The Different Types of Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography can be expensive, and is often the third most pricey wedding day expense, beaten only by food and venue. In fact, your wedding photographs are likely to be the most expensive photography you will ever purchase. You will cherish your wedding photographs, have them made into an expensive album and perhaps even pop a few up on your walls, so before you settle on a wedding photographer, lets ensure you choose the ideal wedding photographer for you.

When setting out on the path to find a wedding photographer, most couples start their search based on budget, reviews and the photographers location, but there is another very important aspect to consider – the wedding photography style!


Wedding Photographers

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There are three main styles of wedding photography – Traditional, Photojournalist and Artistic. Each style of wedding photography will change the way your finished images look, and due to the subjective nature of photography, it is vital to choose a photographer who shoots in the style you want.


Traditional Wedding Photography was one of the first forms of wedding photography, and still plays a big part in many weddings throughout the UK. This style of photography uses a lot of posing, and staged photographs, incorporating large group shots of the guests to more intimate of just the couple. Traditional wedding photographers generally focus on the key shots, following set list of planned photographs. This style of wedding photography requires the photographer (or their assistant) to regularly pose the shots, meaning they are a more obvious presence throughout the wedding.


Wedding Photographers

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Photojounarlistic Wedding Photography, also commonly known as Reportage Photography, is a very popular choice amongst brides and grooms. This style of wedding photography involves photos being candidly taken throughout the wedding day. The photographers presence is far more unnoticed than a traditional photographer. They capture all of the key elements throughout the day, but also focus on capturing the atmosphere and emotion through their images. They document the events, guests, couple and venues throughout the day with an unobtrusive manner.


Artistic Wedding Photography, also known as creative or editorial wedding photography, is ideal for brides and grooms looking for something a little different. This style of photography is similar to traditional wedding photography, as it often utilises posed and constructed shots, however the photos are often less formal and rigid than with traditional photography. Artistic Wedding Photography uses unusual angles, intense backdrops, sophisticated lighting and extensive post-production to create visually engaging photographs.


So lets ensure you choose the right photographer for you with the help of some simple visuals:

Types of Wedding Photographer Styles

                                                                                                              Infographic created by Photographers 24/7


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