Wedding Entertainment and Band Guide

You have the venue for the ceremony and reception picked out and booked, you have your wedding gown ready to go and your caterer is planning a delicious meal and the entertainment is all set. At this point you might be thinking about entertainment planning for your wedding and music for your ceremony and deciding what you should go with. Here are a few ideas for planning the right entertainment for your wedding and we hope you enjoy our wedding entertainment and band guide.

What entertainment is right for your wedding?

Ceremony Music

The first thing you will need to consider is if you plan to have music during your ceremony. Would you prefer a live band, or piped-in music over a stereo system? A bride usually likes to have the ‘wedding march’ played while walking down the aisle or perhaps a string quartet to announce her arrival. There are plenty of local musicians or companies that offer event services just for this end.

Reception Music

Every reception needs some music for dancing, and during dinner to enhance the mood of the day. This could be a small band, a DJ playing hand-picked songs, or even a karaoke party band such as what is found at localhost/earcandy/ns. You can have you guests dancing to rock, jazz, pop, Motown or singing their favourite songs and enjoying the evening along with you. For further enquiries please feel free to get in touch with one of our team today.



Making your entertainment personal


Recently, it’s become popular for couples to get creative with their entertainment. Whether that means surprise singers (who everyone thought were waiters) your own live band karaoke, or completely bespoke set lists, you have the option to put your mark on how the evening’s entertainment turns out. Traditionally, entertainment suppliers offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach to supplying entertainment – but now that’s changing. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Personal wedding entertainmentThe front singer

If you want a band to entertain your guests, it is the singer who is likely to leave the greatest impression. They help build the energy of the set and get an audience raring to go. Do you want Pop classics or Soul classics? The best band will adapt to your needs, but often the singer’s vocal range and style will suit a specific music genre. You may want to consider booking two singers for greater interaction and variety.

The first dance

With a wedding, anniversary or birthday party there’s almost always a big first dance – your chance to impress your guests. Bands can make it spectacular by covering classical pieces, performing specific dance routines or even helping you write a song to surprise your other half. Whether you want to keep to tradition or have some modern flare, a band or a DJ will help you breathe life into your music.

Something Unique

You have complete control over your own event. For those musically minded guests wanting to show off their skills, a party can be your own music festival. We’ve had clients book out several bands, some tents and a Glastonbury style stage to host their own mini festival. Another sure winner is what is known as ‘Bandaoke’. You and your guests can take to the stage – as the star, to perform with your live band. Bandaoke can also form part of a band set performing musical covers. It’s Karaoke X 1000.

Let your imagination run free

If we’ve not mentioned an idea that you want to make happen, we would love to work with you to give you your dream entertainment. Whether you want to modify something traditional, or create a unique experience; remember, this is the time for you and your guests to let loose and have an outstanding experience. At earcandy we believe that you deserve the entertainment you want, your way. No request is too big or too small, and we love to create unforgettable memories from party bands to wedding bands we have it all.


Getting the event timings just right

Eent timings

Timing is everything. Whether it’s the bride being five minutes late to a wedding ceremony, or ensuring that the food and the music at a birthday party are just right – the timing of your entertainment should be carefully considered. Here’s how to time your party right.


The perfect set-up

We’ve tried and tested countless combinations in our Bands and DJs to set up, in order to avoid running late. We suggest that you make sure that your band or DJ have considered their set up carefully so that they can accommodate situations where delays can be caused. Make sure that the band or DJ have sufficient time to set up (preferably out of sight from your guests).

Get ‘em drinking

For some more reserved guests, dancing may be far down their list of priorities for the evening – but with a clever set list worked out and the right timings, nearly all party poopers become compelled to remove their shoes and shake it on the dance floor. If your guests enjoy a good drink, a good band or DJ will suggest timings which help take guests out of their shells to enjoy a great party together

What to do about set breaks

Evening entertainment can run for quite a few hours, so at some point the band or DJ will need a break. Our front singers and DJ’s know to structure set lists in a way which feels ‘right. Getting this right means that the party will last as long as you have booked your act for, and not a moment sooner.


Picking the Perfect Music for Your Wedding

Perfect wedding music

 So, you’re all set for your big day; the wedding dress fits perfectly, the male party have had their suits tailored, the flowers look and smell delightful, the cake has been ordered, the transport is running smoothly, the venue is all set. What’s left? The music, of course! Wedding music is as important as any other aspect of the day. It is the first thing that guests will hear as they arrive and the last thing they hear as they leave a little bit worse for wear in the evening. Hiring a wedding band to provide the music will add something extra special to the occasion, but you have be sure that they are playing the right music. This starts as soon as the guests enter the room for the first time.

Walking down the aisle

The most important musical choice of the day will be reserved for when the bride is walking down the aisle. A wedding is the bride’s big day, something they have dreamed about virtually all of their lives, so the music needs to be perfect. All of the attention at this moment deserves to be on the bride, so it is best to choose instrumental music. Words can be distracting so a light acoustic piece will be best suited. The music should also complement the bride and groom, so make sure you choose something that reflects both of your personalities.

After the vows

After a break for the marriage vows, the band can kick back into action for the rest of the ceremony. Something special for you as a couple will fit perfectly here. Maybe a track that reminds you of when you first met, your first date or the first time you kissed. Once again, the song shouldn’t be anything too distracting as you want the attention to be on you. The music can continue as you walk down the aisle together with something more up-tempo playing you out.

The reception

The reception is where the music really takes centre stage and the wedding band can get through a full repertoire of songs. The band will generally have a set song list that they play, although will cater to your requests. You will obviously want a range of tracks that you love and plenty of music for the guests. If your guests range from kids to grandparents, you need to consider this when choosing the music. A wedding band will be a great help here, as they generally know how to please every type of crowd. You’ll already know what song to have played for the first dance, but make sure to check that the band can play it. As long as they have plenty of notice, they will usually be able to play any song. The reception revolves around eating, conversation and, of course, dancing. So ensure the song list consists of a good mix of slow and fast dance songs, some nod along filler music, and an epic track that gets everyone on the dance floor for the finale.


Finding a Wedding Band with the X-Factor

Live music for weddings

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and having a band provide the musical entertainment is the perfect complement. In order for a band to really enhance your wedding, they must tick all of the boxes; they must have the X-factor. By having the X-factor I don’t mean that you should be reaching for the phone to call Leona Lewis’ agent or hanging around outside Olly Murs’ house to see if he’s available for your big day. To have the X-Factor, a wedding band does not have to actually be from the X-factor, but it must share the same qualities as some of the shows successful acts.

What is the X-factor?

So what exactly is the X-factor? Well, the term ‘X-factor’ has been around long before Simon Cowell took over Saturday night TV in search of the next big star. The X-factor is hard to describe; Louis Walsh believes it is all about “stage presence”. Cheryl Cole thinks it has a lot to do with “magic stardust” – if such a thing exists. Many people have a difficult time putting their finger on what the X-factor is, but everyone agrees that it is a certain undefinable quality that makes one act standout from another. It is something that only a handful of acts possess, and a rare quality that must be present in your wedding band.


Obviously, if a wedding band is to have that all-important X-factor then they have to be talented. Whether that talent is a natural, god given one, or is the result of years practice and professional training doesn’t really matter, so long as they have that quality that allows them to stand out from the rest. The lead singer must be vocally pitch-perfect and have a stage presence to match (Louis Walsh does know what he’s talking about!). The backing singers must also be on the money, able to provide the perfect fold, complementing the lead vocalist in everything he/she does. Unlike The X-Factor TV show, a wedding band is not just about the singer(s), there is a full band involved. While they do not receive the same adulation as the lead singer, the backing band is every bit as important and they too must possess the X-factor, which involves playing instrument’s better than your average musician.

Simply the best

The obvious thing a great wedding band will have is quality. They cannot be great if their vocals are not up to scratch or the musicians cannot play their instruments properly. Before booking any band, you have to make sure they are the real deal. Ideally, it would be in your best interests to audition bands for the role, but unless you can find the time between working and organising a wedding to play Simon Cowell, you should use an agency that carries out its own audition process for the bands that it signs. You can then use the testimonials, sample videos, and guarantees of the agency to choose a band that meets expectations.

Music makes the people come together

A great wedding band is at one with the people. They’ll have a repertoire of songs in a variety of musical styles that will get your guests – young and old – up on the dance floor. A great wedding band knows how to gauge a crowd and will ensure that everyone is feeling the music. They will know all of the classic wedding anthems and will even make time for a few requests – so long as they are not too obscure (i.e. 90s German techno).

Together as one

If you are booking your band to be around all day, then you’ll want a group that is “one” with the wedding. Great wedding bands are able to do this. Whether it’s a small prelude to draw attention to a particular moment or some music to create an ambience during a sit down meal, the band will know how to complement your big day without taking the shine off you. A great wedding band will turn your memorable day into a truly unforgettable one for everyone lucky enough to be there. To find your perfect band, check out the earcandy line-up of acts today.


7 things you should know before booking a wedding band.

Wedding reception

Start With Your Budget

According to the latest figures, couples in the UK spend between £10,000 and £55,000 on their entire wedding. Most experts advocate that couples should spend about 10 percent of their wedding budget on entertainment. A photographer and videographer are essential if you want to capture the memories, but what good would they be if no one is having fun?Live entertainment creates a memorable experience for most wedding guests, but please keep in mind that this won’t be your least expensive bill. That said, the money you put out for a live band is worth every penny.

Before You Book The Band

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you hire a band.


  • Can the band provide the variety you need? If you’re booking a general type band, they should be able to perform hits from various genres.
  • How long has the band been in business? Do they have experience performing for weddings? Bands that specialize in weddings need fewer directions than one that doesn’t.
  • Can the band fit comfortably into the space provided at the venue? It might be a good idea to book the venue the same time as the band. This way, you won’t have to limit your options based on the restrictions at the venue  – especially if you have a large band in mind.
  • Get testimonials. Ask the band to provide testimonials from previous brides and groom to find out if they were satisfied with the experience provided by the band. You can check the band’s website for these. All testimonials should be accompanied by a photo of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding, and a shot from the venue. Video testimonials are also acceptable.
  • The band’s base fee should include the costs for lighting, a P.A. System, cordless microphones, and music for between sets.

Top Three Tips for your Wedding Entertainment

Don’t Cut Corners

While iPod music may seem like a cheaper alternative to a band, you’ll sacrifice the quality of your entertainment if you go this route.

Get Your Money’s Worth

The performers at your wedding reception should be the ones you paid for. Make sure that the band lists the performers and equipment on the contract, so you get what you paid for.

Book Early

Professional bands are booked months in advance, so make sure to book early if you want a popular band. If you have any questions about hiring a wedding band please don’t hesitate to contact us here.



7 Ways To Make Your Wedding Entertainment Stand Out

Wedding Entertainment

Sing With The Band

Do you have a great voice? Why not use it to sing to your new spouse and your guests? Get up and sing with the band – it’s an experience that your guests will never forget. You can make it a spontaneous gesture or rehearse that particular song with the band before the wedding. If you choose the latter option, you should keep it a secret because your guests will enjoy the element of surprise.

Host A Dance-off

Get the reception started by hosting a dance-off with your guests, new spouse, or bridal party. It’s a wonderful way to replace the traditional bride and groom dance if you want to break from tradition. If you’re a natural dancer you can keep it spontaneous or take a few dance lessons before the wedding so you can bust some moves on the dance floor.

Unveil The Band With Style

Want to enter the reception room with a bang? Why not walk in with the band playing your favorite song? If you’re wary of walking in with the entire band, you can have the band play on stage and walk in with one section of the band. It’s definitely a way to make a spectacular entrance.

Compose A Song

Use words to express your feelings for your spouse in song. Give it to the band to perform if you don’t want to sing it yourself. Of course you’ll have to give it to them beforehand so they can put a melody to the words. It’s an effort that your partner will always remember.

Set Up A Video Kiosk

Forget about the traditional photo booth and set up a video kiosk so your guests can leave congratulatory messages. Most booths can hold as much as 60 hours of footage and the cost is almost the same as a photo booth. The booth operator will give you DVDs with the messages that you can look at later on.

Celebrate Your Cultural Heritage

There’s no better time to celebrate your cultural heritage than your wedding. If you or your partner has strong ties to another culture, you can use that as the theme for your wedding or simply celebrate it in one segment of the wedding program. This can be done through music, dress, food, decorations, or some other means. If you plan to use music, you can choose a themed band or ask the band if they can perform a specific type of music.

End With Fireworks

Close off the reception with a spectacular fireworks display. A personalized display will be the ultimate way to end the celebrations and give your guests something that they’ll remember for many years to come.

Don’t Forget the About the Acoustics


Wedding acousticsPicture the scene: you’re getting married on a beautiful Greek island, barefoot on the white sand as the sun beats down, the waves gently to-and-fro, and a band prepares to play your special song. All eyes turn to the musicians as they get their cue to begin a song, when all of a sudden a freak gust of wind sends a screeching sound through the microphone, causing everyone to cover their ears and pull painful facial expressions as though someone had just scratched their fingers down a blackboard. Don’t worry though; it was just one gust of wind. It will pass and the band can start playing again.


But wait, the waves are now crashing on the sand and no one can even hear what the band is playing! You don’t know how far into the song they are, and have missed your cue to walk down the aisle – you know, the walk that you’ve been practicing for weeks! Anyway, the moral of that little story is that acoustics matter, a lot – especially when it comes to outdoor ceremonies. Outdoor venues are very weather-dependent and the acoustics will differ dramatically. You need to take this into account when booking both the location and the band.



Although it’s a common joke that elder attendees complain that the noise is deafening, it is worth checking the sound levels for your venue. Certain venues have a sound limiter, which restricts music volume. Sound limiters may be set to turn all sound off at the power source at a certain volume, which could be embarrassing in the middle of a wedding. As a guide, Sound limiters should not be set lower than 90db for a comfortable level live entertainment sound. If you find a sound limiter at your perfect venue, not to worry, many agencies, bands or Djs can provide you with a Sound Engineer along with your entertainment, who can adjust the sound to prevent the limiter from triggering.


Venues are not always built with entertainment equipment in mind. Once you’ve chosen your perfect band or DJ you’ll need to grant them access to the venue to prevent delays. No-one wants to see suppliers tramping equipment through a beautiful wedding room. Our entertainment co-ordinators will liaise with the site planners from the venue to ensure appropriate access without delays to your day.


Many wedding venues, especially in closed, residential areas, are well aware that the surrounding neighbours are not going to be pleased with a dubstep night until 6am. Respect for those next door means that big parties, like weddings, often finish around 12 and 1am. We recommend finding out your venue’s noise restrictions prior to sending out your wedding invitations. Many venues may simply have a curfew, but all our live acts will tailor their set to accommodate your neighbours’ needs without spoiling your fun.


The Top Ten live entertainment booking mistakes

Local Kent based wedding bands (2)

Entertainment is an important element of a wedding. Yet so many brides make these common mistakes when hiring a wedding band or DJ.

No time for mistakesThinking the band’s only role is to play music

Your wedding band will do a lot more than just provide music. They are the glue that will pull the entire event together – making announcements when necessary and telling your guests what to do. This is why it’s important to choose a group with organization skills, personality, and experience.

Hiring a friend to provide the entertainment

You wouldn’t hire a novice to fix your car, would you? You go to a mechanic because he has the experience to get the job done right. A lot can go wrong when you leave the entertainment to the care of an inexperienced friend or relative. Entrust your wedding entertainment to professionals who will not just play good music, but interact with your guests and ensure that everyone has a good time.

Skimping on the entertainment budget

The cake, champagne and food are all gone in a few minutes. Yet so many brides spend so much in these areas and give little thought to the entertainment, which lasts throughout the length of the reception. Once the wedding is over, guests remember the entertainment more than any other part of the reception. The entertainment you choose will determine whether those memories are enjoyable or not. Skimp on your budget and you’ll get what you pay for. Allocate about 7-15 percent of your wedding budget for a live band.

Choosing entertainers with no experience or personality

Assuming you set aside sufficient funds for entertainment, your next task will be to choose the right entertainers. Wedding professionals know how to work the crowd and ensure that everyone has a good time. They won’t lose their cool if something goes wrong and will play all the right music at the right time.

Picking an entertainer who has no backup personnel or equipment

You arrive at your reception ready to get the party started, but where’s the band? Maybe they had an accident or the equipment was stolen. These types of incidents rarely happen, but they can and your entertainer must have a backup plan. Would they send a replacement band for you or quickly replace their equipment if something malfunctioned? Professional entertainers are able to manage these types of happenstance without alarming your guests.

Not sharing your wedding’s vision with the band

Since every couple has a different vision for the wedding, don’t leave it up to your wedding band to guess at your vision. A professional band will make arrangements to meet you before the big day to customize a package just for you. Of course, their experience will come into play and they’ll offer your some advice. But ultimately, the entertainment must be customized to your expectations.

Forgetting to ask about liability insurance

Most wedding bands have liability insurance, but you should never assume. Ask the band to present proof of insurance so you want have to spend your life savings or honeymoon budget paying legal fees.



How does working with earcandy help with your live entertainment booking?


If you think back to some of the most memorable weddings you’ve attended, you’ll realize that the entertainment played a significant role in your enjoyment. As such, you need to focus on the entertainment at your own wedding if you want your guests to have an enjoyable and memorable time. Wedding entertainment today entails a lot more than an all-night DJ taking requests from the attendees. Planners choose entertainment that will appeal to a wide variety of guests. The options are limitless – so much so that’s it difficult to make a decision. If you’re at pains to choose a band or another professional to provide entertainment for your wedding, an entertainment agency might just want you need. Here are some reasons you should never dismiss the idea of using an entertainment agency.

Communication and Management

With so many aspects of your wedding to plan, it will be difficult to give your full attention to just one area. Entertainment agencies are skilled in every aspect of event entertainment management. They will communicate with the performers, check the requirements at the venue, and pass on any important information to you. They will focus on things that you might easily overlook – especially those things that can cause problems if they’re not managed before the event. With your entertainment in the hands of professionals, you can focus on planning other areas of your special event


There’s no chance to redo a wedding once it’s done. That’s why it’s crucial that you get the entertainment right on that very day. Performers are accountable to the agency that booked them. They won’t want to mess up because it will impair their chances of future bookings. Using an agency ensures the receipts, invoices, performances, insurance, and all the other boring details are managed efficiently so your wedding entertainment comes off without a hitch.

Benefit From The Experienced Staff

You might be able to find a couple of experienced wedding acts out there, but the combined experience will be nothing compared to the experienced staff here at earcandy. We will advise you and the band on what works best for your own unique wedding. We will also identify and eliminate the things that can lead to potential slip-ups on your big day. Emergencies are very common, even on well planned wedding days.

Knowledge of Entertainers

Just because an entertainment band has an eye-catching website or flashy promotional material doesn’t mean that they are the best performers. Without an actual word of mouth recommendation, you’re left to choose a band based on marketing. earcandy hand picks our performers and tailor suits entertainment packages for your day it’s the only way to guarantee great entertainment at your event.

There we go folks. If you enjoyed our wedding entertainment and band guide then we would love to hear from you in the comments below or please if you can share it with your friends. Thanks for reading.


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