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Considering having your big day in Surrey county England? You’ve made a fantastic choice and there are many reason as to why. From modern amenities to historic venues, Surrey is one of the UK’s most popular wedding destinations. For everything you need to know about having your wedding in Surrey here are some of the top reasons why people choose to have their wedding day celebrations in the Home County of Surrey.



About Surrey


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The beautiful county of Surrey in Southeast England plays host to some of the most memorable and inspiring weddings. For weddings needing the perfect setting nothing compares to a ceremony in one of the historic Home Counties. Romantic manors and reception halls are scattered among the historical landscape making the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. First class weddings in countryside locales or modern venues offer excellent choices no matter your style of wedding. The combination of country and history meld together with subtle and refined grace. Your guests will be transported to a fine country setting to witnesses the union of two people. And, with over 130 hotels and easy access to London and the other Home Counties, Surrey is a perfect blend of convenience and refinement.


Having your Wedding in Surrey

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 Whether you dream of a rustic wedding or the contemporary wedding of the season, Surrey has many choices to offer. The history of Surrey is as old as England itself and those who come do so for the quintessentially English experience. With 18th and 19th century mansions and gardens twined with ivy, a first class wedding is close at hand in the beautiful countryside of Surrey.



One of secret ingredients to a successful wedding is getting your guests in and out quickly and easily and with two major airports nearby, Surrey proves its worth as a wedding destination. Heathrow Airport is located conveniently just across the county border in Hillingdon while Gatwick Airport sits just to the south in West Sussex. A short drive from the UK’s most populous city of London, Surrey is easily accessed by multiple methods of transportation.



In Surrey there is no shortage of hotel accommodations and lodging choices to select from whether you need a traditional or contemporary wedding, there are many choices for you. With dozens of top bridal shops within easy access, designer fittings and bespoke productions are within reach. Even the city council boasts a 19th-century building close to Kingston upon Thames. In Surrey, weddings are an industry and with some of the most beautiful and storied properties in the country, there are many reasons why a Surrey wedding makes sense.


First Class Surrey Wedding Venues:


Nonsuch Mansion

Easily one of Surrey’s most recognizable venues, this Georgian manor sits amid 300 acres of beautiful countryside of Nonsuch Park in northern Surrey. Nonsuch Mansion is a historic house located within Nonsuch Park on the border of Greater London and north Surrey, England. This historic location is Grade II listed.


Penny Hill Park

The picture perfect wedding with over 120 acres of wood and park make Penny Hill an incomparable venue for your wedding celebrations. Primarily serving as one of Surrey, England’s premier hotel and spa this amazing venue boasts a top-notch golf course, tennis courts, and world. With superb dining experiences and the phenomenal service, Penny Hill Park will make your wedding an event to remember.


Northbrook Park

The grand drive will greet your guests and take them before this 18th-century manor house enshrined within 120 acres of beautiful parkland, mature gardens and two large fountains. A sunken central lawn with large fruit and bay trees adorn the two main water features. Evening events are also welcome with discreet lighting available to shroud your guests in a warm glow as musicians light up the evening.


While the best of Surrey is sure to impress, budget minded individuals may have difficulty finding affordable accommodations easily. There are plenty of fantastically picturesque locales throughout the county but finding a venue within your price range is not impossible and the smart shopper can find deals in hidden places. Not every venue has a 100 acre garden or ivy strewn walls but even the less-storied places can still provide a high value setting for your high value event.


Affordable Surrey Wedding Venues:

Reigate Manor

Now managed by Best Western, the Reigate Manor hotel started out as the Brokes Hotel on Reigate Hill originally in 1924. Today’s Reigate Manor is a fully modern and contemporary hotel with first class accommodations and is an excellent venue for the budget conscious wedding in Surrey. Ready to go wedding packages accommodate from 40 to 149 guests depending on your needs and with discounts for your guests at the hotel, Reigate Manor is an excellent choice for a Surrey wedding.


Chessington Golf Centre

Located in the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames, Chessington Golf Centre is an excellent venue for the value minded bride and groom. No stranger to the big day, Chessington has packages and services designed to make the wedding of your dreams a reality. Offering custom wedding marquee built onto the Clubhouse leading into the bar and conservatory. With capacity for 100 to 150 guests, wedding receptions have room to celebrate.


Lythe Hill Hotel & Spa

This four star hotel sits in the Surrey countryside and evokes a feeling of a cozy village. A cluster of buildings sits on 22 acres of parkland and a Tudor house and restored farm buildings makes the Lythe Hill Hotel & Spa a great value for a Surrey wedding. This no-pets property is family friendly and features unique room layouts and variable scenic viewpoints.

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From either end of the budget spectrum, Surrey wedding venues are worth taking a serious look at as the perfect locale for your big day. With such a blend of history and modern amenity, Surrey England is one of the UK’s hottest wedding destinations. Location and accessibility combined with the beauty that the countryside has to offer make a wedding in Surrey a perfect choice for the perfect wedding. If you’re looking for the perfect live entertainment to match the stunning venue then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of entertainment team who will be more than happy to help out.

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