The earcandy guide to choosing a UK wedding venue

A wedding without a venue is like song without melody, there is nothing to bring it into existence. Choosing the perfect setting for your wedding is an essential step in creating the space to host your nuptials. Not all venues and locations will offer the same amenities while others may have restrictions you might not expect. Landing the right venue is all about pre-planning and being completely familiar with what you expect and need from your wedding venue provider.


Why do I need a Wedding Venue?


The main purpose of a wedding is to witness the ceremony uniting two people and the law in the United Kingdom states that marriages be held in licensed spaces. Checking to see if a venue is licensed is one thing, but playing host to your dream wedding is another process in itself.


Whether you are planning a civil ceremony or one from a religious perspective family and friends are sure to be in attendance. Even if you are planning an intimate or private wedding, you will still need a licenced space with which to host your vows.


Wedding Size



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One of the biggest factors affecting your choice of venue is the size of your guest list. With additional guests, the costs of a wedding grow exponentially. Each guest will need food and drink services including seating and that doesn’t even cover the bar. Determining how many guests you will have at your wedding determines the general scope of your budget.


Determining the Size of your Wedding


Starting with your total number of guests, consider venues that hold weddings of your size. Experienced venues will have preset packages that you can customise including meals and alcohol for your guests. Does your guest list demand venue sizes that are out of your budget? You can start with the venue of your dreams, filtering down through your choices until you find a venue that does not consume more than half of your total wedding budget. Then, you can decide who to invite to your wedding remembering to stay within the predefined number of guests.


Either way, the tough choices as always are up to you, someone somewhere may not get invited or you may not be able to afford the venue of your dreams. Remember that balance between the elements of a wedding contribute to the harmony of matrimony, planning the perfect wedding requires flexibility and keen insight.


Wedding Requirements


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Before you set out to plan that perfect wedding there are certain areas to consider first. When you talk to the venue of choice present your requirements upfront and let them sell you on their space. When you opt to use a wedding venue, your business and the word-of-mouth marketing is invaluable to the provider so keep this in mind as you negotiate.


Don’t know quite what you need yet?

Relax, this is a common part of project planning and management. An experienced wedding venue is not only licensed but also aware of the needs and burdens of hosting weddings. Armed with your guest list and general ideas of your wedding from start to finish are all that is needed to spark a productive conversation. Do you need a bespoke marquee? Perhaps you are planning on seating your guests in regal style or other arrangement, many venues offer custom productions for each and every wedding they host.


Looking at venues but only seeing red?

Consider venues that allow for self-catered your weddings and bring in your own accommodations. Not every wedding needs to be held at King Arthur’s court or on a hundred acres of pristine parkland. The beauty of a wedding comes from the assembly of family and friend in a picture perfect setting, indoors or out. Be sure to check for any fees the venue may employ if you decide to scale your wedding back – corkage fees and other penalties can add up. Ask your venue of choice for a fee schedule or a copy of the terms of service and be sure to read through the documents carefully.


Before You Book

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Don’t book a venue without first assessing the total costs that will factor into your total wedding budget. You can expect to spend as much as half of your total wedding budget on venue and catering but getting what you need while anticipating expense burdens is critical to a successful wedding. Now that you’ve determined your guest list and venue requirements it’s not time to fork over a deposit just yet. Protect yourself by reviewing the details of your venue package before you set the date.



Costs will be variable and are subject to additional fees and if you do not understand how you will be charged you may be in for a nasty surprise. If the venue of choice regularly holds weddings then they will typically offer all inclusive packages. Locations that do not have wedding packages preconfigured may not be accustomed to the rigors of handling wedding parties.



Most of the issues with a venue will revolve around the physical layout of the venue itself. But other details can get missed when planning your wedding. Some venues will forbid the presence of children and still others may restrict animals or may not prevent the public from entering your wedding space.



Will your guests and wedding party fit in the space you have chosen? Some planners will insist that for every 100 guests you should have the equivalent of ten toilets. Will the line to the restroom be a nightmare for you and your guests?



Not every great wedding venue requires a reservation and some public lands may demand it. You don’t want to show up on the big day to find families and footballers where your guests should be sitting. Some venues forbid children of a certain age or have other draconian restrictions. Ask, ask, ask… even if you don’t think you’ll encounter the scenario, an informed planner produces a successful wedding.


Policies & Restrictions

What is permitted under your use of the venue? More importantly, what are you restricted from doing while at the venue? Will your Gaelic wedding complete with swords fall prey to an unknown restriction by venue management? Every location is different so disclose your plans to the provider to ensure you are going to be allowed to hold the wedding of your choice without interference.


Making it Happen


The details of your wedding will make or break the event so be sure you understand your own requirements before paying a deposit fee. When you know the dimensions of your own needs you will best find the perfect venue for the perfect wedding.

Remember to keep the wedding elements fluid in your mind and always remind yourself that a balance between the size of the wedding, the presence of a venue, and the quality of catering all combine to weave the tapestry of commitment between two people. Here at earcandy we believe in bespoke tailor made entertainment for your special day; please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly entertainment team who will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.


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