Top 10 Wedding Photography Blunders


Getting the right shot at the right moment on your wedding day isn’t as s=easy as it sounds. There are so many factors that need to be taken into account when setting up the perfect shot for your wedding photos.

We put together this list of the top 10 wedding photography blunders so that you can learn from others mistakes and make sure that your wedding photos turn out brilliantly!


  1. Failing to Finalise your Wedding Day Schedule with your Photographer

Take some time to make an appointment with your wedding photographer and discuss your vision for the day and his ideas on the best schedule to follow for your wedding photos.

Make sure that you review the itinerary and stick to it on your big day. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the moment and forget your next photo session.


  1. Not Sticking to the schedule

The drama of the big day can go to your head, so make sure that you both stay in check and keep to your schedule that you have decided on.

\factors like the lighting have a significant role in your shoots and delaying it can cost you your wedding photos.


  1. Don’t let your Relatives make you Lose Control

You are paying your wedding photographer a handsome fee to be in charge of snapping the memories of the day. Don’t let uncle Bob try and take over with his hobby camera.



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  1. Not getting the Details sorted Before the Shoot

Let your photographer know the best sides of you to shoot and let him know what kind of makeup and dress you will be wearing so they can play accordingly.


  1. Getting Lost in the Photo Shoot

Remember, there are other people attending your wedding reception too. Don’t spend too much time away from the fun of the reception to be with the photographer on a shoot.

Your reception is about creating memories and if you are away to long with your wedding photos, or you may miss many of them.


  1. Neglecting to hire a second Photographer

Having a backup on hand is always a good idea, better to be safe than sorry with your wedding photos.


  1. Forgetting to Get your wedding Planner involved

Letting your wedding planner know about your photo shoot schedule is a no-brainer. They need to know every fine detail about your whereabouts during the day in order to plan the perfect itinerary for the day.


  1. You will never get it Perfect, so don’t Bother Trying

Your schedule and your wedding photos will never be exactly the way you envisioned. This is where the skill of the photographer comes into play, they have the ability to think on their feet and change the setting on a second’s notice.

The best thing to do is just be natural and relax. If you stress over wanting everything to be perfect isn’t worth it and it can ruin your day, so make sure you are ready for a pleasant compromise.



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  1. Skipping the “First Look”

Getting that first look at your photos right after they have been snapped is an easy way to avoid disappointment later on.

Make sure that you have the shots you want and instruct your photographer to take any shots you think you may like.


  1. Posing with silly facial Expressions

This is the fastest way to ruin your photos. Instagram is for pouting and seductive looks. Keep it clean and classic in your wedding photos and don’t overdo the posing. Have your photographer let you know if you are doing any of these silly antics unconsciously.



The Final Thought

A wedding photographer is essential to capture the memories of your big day. Remember to include them in your planning budget.

Work with your wedding planner make sure you get the most value for your money and the best wedding photos for your money. Good luck in your new life together and congratulations! Don’t forget to send us a photo!

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