out with him what wines, spirits, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks to serve. You should also consider whether or not children will be in attendance and if you would like to serve coffee or tea after or during dessert.The important thing to remember when planning out your menu for your wedding reception is, you should choose foods you will enjoy eating yourself; but, you must include any guest’s dietary concerns, allergies and preferences as well. If you can, create a menu that is diverse and will appeal to the majority of your guests.


Yummy! Cakes Cakes Cakes!

Guide to wedding catering

When it comes to choosing your wedding cake, there are many options available. From the type of sponge you have to the decorations –the choices are endless. There are also plenty of alternatives to traditional sponge cakes if you prefer something a little different.

Traditional wedding cakes are tiered fruit sponge cakes. However, these days many choose chocolate, lemon or plain sponge as their preference. There are no rules when it comes to choosing the wedding cake – it’s completely the preference of the bride and groom, so pick your favourite! If you’re having trouble choosing a flavour and you’re thinking a tiered sponge, why not split the tiers into different flavours. For example the largest tier could be chocolate, lemon for the middle and fruit for the top tier.

This is a good way of pleasing all the fussy eaters. Instead of a tiered sponge cake, a popular option with many brides these days is to have a tower of individual cupcakes. The great thing about having a cupcake tower is that every cupcake can be individually personalized to match the guests or your wedding theme. If you still want a cake to cut for photographs, you can have a small sponge as the top tier.If you’re not a fan of wedding cakes, then simply don’t have one.

It’s your wedding day and if you prefer to have a unique alternative, a cheese tower is a great choice. Just remember to make sure your cake fits in with your chosen wedding theme.

Cake and Cupcakes Combined

A popular, but less traditional choice is the combination cake and cupcake style. You can choose any flavour of cupcake you like, chocolate, raspberry, or vanilla, and place them on a tier shaped platform leading up to the top of the cake, which will be a small wedding cake, about the size of a traditional cake’s upper tier. This cake is perfect for those who only want a taste of cake, and for weddings with children in attendance.

Tropical Rum Cake

If you have a tropical wedding theme, how about a tropical rum cake? This less than traditional cake is flavoured with Mango and Coconut and soaked in rum punch syrup. This isn’t a large cake, so it is better suited to smaller weddings, but will give a decidedly tropical feel to any reception.

Seashell Wedding Cake

You can have a coconut cake, topped with butter cream frosting and is decorated with shellfish designs to make a marine inspired cake for any sea and ocean lover.

Wedding Themed Inspired Cake

You could have a cake inspired by the decorations and theme of your wedding. For example, you could decorate your cake using a similar design from table runners, flower arrangements, dress design and even your ceremony venue.

Chocolate Box Wedding Cake

If you are a chocolate lover, then perhaps a cake in the shape of a box-of-chocolates is in order. You can use actual pieces of chocolates around the tiers or edges of your cake and the frosting can be decorated to look like a box-of-chocolates.

Seasonal Cake

Depending on what season your wedding occurs, you could have a seasonal flavoured cake. For example, for fall, you could have a carrot ginger cake, for summer you could have a strawberry and cream cake, and for winter, a raspberry or cranberry cake. You don’t have to stick with traditional flavours or designs for your cake, this is your day, make it special.


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