Tips for Handling Engagement Overwhelm

Once you’ve decided on a date for your wedding, you may start to feel a bit of engagement overwhelm when you look at the amount of planning that’s involved in the months to come.

There’s so much to do, from organising your dress, to sorting the reception entertainment and catering. Anxiety can build and before you know it you are stressed out right before your wedding day.

Avoiding the dreaded feeling of engagement anxiety is as simple as stopping for a moment, taking a breath and realising that you are prepared to handle everything.

With a bit of smart planning, you can have the ceremony and reception that you have dreamed of. If at any time you feel stressed, take a step back and do a relaxing activity to avoid any build-up of tension related to your planning.

Create your plan and then execute it. Reading up on planning techniques and using tools like online apps to assist you in tracking everything can save you a lot of frustration closer to the date.

Here are some tips for handling engagement overwhelm by being prepared well in advance.


Get Organised!

Avoiding engagement overwhelm is all about the planning. Planning is all about the details and keeping a solid record of everything you will be doing is vital to your successful wedding day.

The better prepared you are, the better the chances that everything will run to plan and nothing will be left unchecked that could pop up suddenly and ruin your day.

For those that want a scrap-book style planning experience, find a bound journal to write out all of your thoughts, appointments, and notes in one place that you can look back on for years to come.

If you are more of an online person, then take a look at some articles online about the hottest new apps that can be downloaded for free.



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Create Milestones

Once you have set your date, you have a timeline to work with. Begin by collating all the relevant events up to your big day and prioritise them in terms on the lead time you need before the wedding.

As the months go by, check off your milestones as you achieve them, this will create momentum and give you visual inspiration to keep persisting with your plan.


Review your Plan Weekly

Set aside sometime every week to relax and review your wedding plan. Make adjustments as you go along, nothing will ever really work out the exact way you plan, so stay on top of orchestrating everything. enagement overwhelm might be a real thing, but you can diminish its effects on your stress levels with a little breathing and planning.


Make sure you Plan what you Both want

There’s nothing like getting carried away with your planning experience, just remember that there’s other people involved in the day as well.

Get opinions from your fiancé, your family, and your friends. their feedback will be instrumental in creating your theme for the day and defining other things like the catering and entertainment. Make sure that you get something that everyone will enjoy.


Managing the Details

When you are dealing with industry service providers, make sure that you nail them down into contracts wherever you can. Stipulate the times, dates and penalties involved should they default on their end of the agreement. Getting the best deal and following up on your suppliers booking id=s an easy way to get rid of engagement overwhelm by taking action.

Remember to ask for a discount with every vendor and let them bid for your business. In this economy, suppliers and vendors will be happy to compete by offering better quotes if you can find one to compare against.
When in Doubt, get some Help

If you really find yourself struggling to keep everything together, then consider getting some professional help. A professional wedding planner may cost you a bit but if you have the budget, then they can be worth every penny.

They often have established solid relationships with suppliers and they can organise even deeper discounts than you could with all your haggling. This practically pays their bill, so why not give it a shot if you feel that things are just getting out of your grasp.



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The Final Word

Whatever way you choose to go, professional or DIY, make sure that you avoid stress and engagement overwhelm wherever you can. Congratulations and we hope you have a pleasant and fun planning experience!


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