The earcandy Guide to the Perfect Cambridge Wedding

Having your wedding in Cambridge can be a memorable experience if you’re able to arrange things just right. There are so many different venues to choose from, so many themes, supplies and so much more; you have to make sure that you choose the right one for each.  Luckily for you, we’ve gathered all the relevant information you need and compiled it so you can ensure you make the right choice.


The first task you’ll need to handle is finding the absolute perfect venue. Now keep in mind, the “perfect venue” is a subjective term and depends on your wants, needs, desires and preferences.  Everyone has a different picture in their mind of the perfect wedding. Find out a rough estimate of the amount of guests you plan on having, and once you have that number you can start calling venues and getting estimates. Here’s a few popular ones you can check out:


Wedding Venues


  • LongstowLongstowe HallIf you want a wedding with a gorgeous view of a lake, then you might want to consider Longstowe Hall.
  • With history dating all the way back to Elizabeth I, it’s a magical and historical place to hold your wedding.



  • rectoryRectory FarmWhen you dream of a wedding with picturesque backdrops of nature, then you might be dreaming of Rectory Farm.


A gorgeous, popular location that offers scenic views of nature for the wedding.

  • BelfryThe Cambridge BelfryAnother beautiful lakeside venue, The Cambridge Belfry offers a large space with traditional accents throughout. Also doubling as a hotel, this location is great if you have a lot of friend or family coming in from out of town and they want somewhere convenient to stay after the wedding.



 Wedding Suppliers

The next important task you need to tackle is figuring out where you’ll get your wedding supplies from.  The correct supplies can make or break a wedding, so make sure you find quality supplies.  No one wants their wedding to appear cheap or low cost, even if it really is. Here’s a few that others have recommended, but no matter who you decide to go with make sure you do your own research.



  • designLisa Santoro DesignHere you can find custom solutions and designs for your wedding invitations.

The invitations are the first impression anyone is going to get of your wedding, possibly months before the wedding is even held. Make sure yours correctly describe your special event.

  • FlowerHouse1The Flower HouseNo wedding can be complete without the perfect arrangement of flowers, so get yours from a trusted source.

The Flower House has been in business for a very long time and offers some of the most competitive rates on the most beautiful flowers in England.



  • jolly1The Jolly Bunting CompanyDecorations are the accents of your wedding, setting the mood for those around you. Make sure you choose some bright, inviting decorations to ensure your wedding has a positive atmosphere.







These are the most important things to tackle first, the venues and the supplies.  If you can choose the companies you wish to do business with, get estimates on all the costs and set the planning in motion, then you’re already more than halfway there.  Once these tasks are finished, the rest will be easy!





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