The earcandy guide to the perfect Welsh wedding

If you’re getting married in Wales, or thinking of it, then you’re well aware of the beauty that encompasses this country.


This seaside country has wonderful beaches, rugged coasts, a distinct Celtic culture and mountains that will take your breath away. The capital, a port city called Cardiff, boasts a bustling and revitalized waterfront that’s worth the flight on its own.


Wales is also home to dozens of unique wedding boutiques that offer bridalwear, wedding dresses, accessories, and even services to help you select the right outfit and all the trimmings that go with it. Some of these boutiques ask that you book an appointment ahead of time to make sure that staff can give you the best service possible, while others are quite happy to have you drop in whenever you like. Most bridal boutiques also have in-house alterations, so no matter how far ahead you purchase your dress, you’ll be able to make totally sure that it fits. Two lovely bridal boutiqques that would be happy to help you are Timeless Elegance Bridal  in Cardiff, and Elegant Occasions  in Neath.


Wales’ unique wedding venues provide the utmost luxury to clients. Old castles, manor houses, parks, and more amazing options await the lucky couple. Cardiff Castle for example, is an exclusive wedding venue with multiple room and pricing options and an extensive history for those who are interested in that sort of thing. They look after food, and are able to source wedding favours and help you get special rates at local hotels for yourself and your guests – and their packages really help with saving money.


A unique Welsh wedding venue is located at The Ceridwen Centre a retreat on an Organic farm in West Wales, that offers several special options for the perfect wedding. The staff at the Ceridwen Centre guide you through your options and their different wedding spots are all sustainable. Yurts, eco pods, a Romany caravan, the Old Dairy – everything on this property is fantastic, and even if you just hold your ceremony there and don’t opt to stay, you’re bound to have a memorable experience. Like most venues, the Ceridwen Centre looks after its own catering and is an excellent site for vegetarians, as that’s the sort of fare they specialize in.


Of course, there’s also The Bear. Imagine a Georgian Ballroom with its high ceilings and sparkling chandeliers, or a more modern suite with its own private courtyard. Imagine a breath-taking garden ceremony, or perhaps a touch of whimsy with a chocolate fountain and 1920s Ice Cream Tricycle at the reception? The Bear Hotel unites the past and present in a pleasing package that gives you the opportunity to really experience some Welsh hospitality.


The Bear isn’t a cub, either – its origins go back to the 12th Century, and it was the stop for the mail run from Cardiff to Swansea where the horses were swapped out.


Oh, and did you know that you can hire a horse and carriage for your Welsh wedding? You can . Multiple carriage styles driven by a team of black or gray horses (with or without plumes for the steeds) are available for the couple that wants to feel like royalty on their wedding day. The best thing about this particular wedding feature is that, no matter where you are, it always stands out – and it makes for some gorgeous photography, too. Most people love horses, so consider that a bonus.


Wedding day makeup and styling are also really important and Cardiff proper has several makeup artists – some of which have been employed by Hollywood – that are ready and willing to be there for your special day. Classic Hair and Bridal is headed by Julie Davies  and she’s worked on programmes like Dr. Who and Torchwood, and movies such as Captain America, Batman, and Snow White. Imagine having a professional television, film, and theatre makeup artist look after your wedding day! This is how you make your day extra special.


No matter where you go or what you do while you’re in Wales, you’re going to be subject to good old-fashioned Welsh hospitality and the beauty of an ancient countryside. Even when all is said and done and the wedding is over, consider holding your honeymoon in Wales, too, and taking care of everything in one go. With everything this country has to offer, you won’t regret spending that extra time to really absorb it.


We hope you liked our guide to some of the aspects of a perfect Welsh wedding, and we hope you’ll stay tuned for the next installment.


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