Unique and Unusual wedding music

Congratulations! Your big day is nearly upon you and it’s time to plan the wedding reception. The most important part of any wedding reception is undoubtedly the music. What to play, when to play it and how to structure it is an art form all on its own. Throw into the mix, a need for something a little different and you have created a recipe for unique and unusual wedding music that might be challenging to find.


Thinking outside of the box when it comes to your wedding music can be a frustrating experience. What do people like? What will people want to hear? And what will people expect from unique and unusual wedding music? The answer is to look for popular bands and music styles that you would normally associate with wedding bands, so let’s look at a few examples.


  • Motown bands are a great idea. What is Motown you ask? Well it’s a style of soul music that came out of the late sixties and seventies in the united states of America. It represented an entire movement and culture of people and you may recognise some of the hit classics from talented singer and songwriters such as Aretha Franklin, James Brown and the Commodores to name a few. Motown was named after the record label that founded the sound and has given rise to some of the biggest hits in modern music history. The Jackson five were famously remembered for their hits ‘ABC’ that can get any dance-floor jumping, while classics such as “When a man loves a woman’ can have everyone holding their breath as you and your new partner have your first dance together.


  • Jazz bands are another great idea for wedding receptions. They keep the mood lively and energetic and keep the guest mingling and chatting away for hours. There’s something different about Jazz in the fact that it has the tendency to become more creative than other forms of live music. The artists will often go off on their own solos and musical rants that can lead to some interesting experiences whether you are flying around the dance-floor, or sitting back in your chair chatting away to the people at your table.



There’s a couple of great ideas for unique and unusual wedding music that you can use at your upcoming wedding reception. There is one other thing that you need to know before you go off and look for the best bands to make your ideas come into reality. Choose a good booking agent with which to hire and book your band. There are so many band booking options out there that you may get a bit lost in it all, so go with an industry leader and credible supplier to the entertainment industry. Take a little time and go online to do a simple search and discover what you could expect from a good agent. Most of them should have videos of their stable of bands and that will make it a lot easier for you to select the band that you feel will suit your idea.

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Booking agents will also assist you with everything you need to know leading up to the event and they will often offer a guarantee in their contract to you that the band will arrive on time and provide a performance that meets your expectations. They take care of all of the logistics and also the sound equipment and engineers, making everything convenient and laid at your fingertips through a simple call to their booking offices. So get online and start searching for the best in unique and unusual wedding music for your wedding reception RIGHT NOW!

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