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There’s something especially romantic about a waterside wedding. Perhaps it’s the calming nature of water, the whisper of it lapping upon the shore, or the wildlife that congregates around and in it; or, maybe it’s the cool air that surrounds many bodies of water, the mist that clings to it early in the morning. The allure can’t be denied.


Thank goodness there are many wonderful locations to choose from!


Picking the perfect waterside wedding venue


When selecting a place to hold a wedding, it’s important to keep in mind the number of guests, whether catering and bar services will be offered on-site or not, and what sort of accommodations may be needed. If the wedding is held at a hotel, it may be possible to get some sort of deal if all of the guests stay there, as well. There are many unique places all across England for each and every budget and for ceremonies both large and small.


The following seven venues are just the tip of the iceberg as far as what’s available. Do you have a favourite?


The varied and lovely waterside wedding venues of England


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waddesonWaddesdon Dairy, Buckinghamshire

This waterside wedding venue is a unique location that ought to make anyone’s special day even more memorable. The dairy’s pavilions are perched over the lake – a haven for wildlife – within a beautiful courtyard. The architecture is impressive: high vaulted ceilings and two large fireplaces make for a cozy reception hall, while the stone-floored Wintergarden acts as a perfect spot for the post-wedding dance.

The Waddeson Dairy is equipped for up to 200 people and is licensed to perform civil services. A local church is a stone’s throw away, though walking will suffice, too. Guest accommodation is available!




bassmeadBassmead Manor Barns, Cambridge

 History oozes from every nook and cranny at Bassmead: the manor house is within a medieval moat, accessed by a fantastic ironwork bridge and topped off with several old and new barns, beautiful gardens, and a private cottage for the couple’s honeymoon.

Everything in this location is meant to wow.Bassmead is suited to weddings of up to 150 people, and does have guest accommodation.





ductonDuncton Mill Fishery, Petworth, West Sussex

 For the DIY-type, Duncton Mill Fishery is a family-run business that allows the couple to be as hands-on as they like – or hands-off! This gorgeous South Downs lakeside location has lush marshland to go with its open-ended approach. With no corking fees, brides can feel free to arrange for their own wine, and will also have to set up their own catering. Staff is quite able to help with everything else, of course.


There are local accommodation options and the venue can support up to 150 people.



theswanThe Swan Hotel, Nr Cirencester, Gloucestershire

 A stately manor on the banks of the River Coln, the Swan Hotel is the perfect setting for an intimate ceremony of no more than 100 people. The bride may even be lucky enough to have local swans join the ceremony! This venue has 22 bedrooms available for guests, on-site catering, and even a wedding planner.


This is the perfect venue for a private function.



runnymedeThe Runnymede-on-Thames, Surrey

 The Thames River is a historic location on its own, being the route through which many an explorer has started their journey – and it can be the starting point of any couple’s new life together. The Runnymede-on-Thames looks out onto the river and is just below Bell Weir Lock, providing an interesting backdrop to ceremonies that take place there. An on-site orchard completes the picture-perfect scenery.


Depending on the suite, the Runnymede can accommodate up to 250 people, and has up-to-date technology for the dance reception of a lifetime!



victoriaThe Legacy Hotel Victoria, Cornwall

 Imagine being perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean, with the beach stretching out as far as the eye can see, and a charming village steps away from one’s accommodations. The Legacy Hotel Victoria looks like a picture out of a storybook, and tops it all off with top-notch catering and the potential for a lovely garden wedding with the sea as its backdrop. Up to 200 people can be seated at this venue and accommodations are available.



navalOld Royal Naval College, Greenwich

 A combination of historical value and unbelievable elegance, the Old Royal Naval College sits along the Thames and has been described as “The Jewel of Greenwich”.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, some of the proceeds from events held at this waterside wedding venue go toward keeping it in top condition, so it’s easy to feel good about hosting an event there! Become entranced by the wall-to-ceiling paintings, soaring architecture, and well-manicured grounds.


The Old Royal Naval College can support up to 500 people without issue, and due to the location’s historical nature, open flames – including candles – are not permitted.



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