The earcandy guide to the perfect Bristol wedding

Bristol is a fantastic place to hold a wedding. Its maritime history is extensive, and its known for its European Green Capital status thanks to all of the parkland and green spaces that make up the city. Festivals run all year round, there are unique eateries hiding in unusual locales, and old buildings have been given new life and allowed to serve the public again. It’s a magical place, and you can even walk the city if you feel so inclined.

It’s only natural, then, that Bristol has a lot to offer the couple that’s considering getting married there. We’ll go over some exceptional venues and equally excellent suppliers to give you some ideas for your perfect Bristol wedding. What are you waiting for? Dive right in!


Bristol’s perfect venues

As a city with an extensive history, Bristol has ancient castles, sprawling manors, and even a ship or two available to the enterprising couple. There’s something for everyone in Bristol.



Berkeley Castle’s history goes back to 1070, the first record of a wooden fort being on the site of the present-day castle. The keep itself was built in 1154 and has seen everything from royalty to murder – it’s one of those locations that’s incredibly intriguing as a general rule, and well worth a visit whether you’re planning an event there or not. The castle has been in the Berkeley family for most of its 850+ years and is currently owned by Charles Berkeley, who welcomes couples to his home and is quite happy to open the doors to anyone looking to have the perfect wedding on his grounds. Find out more about this venue by visiting  Berkley Castle Weddings.


If a medieval castle isn’t quite your taste, there are other options that are just as intriguing. The Clifton Pavilion building at the Bristol Zoo [] was set up for such occasions, and offers access to the Zoo Gardens and the unique photo opportunities therein. If you like the idea of your wedding helping to fund a great cause, then the Pavilion is the spot for you: funds from bookings go toward funding the Bristol Zoo and its initiatives. The Pavilion itself was built in the 1920s purely for holding events and still retains design elements from its heyday.


Bristol Grand Hotel


If you’re looking instead for a proper hotel, The Grand Hotel is just the ticket. Located in the heart of Bristol, the spacious Grand is a very popular wedding venue – and anyone taking a look can see why. It’s absolutely stunning, and the location is superb. The real jewel in Bristol’s crown, however, is the ss Great Britain [], a ship in dry dock with a fascinating history that is replete with the finery that should be expected aboard a luxury liner.


Most venues have the capability to run their own catering, and will happily make sure to follow any special dietary needs that your guests may have.


Bristol’s perfect wedding services


Bristol’s wedding services market is huge and varied. You can get everything from your entertainment (earcandy serves Bristol, wink wink), to your cake, all the way to photography from local suppliers. Whatever you need can be found fairly quickly.


Flowers are a finicky feature but completely necessary and add that something extra that weddings are supposed to have. The Wilde Bunch  provides unique flower arrangements for weddings in all seasons and includes a touch of whimsy in their designs – a Bristol favourite. They’re just one of many florists that cater to weddings in Bristol, but they’re one of the most interesting.


No wedding is complete without the cake, and you can find the most elegant, luxurious cakes in Bristol within a stone’s throw of nearly any venue. One such baker is Pretty Amazing Cakes , which makes lovely cakes for weddings that are elegant, delicious, and positively gorgeous. That’s the ticket! No matter what you’re looking for in your cake, there are lots of options.


You don’t even have to go for a cake! Have you thought about wedding cupcakes?


Thanks to Bristol’s extensive variety of services, you won’t even have to look after your own stationery – or go beyond the city’s borders to find everything that you need. So when you’re planning your Bristol wedding, rest assured that this is a city that’s more than happy to host and is full of professionals that will bend over backwards to help you make the day even more amazing for you than it would have been otherwise.


As an aside, be sure to visit the area in the spring and summer when the gardens are showing off. You’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.


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