The Most Romantic Christmas Proposals

That’s it. You’ve made the decision. You are going to ask that question and to hell with the consequences! Now, just one tiny issue remains: how are you going to pop the question? Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year and it’s fast approaching. So, how can you make your Christmas proposal one of the most romantic?

Here’s a little inspiration to get you started.

5 ways to make the most romantic Christmas proposal

1. Make a day of it

You know all those old American films, where first kisses are had and proposals are made after an impromptu twirl around an ice rink or a handily frozen pond? Well, that’s your inspiration. Plan to spend Christmas Eve together, shopping for last minute odds and sods, but guide your route via a pop-up Christmas ice rink – more and more towns now have them. If you’re worried about broken bones (there’s no gain without pain and it would certainly be memorable! No?), book ahead on the London Eye or other local attractions, but make it feel spontaneous. Find out what’s happening in your area and use it to make a day – and a proposal… Failing that, book a last-minute trip to New York and do the Times Square thing.

2. If music be the food of love…



Music can be used in so many ways in a proposal, and at Christmas you’re spoilt for choice. Mariah’s All I Want for Christmas is You has to be the prime choice, but if she’s not to your taste, try Otis Redding’s Merry Christmas Baby, Smokey Robinson’s Christmas Everyday, or All My Christmases by Jillian Edwards. You can use it while snuggled up at home, breaking out the ring just as you know that your loved one is listening. If you’re in love with the gregarious type, you can organise a flash mob to do a street performance. You can write the words in a card, or you can sing it yourself. You could even try proposing to their favourite tune at your Christmas party. Music makes memories. Why not use it to make yours?

3. Call in reinforcements

If you already have kids, getting them involved in your proposal can make it really special. And there are different things to do, dependent on their age. Have a proposal printed on a vest for your baby, so when your partner goes in for the morning change, the bundle of joy will be the bringer of joy. If you’ve older kids, organise a scavenger hunt with a little additional surprise at the end of it. Get the kids to help you make a gift, a card or a ring box (best not tell little ones why, discretion not featuring strongly in most under-10’s repertoire). Anything to add another layer of cuteness to the proceedings.

4. Get crafty

You don’t need to have kids to get creative. DIY proposal props can be some of the most memorable, and there are loads of things that you can do. Make your own – or tamper with existing – crackers, replacing the toy with the ring and the joke with ‘Marry me?’ Create a bespoke bauble with your proposal message painted on the front and the ring inside. Fashion a stocking to hang on the end of the bed with ‘Marry me’ instead of their name. Make a card. Craft a table setting. Design a jigsaw. Prepare a game. Make something that means something.

5. The Christmas walk

For some people, a proposal is a public event. For others, it’s as intimate as it gets. If you want to pop the question on Christmas day, but don’t want an audience, a Christmas walk can be a wonderful solution. Living in the countryside, you may even be able to plan ahead and leave hints and props along the way – either natural and subtle or blazingly obvious. If it’s frosty, then mores the better. However, even a stroll through a drizzly suburb of Birmingham can become romantic on Christmas day. Spotting decorations, seeing other families gathered through windows, bumping into other romantic walkers. Make it yours.

No matter what you do, your Christmas proposal is always going to be the most romantic Christmas proposal. And with a little prep, you can make it amazing.

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