The Ultimate Halloween Party Playlist

Fingers of fog inch their way slowly through your neighbourhood, gradually shrouding street lamps and blocking out the full, yellow moon. There is a sense of foreboding in the air; a nervousness which has the elderly double-checking their door locks and pulling across the security chain. Suddenly, a shrill scream of terror rends the night. The small gathering of people you once thought of as friends is running, pushing and clawing for the exit as a gut-wrenching, spine-chilling sound reverberates around your living room. Someone has put on Barbie Girl.

Halloween is just around the corner, and if there’s one sure-fire way to leave your party guests cold, it’s to screw up your sound track. But worry not. You still have plenty of time to strategically place those blood splatters, preen your perfect outfit and plan nibbles to die for. Because we’ve put together the ultimate killer Halloween party play list.

You. Are. Welcome.

#1 This Is Halloween By Panic! At The Disco

Creepy music box intro. Creepy, nightmare lyrics. A title that says it all. And yet a song that makes everyone smile. You can’t go wrong with This is Halloween. Not quite the right vibe for you? Try Marilyn Manson’s version.

#2 Disturbia By Rihanna

She might be the inclusive-underwear-toting-fashion-world-woman-of-the-moment, but Rihanna’s genius lies in her music. Disturbia is a great tune with a great beat to get any party started.

#3 Thriller By Michael Jackson

Whether you loved him or loathed him, Michael Jackson’s Thriller was – and remains – an absolute classic. You can’t have a Halloween party without it. It’s the law.

#4 Ghostbusters By Ray Parker Jr.

I ain’t afraid of no ghost. That is all…

#5 Killer Queen By Queen

There’s something about Queen songs that make you smile. Everyone is born with the lyrics implanted in their minds, so if you want to inspire a sing-along, look no further.

#6 True Blood By Justin Timberlake

Good little dance number with season-appropriate lyrics. What more could you want?

#7 Monster Mash By Bobby Pickett

OK, let’s just get this one out of the way. It might be old, it might be naff, you might have shuffled to it at your primary school disco. BUT, it includes graveyards, ghouls, Dracula, baying hounds, coffins bangers, the Crypt Kicker Five, and yes, monsters. No Halloween party is complete without it.

#8 Poison By Alice Cooper

Let’s face it, pretty much anything by Alice Cooper would go down well on Halloween. Poison is just one of the mascaraed man’s best-known tracks, and there’s no point playing the obscure at a party.

#9 Sympathy for the Devil By The Rolling Stones

“Just call me Lucifer/Cause I’m in need of some restraint/So if you meet me/Have some courtesy/Have some sympathy, and some taste/Use all your well-learned politesse/Or I’ll lay your soul to waste, um yeah.” Umm, yeah.

#10 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) By David Bowie

Is there a title that better sums up Halloween? David Bowie was a master who needs no introduction and no excuse for inclusion in any playlist.

#11 The Number of the Beast By Iron Maiden

If ever there was a time for wailing, stomping, heavy metal it’s Halloween. Whether you like the ‘Maiden or not, there’s room for this track at your Halloween bash.

#12 Zombie By The Cranberries

This a softer, subtler number than some of the other picks, but a brilliant builder that will have any children of the nineties bellowing along.

#13 Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But… By Arctic Monkeys

You know when you find yourself at a party, surrounded by people you don’t actually like? And you want a way to tell them what you really think? Well…

#14 Burn the Witch By Queens of the Stone Age

Great guitar, great beat, suitably spooky Halloween party sound.

#15 Somebody’s Watching Me By Rockwell

Eyes burning into the back of your neck. Surely the spookiest sensation there is? This 80s classic comes somewhere between soul, R&B, electro-pop and dance, so has a goodly chance of appealing to everyone.

#16 I Put a Spell on You By Screaming J Hawkins

Fabulous, timeless blues track offering an alternative to the standard slow dance when your guests want to get down and dirty.

#17 Time Warp By The Rocky Horror Show Original Cast

You need an explanation? Really?!

#18 Batdance By Prince

Well, this would be worth it just for the manic laughter at the beginning. While Batdance might not be up there with Purple Rain, it the does provide a blast of funky fun for any Halloween shindig.

#19 Zombie By Jamie T

Throw away pop? Possibly. But, if your party is starting to sag like a zombie with a blunderbuss hole through the middle, this catchy, bouncy little ditty from Jamie T will soon get your guests moving.

#20 (Don’t Fear) The Reaper By Blue Oyster Cult

When things are starting to wind down, you can inject some atmosphere with this timeless number from Blue Oyster Cult.

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