The earcandy guide to outside festivities

When the weather outside is perfect and friends are all joined around the barbeque and someone’s brought out the acoustic guitar and maybe a few bongos and merengue’s the table is set for an awesome day that can easily turn into an evening where the drinks are mixed and the mixer is fabulous.  Women and men gathered around a small fire reminiscing about old times creating new memories, these are the things of legend. Within minutes of clearing the table, lighting a few tiki lamps the backyard is magically transferred into a romantic getaway where the best of the night has only just begun.


Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind while entertaining outside.


  1. Find a way to make everyone comfortable with huge soft cushions and easy to maintain glass and tableware.


  1. Throw up some umbrellas for shade. Those hot summer days where the sun beats down and can be draining as well as damaging to the skin so make sure there are plenty of areas where guests can relax in the cool breeze while still enjoying the hot weather.


  1. Keep your food choices simple. Don’t over complicate the menu. Even top chef Bobby Flay manages to mix things up by using some of the most basic fare. Remember just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it’s bad. There’s something to be said for slathering some chicken in barbeque sauce and throwing it on the grill and letting nature take its course. If you have a tablecloth make sure to weight the cloth down with baskets of fruit or wooden bowls of chips and dips. This is a smart approach to get the festivities off without having too much to clean up afterwards. Also, maintain an area where dishes and napkins and cups and glasses are ample and then another place clearly marked where they can be discarded are the smart move.


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  1. Provide plenty of water. If it’s hot out water can leave the body through sweat and being prepared and cautious is a wise way to enjoy the finer things in life without causing a situation where overheating can become an issue.


  1. Set your tables for food and for drinks in separate areas. This nifty little trick will ensure your guest will roam and ultimately mingle.


  1. Have multiple choices for musical enjoyment. If you have a few friends who can casually put together a few songs for the guests to enjoy while their sitting around the campfire this can be a wonderful way to go. But it doesn’t hurt to have a radio around with extra batteries to not only give the acoustics a break but to have alternatives to change up the mood.


Outdoor ceremony


  1. Stock your drink table and trays with plenty of choices. Not everyone likes to drink beer and not everyone likes a margarita to go with their ribs. Providing multiple well-stocked options is the best way to ensure there’s a happy smile plastered on the faces of everyone who attends. Shakers, buckets of ice, and plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options will make your guests feel at ease and isn’t this the whole point.



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Hopefully, these small tweaks and improvements will have you celebrating well into the night. If you do plan on partying into the night, keep in mind the blankets for those who can’t squeeze around the fire.





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