The earcandy ultimate honeymoon guide

The wedding is over, the guests have gone (or are going) home, and all that’s left is the honeymoon. You only get one honeymoon (if you only get married once, anyway), and you want it to be memorable. We have the secrets right here, friend.


One of the keys to the best honeymoon ever is location. Whether you’re looking at a magical tropical paradise, your own private retreat in the middle of nowhere, or a penthouse overlooking the city of London, the location is often what makes a honeymoon memorable. What do you and your spouse consider to be the perfect honeymoon location? If you’re honeymooning in London, consider the likes of the Egerton House Hotel, The Soho, or even the Apex Temple Court Hotel. Each of these – and others – provides top-notch customer service and even a little extra.


If you don’t want to stay in the UK, you can always travel to the tropics. Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Aurba, Jamaica … tropical and near-tropical destinations are affordable, in high demand, and the resorts provide everything you need on-site. Hawaii’s magic can’t be missed.


earcandy honeymoon


When looking for a honeymoon hotel it’s always a good idea to look up reviews and see what experiences other people had for their honeymoon with that particular location. It’s worthwhile to take note of what the service was like, and even what extras the happy couple were surprised with when they arrived (if any). High-end locations like to surprise people with nice little gestures when they know that those guests are there for a special occasion.


This probably goes without saying, but you’ll want to plan your honeymoon in advance. Last-minute bookings don’t go well because you often find that what you want isn’t available, especially if you’re getting married at a time of year that’s popular with couples. Save the pain of disappointment and book ahead. It might also be worth looking into having a “mini-moon” and saving a big trip for a later date. What this means, basically, is taking a few days off after the wedding – say, to a nice local hotel – instead of packing all of that travel into the time immediately after the ceremony. It’s tough enough juggling the wedding itself, after all.



Finally, some miscellaneous advice: book a first-class or business-class flight. You’ll thank us later, because economy is needlessly cramped (more people crammed into that space means more money for the airline) and uncomfortable. Since this is your honeymoon, you really ought to have a pleasant flight and recall that no, you are not a sardine. Don’t try and book everything yourself, either – sometimes, just like with planning your wedding, you need help. Travel agents and the like are your best friend here, and they can sometimes get you package deals that are a better price than what you’d be able to get yourself.


The most important aspect of your honeymoon? Have fun. Do something different. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, enjoy yourself and remember that this is the beginning of something great (no matter what awful American sitcoms and equally terrible comedians want to tell you – if you didn’t like your spouse, you wouldn’t have married them).


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