Top 10 Tips for the Perfect British Summer Wedding

Summer has traditionally been the favourite time of the year to have a wedding.

With warm weather and the sun shining, all of nature being in full bloom adds an extra special factor to your special day.

However, a summer wedding especially with the British weather can cause a whole set of problems, fortunately, this guide provides 10 tips to ensure your summer wedding goes smoothly.

1. A summer themed menu


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Cake isn’t the only thing needed to be taken care of. A summer wedding needs to consider a menu that is suitable for the head. Try to avoid foods that will spoil quickly in direct sunlight.


2. Hydrating Drinks

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Weddings are long, and for some that means a long day of alcohol consumption. However a long day in the heat requires plenty of hydration, ensure guests have easy access to water and non-alcohol alternatives, you don’t want any fainting from heatstroke.

3. Protect the guests from the sun.


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While most people will ensure they are sufficiently coated with sun cream, there are still certain protections that should be provided. This means having an area covered in the shade, letting guests to cool down if they need to.

4. Where will the sun shine?


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Throughout the day the position of the sun changes. Consider at the time of the ceremony which direction will be it shining in. It would be uncomfortable for guests to have to squint to watch the show. Furthermore, a nice evening sky providing an atmospheric glow can really add something special.

5. Bugs and insects!


                                                                                                         Source : greenbrideguide

The summer months bring out all the bugs and insects. Protect yourself with insect repellent because you don’t want a wasp sting or insect bite to mark your beautiful skin.

6.Overlooked facilities

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If your wedding is to be conducted exclusively outside, remember to consider providing facilities such as toilets. You may also need to hire various other equipment like generators to provide electricity. Imagine having all your guests arrive but nowhere to use the toilet, ideally you could couple an indoor and outdoor venue together, but that might not be feasible for everyone.

 7. The unpredictable weather.

weather                                                                                                               Source : chillisauce

Every year the British summer is heavily debated, and the 2 weeks of the year when it actually arrives can never be predicted. While we all hope for beautiful sun on our wedding day, the unpredictable nature of the weather needs to be addressed. Consider what will happen if its windy, or decides to rain and make sure there are suitable plans in place in handling these issues.

8. Get the most out of the sun and create beautiful photos.


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Having bright and clear photos is easily an advantage to that summer weather. If you have hired a professional photographer, make sure you get your money’s worth and take a little bit of extra time to set up and pose for the perfect pictures. After all, these pictures serve as memories for the happiest day in your life, so make sure you have the very best photos for it!

9. Think about your hairstyle.

Jericho Terrace, Long Island Wedding // Chantal & Patrick

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Some people prefer a certain hairstyle depending on the weather. If it’s hot, you may want short hair, or to alternate with a half up and down style. Whatever suits you is great, just remember to consider this aspect.

10. The perfect dress


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Finally, the last tip is to keep in mind the weather when it comes to your dress. If it’s too big or fluffy it may get a bit sweaty. Try to avoid satin, perhaps a lighter silk may provide more room to breathe and less warmth.

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