Top 10 tips for taking your wedding dress abroad

If you’re having your wedding overseas, you’ve probably worried about how you’re going to get your wedding dress to your destination without disaster befalling it. From creasing to getting lost, there are many bad things that could happen, but with these ten tips you will have a lot less to worry about. Read on!

1. Get your dress professionally packed.

Depending on where you purchased it, your dress store may be willing to pack it for travel for you, and will be able to do so in a way that helps reduce the chances of creasing and damage. Whether you bring a specialized box or a suitcase, the experts are your best bet for making sure your dress reaches its destination intact.


2. Include your dress in your carry-on luggage.

If you’re able to fit your dress into a box or suitcase that’s within carry-on limits, you can bring it on board the plane with you and stow it in sight. This way, it’s always with you and you don’t risk it getting lost in the cargo hold shuffle.


3. Have airline staff store your dress in an on-board suit closet.

Some long-distance flights have a suit closet on board for storing clothing that requires special care. Ask one of the air hostesses when you board if such a facility exists on your flight, and if it does, see about getting your dress put away there. Make absolutely certain that identifying tags are on the dress and that it’s easily recognizable for when you go to fetch it after the flight lands. The last thing you want is a mix-up on the plane!


4. Buy a seat for your dress.

Some brides will purchase an extra ticket to give their dress its own seat. This may seem silly, but it does work – your dress can be taken out of its case and allowed to sit, folded, on the seat, or you can simply lay the case there and not worry about it getting lost or kicked about. It’s within sight and reach. On a flight with seats that haven’t been purchased or claimed, you may even get lucky and be able to use a seat for this purpose – ask an air hostess first, though, don’t just claim a seat because you think it’s empty!


5. Pack your dress on its own to avoid staining from leaking toiletries or contact with food, makeup, or other items.

It doesn’t take much to stain a wedding dress, especially if it’s the traditional white gown or an otherwise light colour. Great care ought to be taken to make certain that it doesn’t come into contact with something that might cause an unsightly mark, especially since the chances of being able to get the stain removed in time for the wedding upon arrival are usually slim and none. Packing the dress separately from any makeup, toiletries, food items, and other beauty supplies will save you the hassle of a surprise leak ruining your dress. In general, pack things that might leak in plastic or their own bag to keep them from ruining anything that you’re taking along.



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6. Consider pressing services at the hotel.

Some hotels have on-site laundry services that include pressing garments, or even steam-cleaning. Inquire at the front desk about this, they may be able to look after your dress if it does get creased during the flight, or if something else happens. It’s always generally good to know what’s available to you, anyway, just in case. It’s also a good idea to take the dress out of its packing once you arrive, hang it up, and fluff it out a bit.


7. Consider shipping the dress ahead of your arrival.

This isn’t the best option – shipping comes with its own set of risks! – but it is possible to do if you don’t have other options. Have the dress packed and sent out ahead of time with instructions to have it delivered to your room, or to be available for you to pick up once you get there. It is difficult to plan for all of the things that may go wrong with this idea, however, because shipping is, by nature, often fraught with its own difficulties. Packages get lost, delayed, or even stolen!


8. Pack your dress with uncoloured, acid-free tissue paper.

Uncoloured, acid-free tissue paper won’t leave dye on your dress, and it will help cushion it further to protect from creasing.


9. De-crease the dress in your hotel room yourself.

You can turn the hotel bathroom into a steam room to help get rid of wrinkles and creases if there aren’t any services available to you. Run a very hot shower, close the door, and leave the water running for 10 minutes or until the room steams up. Hang the dress up in the steamy bathroom where it won’t wind up in the water and let it stay there for 15-20 minutes. The wrinkles ought to fall out on their own. Once done, hang it up again in your room. Check out this link for some further advice on this process.


10. Don’t panic!

No matter what, don’t panic! Panic always makes everything seem worse than it is.



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