The Morning of Your Wedding

The morning of your wedding day is the day everything becomes a little too real. Remember when you were a child and wake up on Christmas morning all excited that Santa had arrived? Well the feeling you will feel will be the same. That excitement will initially wash over you, before turning to nerves due to the monumental nature of the day. You should saviour the feeling, one that has not been felt since you were a young child is returning for the day, so take your time and take in the experience set out before you.

However, you will not be able escape the tasks that need to be done. There’s no opportunity to rest now, the last year has been crazy non-stop work, and the morning will probably be the most hectic of them all. But remember, this hectic feeling may be more a conscious thing than in reality. Everything is already planned and put in motion, so don’t find things to do if there actually isn’t anything!


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First things first, you need to do everything you would do on any other regular morning. Take a shower, brush your teeth and get yourself nice and fresh for the day ahead.

Take your time to wake up and enjoy a hearty breakfast. Your wedding day requires a lot of energy, so make sure you load yourself up with healthy filling food to give you the energy you need. Perhaps have something special to treat yourself, and set off the day in the best possible way.

Next you need to pick out your outfit. This does not mean to put on your full dress ready to go. Seeing as you will need to sit for hours doing your hair and make-up, put on something comfortable. You should also consider wearing loose fitting clothing. If you get your hair done you don’t want to possibly ruin it by forcing it through a tight hole of a t-shirt.


Hair and Make-up

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to get completed and be happy with on the day of your wedding. When all eyes will be on you at the front you will definitely want to look at your absolute best.

Certain considerations you will want to have planned in advance. Things like figuring out what the right hair style for you will be, and whether it suits your dress. Furthermore, picking up the right make-up style for your appearance is especially important.

When it comes to the make-up most people want to have something that makes them look beautiful. They do not want to look completely transformed into a completely different person. Remember, sometimes a little bit less, is a little bit more. Adding that finishing touches will let you beam with happiness and confidence, read to tackle the rest of the day.

You will also want to pack a special emergency make up back. If you get tearful you may want some wet wipes and mascara on hand to touch your face up. Little things may rip or you might get a headache, so plan ahead and carry some essential items like a pair of scissors, sufficient make up and perhaps some paracetamol. Perhaps even a small snack if you get hungry later on in the day.


Remaining Calm


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The most important aspect throughout the morning of your wedding is to remain calm throughout. There might be slight hiccups, but you should not let them ruin your day. If the transport to the venue is slightly late, don’t fret, everyone will be happy to wait.

Furthermore, if you make-up artist or bridal party are delayed reaching you and running late there is no reason to stress. Let everyone else do the stressing today, as you are here to enjoy yourself. Nothing can go so wrong to the point it ruins you day, because an answer can always be found, and people will bend over backwards to make sure it goes as straightforward as possible.

There will also be a lot of waiting about, perhaps from some guests being late or because things take time. You will probably feel extremely restless even though you shouldn’t. You want to get everything in motion and set out to accomplish what you want to achieve. However, wedding day are extremely long, you will probably be an early riser so allow yourself to slow down and take things as they come.


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