The earcandy guide to a perfect Cornish wedding

Getting married in Cornwall is a magical experience and we can help you make it perfect. Between its unique seaside venues, its various and sundry wedding service suppliers, and many boutiques and shops with unusual offerings, it’s easy to make an amazing wedding in Cornwall.


Magical Cornish venues for a perfect wedding


The first step toward your perfect Cornish wedding is the venue. Picking the perfect venue is a matter of taste: what do you like? What are your preferences? You can usually book up to a year in advance, and you’ll need to make sure that you have a vague idea of how many people will be invited so that you can select the correct venue. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck with a place that can’t fit the number of people that you need to accommodate.


Atlantic HotelThat just won’t do! If your tastes tend toward the glamorous, then a seaside wedding at the Atlantic Hotel may be for you. This sprawling, impressive property overlooks the North Cornish coast, where you can watch the sea crash against the cliffs below.

Fancy feasts, luxurious accommodations, and fabulous amenities make the Atlantic a worthwhile wedding venue, and it can support upwards of 300 guests.


PentillieCastleCornwall is home to some impressive castles, too, like Pentillie Castle which is in the Tamar Valley – a scenic location on its own. You can have the castle all to yourself when you hire it for a wedding. How fantastic is that? You can live that romantic royal fantasy you’ve always dreamed of, and you don’t have to raise a finger. Pentillie’s team will happily look after everything relating to the wedding, including the food! You’ll want to book early, though: this place is very popular.


HotelVictoriaNot one for castles?  Try this hotel on for size: Hotel Victoria  looks out over some of Cornwall’s finest beaches, and is within steps of Newquay’s town centre. It’s huge, it’s as fancy as you desire – or don’t! – and there’s even the opportunity to get married in Hotel Victoria’s wedding pergola.

The ocean as your backdrop? You can’t get much better than that.


Once you have a venue selected, you need to get some wedding services looked after! Where do you start?


Cornish wedding services for a perfect day


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 Wedding services include entertainment – such as earcandy – as well as the the cake, hair and makeup, florists, wedding planners, food and drink, photographers, and transport. Cornwall’s venues are able to look after nearly anything that your wedding needs, right down to the planning itself. That’s a bonus. You can have everything looked after and not have to worry about further planning. Food and drink are often the hardest part, so with the venue looking after that, you’re ahead of the game. You will have to figure out your own photographer, transportation, makeup, and flowers most of the time, unless – as mentioned before – you’ve gone with the wedding planning services that your venue offers (I totally recommend that).


greenpeople Cornwall is home to unique services, like Green People Make-up and Cosmetics, which offers natural, handmade beauty products.

Not only do you support a local manufacturer, you’re supporting the planet, too.  They don’t seem to have a makeup artist available, however.



countryFor flowers, why not give a local florist a try? Country Flowers Florist is one such business that specializes in weddings and is able to provide custom arrangements depending upon your needs and desires.



This is just the beginning – you can find more services by browsing


Cornish wedding supplies for you and yours

wedding supplies

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The last piece of the puzzle for your perfect Cornish wedding? Supplies. The dresses, the suits, the wedding favours, accessories, and jewellery all make up this category and Cornwall’s selection is fantastic. When you have the likes of Bridal Sweet, Fantasia Bridal, and others for dresses, you have the cream of the crop. You don’t need to go for the traditional white gown with these dress-makers: the only limit is your imagination. I recommend booking an appointment with the place that you intend to purchase your dress from so that you can be guaranteed to have all of the store employees’ attention.


cornishstoreFor unique wedding favours and gifts, visit The Cornish Store, which even offers wedding hampers and little chocolate pasties.



stevensStevens Cornish Slate  is another supplier of interesting giftware that would make unique wedding gifts or favours.




The perfect Cornish wedding is at your fingertips. There’s so much available to you that you might not expect – that’s the Cornwall way.


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