The earcandy guide to a London wedding

For the ultimate wedding with style nothing beats a classic London Wedding. One of the world’s most famed cities this wedding hotspot draws millions of visitors each year. From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben to the London Eye, a wedding in London has many advantages for those looking to put one down for the memory books.



About London


Westminster Bridge at sunset, London, UK




Founded by the invading Romans and originally called Londinium this settlement has evolved over two millennia to become a leading city of the world. The capital of the United Kingdom stands on the River Thames and is comprised of sprawling metropolitan areas and plays host to epicenters of education, finance, fashion, and media among many others. Boasting the world’s largest airport by traffic volume, the city of London is also a major cultural hub and one of the most visited cities on the planet judged by international visits. With so many venues, bridal shops and activities it is easy to become overwhelmed with your sea of options and choice. Not only do you have a variety of options there are plenty of businesses and consultants ready to take you into a maelstrom of matrimonial hell. By doing your due diligence, you can find and source all the talent and resources you need to put on your dream wedding.



One of the most traveled cities in the world, London is home to the world’s largest airport by passenger traffic (Heathrow). An extensive mass transit system and well planned motorways mean travel in London will be easy for your wedding guests. Whether your guests are flying in from far away or driving into town there are no shortages of transportation in and out of the city. Activities are just a drive or cab ride away and getting to and from your wedding venue can be completely headache free with a little pre-planning and time management.



Some of the finest hotels in the world are situated in the city and the essence of refinement and style infuse weddings like no other place in the world. Historic addresses and buildings populate the cityscape around you as one of the greatest cities on Earth plays host to your dream London wedding.




London Wedding Venues

One_Great_George_Street- London weddin Venue

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With so much to choose from in culture rich London one could spend hours looking at hundreds of excellent venues. But, for a London wedding, you don’t have to give up quality to get a good value for the money spent. Those needing a budget-conscious wedding venue, London has much to offer any type of wedding imaginable, but trying to find great venues in the UK’s most popular city requires you have a bit of help.


3 of the best London Venues

One Great George Street – Grand, domed Edwardian building with 21 function rooms, staging weddings, conferences and dining.


Leeds Castle  – Visitors never forget their first breathtaking vision of Leeds Castle in Kent, rising majestically from the moat as it has done for over 900 years.


Kew Gardens – Kew Gardens in London and Wakehurst, West Sussex, offer stunning venues for your wedding ceremony


A quick search on the Internet will pull up any number of wedding venue recommendation websites. These sites can provide gateways to list of great wedding venue providers while providing a glimpse into what past clients have said about their experiences.


Choosing a Wedding Venue Website

Not all websites are created equal and some will be better than others while a hidden gem may be overlooked due to it’s poor site design. The trick to finding a ‘good’ website to use is to check for several key factors:

  1. Does the website provide a selection of venues that I am interested in?
  2. Are ratings and/or reviews provided?
  3. What makes this website an authority on wedding venues?

By considering the questions above you can navigate the many websites dedicated to weddings and wedding venues by picking out the good ones from the crowd.




Catering a London Wedding

bridal wedding bouquet on the table

In the global city of London, you have access to the world’s cuisine. Your wedding venue may require you utilise their in-house caterer or pay corkage fees while others may allow self-catering. When choosing your cuisine, pick the option allowing for flexibility. Sometimes offsetting the price of a venue means having the room to be creative with the caterers you do bring into your wedding.


Choosing a London Caterer

When making the all-important decision on catering, remember that your guests will remember (fondly or not) a wedding oftentimes based on the quality of the food. Humans are social creatures and weddings bring out the social beast in all of us. When the food is served and drinks are flowing, the celebration can serve as the perfect backdrop for a commitment between two people. Word-of-mouth recommendations serve as the lifeblood of the wedding world and for caterers, especially dedicated catering businesses your old clients drive your new business. Capitalize on reviews and personal consultation; you may end up with the perfect caterer willing to give you some room on the final price.


3 of the best London Caterers


Fresh Funky Catering – Fresh N Funky is a London based catering company the delivers delicious food and a first class service for all occasions.


All in Hand Catering – All In Hand Catering are one of the foremost canapé companies in London, providing bespoke menus for any reception.


Eden Caterers –  Eden have been creating stylish, scrumptious and sustainable food since 1993. Our bespoke kitchens in Waterloo are a great base for making amazing food for events in London & the home counties




Floral services for London Weddings

organizations invited

The florist you select will be tasked with procuring and arranging all the flowers that will be needed for the wedding ceremony and reception. Bespoke marquees may be better left in the hands of the venue you hired but the florist may offer competitive or complementary services.


Choosing a London Florist

Finding a London florist is easy, but selecting the best one for your budget and requirements is not the only area of concern. Relying on experienced florists usually means the difference between the wedding you wanted and the wedding from hell. An experienced wedding florist will have pre-made packages for your floral needs usually providing color photographs of previous work. When you talk to a potential florist make a point to ask as many questions as you can and judge how they handle you. Just because they’ve heard the same question a million times doesn’t mean that professionalism goes out the window.



3 of the best London Florists


McQueens – When Kally Ellis set up McQueens in 1991, she had one aim in mind. “I wanted to sell simple, stylish flowers, beautifully presented, to the London market. And I knew people would love it.”


Seranata Flowers –  have been sending flowers and delivering smiles around the world since 2003


Wild at Heart – With an international reputation for unrivalled quality, London based florist Nikki Tibbles provides luxurious flowers nationwide for weddings




Wedding Photography in London

Wedding Photographer - London

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The highly competitive market for wedding photographers commands some of the most talented artists working today. A city like London will have at it’s disposal many fine and incredibly talented photographers. Weddings are a mainstay of the professional photographer and selecting the right one for you is essential.


Choosing the Right Photographer

Judging the quality of previous work is an accurate way of deciding whether a photographer can meet your needs. Caution, however as the photographer’s skills should be judged not only from portraits but scene setups and group photos. The photographer may have an assistant or may take all the shots for the wedding and reception personally. Whatever type of photographer one thing is clear… it’s a tough job. A wedding photographer has to have the stamina of a cheetah while being an expert in herding cats. Your photographer can’t slow down after dinner service when the party is just getting started so be sure they understand the expectations you have for them.


3 of the best London wedding photographers


Brides Visited – Lorraine & John are our photographers & owners and offer a fabulous wedding photography service, supplying everything from disc only to stunning bespoke storybook albums


Nick Ray Photography – is a documentary wedding photographer based in London. He is an experienced photojournalist who has spent over a decade working for the Times in London covering news and features assignments all over the world.


Juliet Lemon Photography – is a SW London and Esher based photographer specialising in wedding and portrait photography




A Great City for a Great Wedding


London is a city that has it all and having your wedding in this first among cities is sure to be an experience you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Honoring the commitment of two people is not just the pomp of the ceremony but also the Human experience. The one we all share binds us together in family and love and how we celebrate that experience is an extension of ourselves. With a fantastic center of culture, history, and a modern metropolis London is a city rich with everything that is needed to have the great wedding you’ve been dreaming about. Professionalism and talent make London one of the finest cities in which to marry.



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