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There are several fundamental elements to building a great wedding. An event that will properly honour the union of two people should reflect the essence of the couple themselves. Florists and the unique services they offer are indispensable to the modern wedding. Alleviating the burden of sourcing and arranging flowers, a good UK florist can help you select and design the perfect settings and bouquets.


How do I choose a Florist?


The UK is home to some of the top wedding industry professionals in the world and with everyone claiming to be the best, it is up to you to filter through a massive avalanche of options. However, just like with any of the other elements of today’s modern wedding, choosing a UK florist is made easier when you break down the problem for yourself.




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Try online sources and local businesses, you don’t have to travel far to get a great deal on floral arrangements for your wedding. By understanding how much you want to spend and how much you can realistically afford you can select a high quality florist for all your needs.  The level of service and the availability of the selection you demand are important factors to consider.


How much to Budget for Floral Arrangements


Sometimes in wedding planning, cost becomes the slave driver of your efforts. Judging everything on cost alone is not going to produce a wedding you’ll cherish and you likely won’t get the quality you need. However setting your budget early on in the process is the first step in outlining the scope of your floral services needed for your wedding.




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Some planners may not realize there are floral services matching every need and wedding size. Only by talking to multiple florists can you be sure you are getting a competitive advantage. Often times, the planning we do in our head comes out to exorbitant sums in reality. Prepare to be flexible and remember once you set your budget to stick to it so as prevent an impact on another area of your wedding.



Setting your Floral Budget


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When selecting your source for wedding floral arrangements there are several key factors to consider. The average wedding expends about 8% – 10% of the total budget on flowers alone. When you budget for floral services this should cover any and all bouquets, boutonnieres, and arrangements you anticipate needing for the entire wedding. If 8% – 10% of your wedding budget doesn’t seem to cover your anticipated costs don’t panic, today’s flower market is loaded with options and the DIY or budget conscious bride or groom can produce surprising results with a little planning.





Requirements for your Florist


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Based on the needs of your wedding and based on your chosen style, certain flowers may be preferred over others. Not all flowers are available during every part of the year. Seasonal considerations may affect your plans if certain flowers can’t be made available for your chosen wedding date.



Some florists specialise in providing out of season flowers but selection is usually dependent upon the time of year and market prices. Consider using a local UK florist that ships internationally to ensure you have access to the widest selection possible. For hard to source flowers pre-planning and pre-ordering is essential to ensuring success. Ask your florist what types of availability and special conditions exist and plan accordingly.

Online Ordering

Online ordering for wedding floral arrangements is easy but not all customization options will end up looking like what you expect. If you plan to order online, get samples – color match and tie your theme together with style. Just be sure to use a florist with an online help line. Make sure you get support throughout the entire process.


Customer reviews and testimonials are essential in picking the right florist for your needs. Read through the ratings online and pick out the ones that match your situation. Did they get something they didn’t expect? Did the florist fix their problems quickly and without hassle?

A floral business lives and dies by word of mouth and online reviews – do your homework and you won’t be led astray. Don’t forget to add your own review after your wedding and help others with your new found insight.


Real or Synthetic?


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Surprising gains in the synthetic flower industry other the years has developed processes for producing artificial flowers and bouquets of high quality. Many times, a guest at a wedding has to look twice to determine if an arrangement is real or not. Choosing between synthetic flowers and fresh flowers is a key consideration, but just because you’ve chosen to go synthetic doesn’t mean price is no longer a concern. Don’t forego price shopping even whn you believe you’ve made up your mind. Many high quality synthetic floral products on the market exceed their fresh counterparts with shelf life and pricing advantages but beware the final bill may meet or exceed that of fresh flowers. The key is to price compare and map out your services with your available budget.

Despite their penchant for short lives, fresh flowers really are a luxury in itself.There is little that can replace a fresh blossom and your guests will place noses in your bouquets instinctively. Whatever you decide the florist of choice should have no issues creating bespoke arrangements to order whether they be fresh or synthetic flowers.


Planning the Details

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Working with a high quality UK florist should help your wedding planning efforts. Staying organized and on top of your requirements is key to planning a successful wedding. With a professional florist experienced with providing bouquets and arrangements for weddings you are taking the first step to enhancing your ceremony with the perfect embellishments. Just be sure the florist you are using is actually helping your efforts and not causing more issues than are warranted. The more time you spend helping your florist remedy an issue is more time to devote to your guests and the ceremony itself. Professionalism and experience are the biggest strengths a seasoned wedding florist can bring to the table. Now that you have right sized your floral budget and requirements it is time to choose that florist. When you make your reservations and pay your deposit for your order run through all of your questions again. You should never feel put out for asking questions and making sure every detail is just right.


Feeling comfortable with your chosen florist and the services they are offering is key to ensuring you are going to have the wedding you want and not a wedding you have to live with.

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