The Ultimate wedding entertainment checklist

Congratulations! Your big day is set and we are sure everyone in the families are as excited as you are! Weddings are amazing events, special days that bring together families and friends for a celebration of two lives being joined together forever. The formalities of the ceremony are important and making sure that everything goes ahead as planned is usually everybody’s number one priority. The ceremony and the fairy tale atmosphere it brings with it, sometimes overshadows the emphasis needed on planning a great wedding reception. The reception, in a way, is as important as the ceremony, after all, it’s here that everyone comes together to honor the both of you.

The Somebodys

The wedding reception consists of a couple of components that make everything come together for a great event that is loved and remembered by your family and friends for the rest of their lives. The food, the theme, the settings and most importantly, the entertainment, are all factors that when orchestrated properly can lead to a special evening that no-one will forget. So with that in mind we put together the ultimate wedding entertainment checklist for you to go through and make sure that you have everything you need to make for the best wedding reception ever!


  • Make sure that you plan ahead well in advance and give yourself and the service providers the ample lead that they need to make sure that everything works out the way you want it to. At least three to four months before the planned date, any sooner than this and you are going to be walking on thin ice, so make sure that you give yourself the time that’s necessary to get the result that you expect.


  • Book a band. There are a variety of live bands in all kinds of genres that specialise in giving tremendous reception performances that will knock your socks off. It’s important to find a band that suits the atmosphere of the venue and the theme of the event. Something like a Motown band to get things lively, or a jazz band for a more relaxed mood. It’s critical to make sure that you check out the band’s references before committing to any form of payment, their clients will be the best judge of their performance and their character, so make sure you go through their testimonials!


  • If the band do not bring their own equipment, make sure that you have a service provider set in place to coordinate everything for you. You will most likely also need a sound engineer to keep everything on track with the performance.


  • Skip all the drama and use a booking agent. A good entertainment booking agent will be able to assist you with everything you need for the entertainment at your wedding reception, it’s what they do and what they specialise in. They will assist in sourcing a band, providing all the equipment they need and sort out all the logistics to get the band to the venue and on stage in time. They are skilled in negotiating an iron-clad contract and make sure that the event goes the way you had planned right from the start when you envisioned it in your mind and you and your new partner visualised it together.


  • Consider hiring a DJ for the intermissions between the band, this will make sure everybody stays in the moment and engaged in the activities of the evening. Certain companies will supply a sound engineer with your booking who can mix a live disco package, saving you the cost of hiring someone else.


That’s the ultimate wedding entertainment checklist and everything you need to know to make your entertainment at your wedding reception run smoothly! Good luck together!

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