The UK’s Hottest Wedding Trends for 2015

Most women have been dreaming of the perfect wedding day since they were little girls. You likely have an idea of your head of just how your prince charming will look as you approach him down the aisle, what colour your flowers should be, and what attendants will stand at your side. Once it is time to truly begin planning your nuptials, the vision that you once had may seem a bit traditional or outdated. What seemed appropriate as a daydream may not be what you actually want in a wedding day. With so many options out there, how do you decide how to create your perfect wedding day? You can read our insanely fun wedding ideas or grab a cuppa and stick with us while we take you on a 2015 wedding trends journey.

If you would like to plan your wedding and take opportunity to feature some of the hottest trends, look no further. Some trends are continuations of the movement toward do-it-yourself, rustic beauty, and environmentally friendly décor and themes, but other 2015 trends are completely new and exciting.



The dress.


White as the only acceptable colour for a wedding dress is actually a relatively modern construct. Up until Queen Victoria married her beloved Albert in 1840, wedding gowns were whatever colour the bride liked. The white dress trend started by the long reigning queen has lasted almost two centuries, but colour is finally making a comeback.

In 2015, wedding dresses are going beyond white and ivory, offering brides options in the palest shades of your favourite colours. Look like a princess in a touch of pink, yellow, or lavender. So light in hue that your guests will do a double-take to ensure that their eyes aren’t fooling them, your dress will be unique and memorable. Could bolder wedding dress colours be on their way?


The dress your mother wore for her wedding probably had an elaborate train, heavy petticoats, and shoulder-widening sleeves. Thankfully, today’s styles will allow you to avoid these unflattering fashions. Forgo the yards of extra fabric and awkward puffiness. This year’s dresses are lovely in their simplicity and class. Light, breathable fabric and slender tailoring create classic, sophisticated beauty.


The sleek minimalist look pairs well with the trend toward featuring curves, rather than covering them up with layers of fabric. You don’t need to be a model to make your curves work for you. Choose a dress style that suits your figure and emphasises your strong points to make everyone wonder where you’ve been hiding those curves. If the slim, straight cut doesn’t suit you, consider a dropped waist dress that puts the focus on your hourglass figure while giving you the full traditional wedding dress skirt.


Lace has long been a wedding favourite, but modern trends pair it with flesh coloured backing that lead to a provocative, barely there appearance. While covering you for perfect modesty, beige-backed lace creates a graceful, sexy look. You will look glamourous and irresistible next to your better half in a Gatsby style tux.


If you are feeling a little racy, many wedding dress designers are offering gowns with carefully placed cut-outs for giving glimpses of skin. Bare that midriff that you’ve worked so hard to flatten or choose a dress with a plunging neckline. A dress with an exposed back creates a classic, sexy look without becoming too immodest. Modern wedding dresses are offering several clever options for tailored cuts that show a little bit of skin.



The bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids 2015


A colour palette of watercolour dresses is a top trend for the New Year. Choose one subtle shade or choose dresses in a pale rainbow of colours for a dramatic, fairy tale effect. Paired with fine glitter, layers of tulle, or an abundance of flowers, a pastel colour scheme is the perfect backdrop for a sweet, romantic theme for your special day.


Brides have long looked for ways to please their best friends who are standing up to support them. Versatile, wear it your way, type dresses are the latest in the series of trends that brought us bridesmaids in different dresses of the same colour. Convertible bridesmaids’ dresses are not new this year but their popularity continues to increase.

These dresses match in colour and style, but are convertible to some extent, offering sleeve, length, and fit options in a single dress. Bridesmaids feel more comfortable given some control over customizing their dress for their body type, while you still get your matching dresses. Making these dresses even more popular is the fact that many of them are acceptable for other occasions instead of being left at the back of the closet after a single evening.



The reception.

The reception 2015



Call it the Downton Abbey effect. Think Lady Rose rather than Lord Grantham. Where else could the modern obsession with 1920s style glitz and glamour come from? Create some flapper fashion for your reception with glitter, feathers, and bold colours. The dramatic touch of sequins or shimmering accessories is paired nicely with a black and white base for your colour scheme.

To create this effect, it is important not to overdo the glitz or you risk becoming gaudy rather than glamourous. Consider shimmering tablecloths with simple, sophisticated dinnerware and centrepieces or sequined hair accessories and shawls over sleek dresses. A little bit of glitter goes a long way.


A gorgeous vineyard venue is ideal for a rustic and earth friendly wedding reception with an injection of sophistication. What could be more romantic than climbing and intertwining grape vines, rolling hills of greenery, and a lovely selection of wine? A vineyard wedding is the perfect combination of nature and superior class.

Imagine the panoramic view and the aromatic effect of your vineyard wedding. Your décor can be kept simple and natural to blend with the venue that needs little decoration. Choose a Tuscan style menu as the perfect complement to this comfortable setting while listening to the perfect wedding entertainment.


Bamboo décor and even tableware is a wonderful way to add a touch of Asian flair that also lets guests know that you are making choices that are good for the environment. Bamboo is a useful, renewable resource that just happens to look great in almost any venue or theme, so feel free to infuse your wedding with some bamboo items.

With the push towards earth friendly wedding planning, a multitude of items are available made from bamboo. These items are reusable, but are also biodegradable and renewable, making them a guilt free purchase. Everything from garland to plates and mats can be made from bamboo, and it looks great in most themes from tropical or rustic to sophisticated or romantic.



The flowers.

flowers 2015


Of course, weddings have always been about romance, but the overflowing with blooms, fairy tale feeling is hitting flowers this year. Not a stem in sight with this trend for bouquets that are bursting with frilly petals. Choose a pastel colour scheme or bright spring buds. Romance will be as abundant as the petals scattering around your venue.

Paired with a minimalist gown, the full and flowing romantic flowers are put on centre stage and create a story book atmosphere. Choose a local grower to save money on the transport and arrangement of your flowers, and feel free to cover your venue in them!


The rustic and earth friendly trends are ideal for collections of wildflowers for your wedding flowers. With an eccentric gathering of colours and varieties, wildflowers are a gorgeous option for adding rustic charm to your wedding that somehow looks professional and fresh from the garden at the same time. The simple, natural beauty of floral arrangements that lack the professionally selected look adds a relaxing, laid back air to your festivities. Scatter them on tables and tuck some in your hair and feel as free as if you were dancing in a meadow.


Don’t limit your flowers to centrepieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres. Weave some coordinating blooms into your hairstyle, hang a floral garland from the ceiling, or leave a trail of blooms along the dinner table. Use flowers in creative ways to add a soft, romantic touch to your special day. Little other décor is needed if you use your coordinated flowers as accessories. Not only will they look wonderful, but a natural, light scent will pleasantly fill the air.



The food.

The Food 2015


Save money and increase your reception’s green factor by including local, in-season selections to your menu. You will save on locally available, organic foods and feel good knowing that you are supporting the local economy. You may be surprised at the number of delicious seasonal dishes that your caterer can suggest. Guests will recognize seasonal favourites and appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Catered dinner, served ready to eat will continue to take the place of more casual buffets in the coming year. While buffets are convenient and inexpensive, brides will choose quality over quantity by having a few professionally prepared and presented dishes rather than a wide variety on a heavy potluck table.

By making smart selections and not offering too much variety, you may be surprised at how affordable a catered sit-down dinner can be. Buffets are often designed to appeal to anyone and everyone, with much of the food winding up wasted. Your simple, sophisticated meal will result in much more elegant presentation and less waste. A table of snack cheeses or other classic finger foods can supplement a smaller meal to fuel dancing late into the night.



The men.

The Men 2015


You may have heard, “Bow-ties are cool.” A little bit nerdy and very lovable, bow-ties allow groomsmen to have a little bit of fun with their stuffy, traditional wedding clothes. Choose to match or let the guys surprise you with the eclectic mix of bow-tie designs that they select on their own.



The matching but different trend that has been benefitting bridesmaids as part of a growing and continuing trend has finally reached men for 2015. The same is true for them that the same outfit does not look great on everyone. Choose a suit in different colours or let each guy express his own style. Choosing formalwear that coordinates without matching lets each wedding party member feel more comfortable and look great for the big day.


Add jeans to a sports jacket or replace the jacket with a sweater vest. Replace the stiff-necked formal look with a casual touch that still looks great, but allows for greater comfort and personal expression than black tails. Not ready to go too casual? Consider plaid shirts instead of starch white or fitted waistcoats instead of jackets. If you prefer, the guys can be dressed to the nines for the ceremony but add a casual touch for the reception festivities.


This trend, too, can be traced back to the Downton Abbey craze. This time we are thinking of Lord Grantham, or maybe you prefer Lord Gillingham. The casual elegance of the last century will have your groom looking dreamy in three piece tweed. In plaid or herringbone, this is an excellent trend to take part in if you have chosen a historical venue for your festivities. If you have some wedding photos from past generations, you can even have some fun attempting to recreate the styles your ancestors wore for their Edwardian wedding.

Whichever trends you choose, the important thing is to celebrate your day in a way that expresses your personality and the shared interests that brought the two of you together. Your theme and style should be something that you are comfortable with and will enjoy, so only choose the trends that fit well into your vision of the perfect wedding.

If you do choose a trendy theme, let the guests know ahead of time so that they can take part and add to the atmosphere that you are working hard to develop. You are creating the memories of a lifetime and it should be about the things that you love, trendy or otherwise. Congratulations on your 2015 wedding!



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