Top 10 Unique Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas


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Tired of the same old boring Christmas parties that you dread attending? Create an event that will be something unique and keep people from checking the time as they long for the door. By putting some extra fun into your Christmas party, you can make it exciting and memorable, rather than simply obligatory. Fun, unique Christmas party ideas can liven up the corporate event or add a special touch to a gathering among friends. Ensure that all of your guests have a great time this year.


1. Ugly Sweater Competition

Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage this holiday season, so take advantage of the trend and build it into your Christmas festivities. Ask each guest to wear their ugliest Christmas sweater and hold voting for the best in show. If you are holding a large gathering, you may want to split the voting into categories to allow for multiple winners. For example, you could have categories such as “so ugly it’s cute,” “movie-themed,” or “homemade ugliness.” Consider building a clothing drive into this theme by asking guests to bring a sweater to donate to a charity as well.

2. Beach Theme

Celebrate Christmas by bringing back a little bit of summer for your Christmas party. Provide some flip flops for dancing late into the night, and accessorize guests with leis as they enter the party. Seashells and sand make simple centrepieces, and it’s always a good time for drinks with tiny paper umbrellas. Allow your guests to escape the snow and cold for a few hours with a party that makes them relive the warmth of a sunny day at the beach. Consider a limbo competition and beach party music to set the mood.

3. Cookie Swap

Encourage guests to bring a few dozen cookies to trade. Each guest will go home with the same number they had brought, but they will be chosen from among the wide variety of options that everybody supplies. Allow for homemade and store-bought goodies so that those who are busy or not skilled bakers don’t feel left out. Provide colourful bags for everyone to take home their loot in. As an alternative to calorie-packed cookies, you can ask guests to bring their favourite appetizer to share. If you don’t like asking your guests to cook, consider a recipe or wine swap instead.

4. Christmas Karaoke

Karaoke is fun for any event and all ages. Customize it for your Christmas party with a selection of carols for your guests to sing. Take this idea to the next level with a karaoke band that provides professional live music in between your guests’ amateur performances. Christmas parties are a great time to get people out on the dance floor, and a karaoke band gives your party the ideal balance between guest karaoke, Christmas tunes, slow songs, and the kind of music that gets everyone out of their seat. This is a great theme for parties that include guests of widely diverse ages.


man in costume of santa claus with gift box
5. White Elephant

It wouldn’t be Christmas without gifts, so, create a fun an inexpensive gift exchange for your party. Choose a theme to make it easier for your guests to know what to bring. Should you choose white elephant gag gifts, Christmas ornaments, coffee mugs, or books? Selecting a gift theme that suits your guests will ensure that the exchange is a success. Determine the rules of your gift swap before you begin to keep things running smoothly. Will “stealing” be allowed or will everyone keep the gift they are given? Will guests choose names or receive a gift at random? You can build in a little Christmas generosity by having each guest also bring a gift to be delivered to a local homeless shelter or food pantry. Set up a special tree just for these gifts to see how each person giving a small amount can multiply when you give together.

6. Coffee and Hot Chocolate Bar

What could be better as guests arrive from the chilly outdoors than a warm, cosy beverage bar loaded with coffee and hot chocolate? Fill your buffet with flavoured creamers, whipped cream, sprinkles, and cinnamon so that each guest can design a delicious custom creation. Provide spoons dipped in white and dark chocolate for stirring a little more yumminess into each drink. If it is appropriate for your venue and audience, you could even offer tasty shots of Buttershots, Irish Crème, or Peppermint Schnapps as add-ons to that hot coffee.
7. Casino Night

This is a theme that works for almost any large gathering, but can be even more fun as a unique Christmas party. Let guests collect chips that they can cash in for the chance to win great prizes or fun Christmas themed novelties. Music and dancing for those who prefer traditional entertainment is a good idea, while other guests try their chance at cards or roulette. Combine this with a 12 days of Christmas theme and offer guests 12 “stations” of entertainment, decorating each game table with a different day’s theme. Green velveteen casino tables will compliment your Christmas theme. Finger foods work best for your menu, allowing guests to move from table to table with ease.


8. White Christmas

For a party that is sophisticated and elegant, create a winter wonderland of white and silver decorations for a stunning display as soon as guests arrive. You can even encourage guests to wear white to add to the atmosphere of the evening. Serve white foods and beverages, such as White Russians, eggnog, and white chocolate. Even dinner can suit the theme with a white sauce entry and light coloured sides. After all, you wouldn’t want any foods that could stain all your guests’ white clothes. Carry the monochromatic theme as far as you can for the greatest impact. A live band playing Christmas themed music is the perfect backdrop for your celebration.


9. Multicultural Celebration

If you have ever travelled to Epcot at Disneyland you have an idea of what this party theme should look like. You can create separate areas of your hall that display the Christmas décor and traditions of different countries, or you can choose to allow various elements of the party to represent different cultures. For example, you could choose traditional South American Christmas décor while serving a meal that represents a typical German Christmas dinner. For an appetizer buffet, you can offer snacks that are labelled by their country of origin. Consider a display of Christmas traditions from around the world, and encourage guests to add their own knowledge.


10. Christmas Carnival

Create an exciting atmosphere for your Christmas party with carnival food and games. This being offseason for most providers of these goods, you may even find an exceptional deal. If you have room in your venue, consider providing rides for the fun of a county fair in the winter. Alternatively, you can offer the smaller scale carnival fun of games with prizes, face painting, and a fun photo booth fully stocked with props. Celebrating Christmas with a funnel cake or other deep-fried carnival food will give your guests a unique experience that will be remembered for years to come.

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