The earcandy guide to a hen and stag night

One of the most popular wedding traditions revolves around the pre-celebration just before the union of two people called the stag and hen night. Also known as a stag do or hen do, these occasions offer the bridesmaids or groomsmen a chance to celebrate one last night of single life before a lifetime of commitment. While the exploits of stag dos gone wild may fill you or your partner with dread take note, today’s modern stag and hen night is as varied as the people celebrating themselves. Far from being just a torrid night filled with strippers and dive bars there is something for every taste and style, the possibilities are truly endless.


Make memories that will last a lifetime with the ultimate stag and hen do. Unique and amazing activities will thrill your senses as you and your party celebrates the wedding-to-be. Give your mate or gal pal the perfect send off with the coolest stag do or hen do. The UK is home to some of the most exciting group activities and outings anywhere in the world making it no surprise that a stellar stag or hen night is just a call or click away.

Prevent a Meltdown before You Start


Only you can prevent the catastrophic events of planning fatigue. In one of the leading nations in the world and indeed in world history, the tsunami of choice can bewilder even the more experienced of us. Jumping onto the web means being inundated with options and it can be hard to feel anything but adrift. Realize first that the first step to preventing a meltdown is to define the scope of your outing. Give yourself as much lead time as possible and if you can, no less than three months before the big day.


Location, Location, Location


It may sound silly but deciding on the scope of your stag or hen night is a great place to start. Will you stay local or go out of town? Staying in England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, or somewhere else in the Isles? You aren’t limited to remaining where you are when some of the Continent’s greatest getaways are just a quick trip aboard your favorite airline. For those with generous stag or hen night budgets, traveling abroad is a snap and packages are designed to suit your tastes. But don’t overlook a local stag or hen night, with world-class venues and cultural centers, entertainment in the UK is unrivaled. While staying in the home country don’t be downtrodden, you can still arrange for a first-class activity package have your stag or hen night of your dreams that is also affordable.


Activity Planning


There are so many different types of stag and hen night activities and not all of them have to happen at night. Yes, you can line up activities at London’s most popular bars and clubs as well as going skeet shooting during the day. Activities can be geared to any taste whether it be a recording studio session, ATV off roading, sports, or dance lessons. Packages are tailored for stag or hen specific groups so the gals can be gals and the mates can go wild.


Stag Activities


This category of activities includes many of the outings typically requested by gents planning their stag night. Archery and shooting ranges are popular as is off-roading with ATV’s or Karting and driving activities can put you and your group in the driver’s seat. Just be sure to let your stag night provider know how many people will be in your group so you meet the minimum occupancy requirements. Having a night out on the town? Dress codes can put a snag in your evening if someone in your party does not have the proper attire. Be sure to stay informed of all requirements and must-haves and your night will be one to remember for good reasons and not bad ones.


Hen Activities

Hen-party with champagne

For the ladies dance lessons, choreography, and shopping excursions and spa days are a perfect send off to married life. Of course, the gals may not want to be left out of the fun and hen night activities can extend into day excursions with all the fun the gents are having. Want to spend a session in a real professional recording studio? With the right mix of fun and entertainment, you’ll have your party crooning the night away and you’ll do it in style.


What makes a great stag or hen do?


The answer to this question depends entirely on you and your stag or hen night group. Your mates and gal pals will love celebrating for one final night before the big day, but not everyone has quite the same idea. How well do you know the bride or groom? No matter what, the point of the celebrations is for those getting married so be sure to remember this throughout the process. Preparations, reservations, and changes in plans can take up to three months to sort out so plan and discuss with your party immediately after you know you are involved in a stag or hen night.


Polling your Pals


While it may seem obvious, communicating clearly with your party members is the best thing you can do for your stag or hen night. Informing yourself about what people will and won’t enjoy will help your planning efforts tremendously. Does everyone have the ability to go out and do the activities being considered? If someone has physical issues or medical problems this should be factored into the discussion.


Is anyone going to have difficulties enjoying the activities for any known reason? Some people are agreeable and some are disagreeable by nature – communication is your tool to ensure your stag and hen night provider can adapt to your needs.


Who will pay for the stag or hen activities? If you are sharing the cost make sure everyone knows what their expected contribution is going to be well in advance. If you know someone has limited funds or if your party wants to plan a thrifty night, let your stag and hen provider help you discuss your options.


Again, packages should be sorted and reserved well in advance – if you are short on time do not delay any longer. The key is communication and planning, those who heed this will succeed.




Whatever you and your group decides to do your first priority should be a safe time. Your stag or hen night provider should be safety trained and adhere to all applicable laws. Don’t let your quest for fun end in disaster right before the big day.


Party responsibility and if you are imbibing alcohol you must have your designated driver, cab, or transportation worked out well in advance. When you plan ahead and use a reputable stag and hen night provider you and your party can afford to relax and enjoy the activities.


Making it Happen

Hen-party with champagne

When the stakes are high it makes sense to use a booking agent to ensure maximum success of your stag or hen night. You’ve prepared in advance and planned every detail and everyone is on board for the big pre-wedding celebration. There are a few ground rules to consider when bringing the gang together if for nothing more than your own sanity.


Remember why you are doing the stag or hen night in the first place and remind your fellow party goers that the bride or groom should most enjoy the festivities ahead. Agree to minimize anything that would cause tension within the group.


This can sometimes mean not commencing drinking until you have arrived at your intended destination. Since this is not your vacation do your best to get a good night’s sleep and arrive on time and in a good mood, ready for fun. When you are celebrating your mate or gal pal before their big wedding day, a well planned and executed stag or hen night can make memories that last for years to come. Make every effort count by communicating with your fellow party goers and the bride/groom themselves well in advance of the big day.


Remember that the stag and hen night is about celebrating friendship and the coming commitment ceremony. Saying goodbye to single life and celebrating someone special in your life is a gift worth remembering that stag and hen night for the ages.


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