The earcandy guide to the perfect British wedding

Britain has a lot to offer the bride: unique treats, a history stretching back thousands of years, many ancient traditions, and several centuries’ worth of style from which to draw inspiration. All of these features, and more, can be put together to form the perfect British wedding – and we have just the themes to give you a head-start on planning!


Victorian England

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The Victorian age is known for its romance and propriety. Small romantic gestures, lace, roses, and vintage throwbacks are the rules of the day, with white being the main shade. It was Queen Victoria, that long-ruling monarch, that made the white wedding dress into the expected garment. A walled garden on a Victorian estate, such as Orchardleigh House and Estate near Bath, is the perfect venue for such an occasion. The romance of an open-air wedding combined with the perfume of flowers add wonderful atmosphere to a ceremony of white lace.

For dresses, flowing layers and lace ruffles were all the rage at the time, and can be adapted to modern sensibilities, if so desired. Silk or satin are perfect accompaniments to lace, with an elegant, long veil to match. Subtle pastel pinks for the bridesmaids, drawing colour inspiration from soft rosebuds and the blush of the bride’s cheeks, will add an appropriate splash of colour that will help the bride’s dress stand out. The Victorians were also fond of greens, gold, copper, and rich jewel tones. Look to vintage tea sets, floor-length tablecloths, lace overlays, doilies, and family heirlooms for setting up for the post-wedding meal.


What about the music? earcandy Strings, earcandy Harp, and the earcandy Pianist can provide the ideal atmosphere for a Victorian wedding with their classical selections.





The Union Jack

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If you’re more keen on a slightly more modern theme that lacks the rigidity that you’d expect from re-living a past era, perhaps a theme that’s more about one symbol in particular is more your style. Whether you use modern trimmings or haunt thrift shops doesn’t particularly matter – in this case, it’s completely about your personal style, with one element tying it all together. Basing a wedding around the Union Jack typically means drawing from the red, white, and blue colour scheme.

Bridesmaids can be in red and blue, with the groomsmen wearing red and blue ties, while the bride and her groom are in white with blue or red accessories. Perhaps the bride’s accessories can be her “something blue”! Mason jars that have been stained white and contain bundles of red and blue roses, or a mixture of red and blue flowers, would adorn the tables for the reception. White tablecloths with red and blue napkins, sterling silverware (something borrowed), and streamers in the theme colours round out the room. For food, make it modern twists or gourmet versions of traditional British fare. Party favours of biscuits decorated to look like the Union Jack, delivered in an appropriate small tin, would be a welcome pick-me-up for the ride home. Allow the guests to take their teacups home.


Music from English greats may be just the ticket to get everyone dancing: Black and Gold’s repertoire is just the thing, or you can bring in one of our earcandy Djs. If something more mellow is preferred, give In The Mode a try.





Casual Country Wedding



Countryside Wedding


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When thinking “English wedding”, nobody can forget about the British countryside: sprawling fields, ancient barns and cottages, and greenery aplenty are the orders of the day. The perfect venue for such a wedding would be someplace like South Farm in Hertfordshire: twenty acres of gardens and beautifully-kept grounds are overlooked by a charming country house and its renovated outbuildings, including stables! You can’t have a country wedding without being outdoors and taking advantage of locally-produced goods. A caterer that specializes in local cuisine is definitely one to keep, and this sort of wedding is the perfect excuse for an intimate picnic with colourful patterned picnic blankets and fresh, cold lemonade! As far as colour schemes go, take inspiration from the nature that’s all around you in the countryside: pale greens and yellows, cream, the soft blue of the English sky, or even the colours of wildflowers. Decorate with wicker, natural wood, lace, and/or twine and provide edible gifts for guests.


As far as music goes, bring along something to relax: earcandy Harp or Strings can bring just that perfect level of peace to your country wedding, or perhaps the soul stylings of Motown Gold are a better fit for your vision of the occasion.



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The options for the perfect English wedding are endless! Try something new, or go with something tried-and-true, in the end, it’s your wedding and it’s all about making you happy!



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