The earcandy guide to winter wedding trends

Getting married is a magical time in your life, and one that requires pulling out all the stops to make it the best event it can possibly be. You (hopefully) only get married once, and the memories of your wedding will be captured by picture and video for years to come. Why not celebrate this special event with only the best of everything available?


Winter Themes

Each year, winter is ushered in with different wedding trends to truly make your nuptials beautiful. This year is no exception, as we see the seasons mixed with natural designs then splashed with a bit of sequins and glamour. Green and white are a trendy color scheme for winter weddings, with off-white or ecru being substituted for a subtler take on the traditional. Keeping the colors simple allows for accessories and accents to stand out against the quiet palette – try bright reds, jet blacks or sparkly golds to add life to an already-grand event that will make your pictures unique and the memories vivid.

The general theme of this year’s winter weddings is a return back to the romantic days of yesteryear, the Roaring Twenties of the 20th century with their gentle tones, soft-edged looks and simpler way of dress. Instead of over-the-top gowns with long trains and tons of tulle, dresses have been scaled back to simpler times with the return of the shift and a more fitted bodice than before. The common theme in formal wear for the last few years has been more of a princess-type gown – fitted on top, more ball gown on bottom – and that still rings true for 2014, although soft pinks, ivories and peaches are topping a bride-to-be’s wish list more than traditional snow white and black.

Winter weddings


Invitations have been scaled down, too, with smaller, more personal cards being handed out to potential guests. Hand-drawn pictures smaller than a postcard are trendy and really make your wedding stand out from the beginning. Generic invitations can get lost in the mail, especially if they come in a standard envelope, but a personal request for someone to attend your nuptials entices people to come show their support for the couple soon to be bride and groom – and what’s better than surrounding yourself with friends and family for the best night of your life? As far as reception favors go, eschew the traditional chocolates or bubbles for the new trend of “pillow presents”, cute little gifts that wedding guests will find on their pillow when they return to the hotel room. This could be food, books or cards, with each gift being personalized for the attendee for a memorable act of gratitude.

With a softer, gentler theme spearheading the winter wedding trends, it might be a surprise to learn that while the looks are toning down the food is heating up – way up! Spicy foods are trendy, thanks to sriracha’s rise in popularity, and the general theme of wedding food now is the spicier the better. Foods made with chili peppers, sweet heat or the aforementioned sriracha are becoming the most-requested wedding fare for this upcoming wedding season, which works well for the more casual style of food serving. It used to be that weddings were the most formal event of one’s life next to a funeral, with plates being set at a large table and guests seated according to family and tradition. Now, with less traditional families on the upswing, a family-style feeding is becoming popular for its relaxed attitude and the social meandering it facilitates.


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Winter Food

Speaking of food, the wedding cake – a couple’s symbol of togetherness after the wedding – has really gotten a makeover, with fairy dust (yes, fairy dust!) being the number one requested element of this gourmet party dessert. A fine spray of glitter atop an otherwise humble cake stays true to the trend of simple but bright, but going big with a sparkly disco ball can really take the cake (pun intended). Either way, your cake will shine just as bright as you on your big day and look great in your wedding pictures for years to come.

Theme weddings are really in right now, especially ones centering on romantic ideals. Parisian weddings, with their straight lines and gentle themes, have taken off in popularity, as well as movie themes like The Great Gatsby. Music is essential to the wedding theme, and sets the soundtrack for the entire event; when you look back on your nuptials, you will undoubtedly remember the music of your journey as a couple.



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Winter entertainment

With music being the essence of the wedding, it’s important to choose only the best musicians that will complement your theme without being intrusive. London-based entertainment agency earcandy has been making waves in the industry since 2010, hiring only the best musicians from a small pool of session musicians that have been verified to meet only the highest standards. Before being hired, each musical talent is put through a three-step audition process to ensure earcandy culls only the best talent from a variety of sources.

Unlike other entertainment agencies, earcandy appoints a musical director to work hand-in-hand with the musicians, making sure the set lists are fresh and the music is exciting. The talent pool is not your run-of-the-mill wedding musicians and have worked with big-name acts in the industry like Elton John, Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse. They’re experienced at their trade and are consummate professionals through and through, which guarantees your wedding will be the event of the year.


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Going with a theme for your wedding doesn’t have to mean settling for anything less than the best for you two, and earcandy works hard to send you only professionally talented musicians who will put on the best performance possible. No matter the genre or theme, earcandy’s hand-picked musicians will deliver on time with the utmost quality and respect for your big day. The last thing you need to worry about is reception party entertainment – go ahead and relax knowing earcandy will provide the soundtrack for your life.




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