Wedding Band On A Budget

Weddings can be one of life’s biggest expenses, the dress, the venue, the food, the favours, the music! It can all add up to an eye watering amount. We all want our big day to be perfect, it’s a celebration of the love two people feel for each other and this shouldn’t be overshadowed by the anxiety of how you are going to afford it all. With a savvy approach, a wedding doesn’t need to cost the earth, many couples are now choosing to opt for a more low-key affair, foregoing the big expensive dresses, flash wedding cars and fancy venues in favour of more purse friendly options.


You can opt for a simpler low-key dress; vintage styles are fashionable and chic and can be bought for a snip of what new a designer dress costs. Sit down meals are pricey, it can be difficult to please everyone’s tastes and then there is the dreaded job of the seating plan! A buffet is a cheaper option, the variety will keep everyone happy and it’s much more social and relaxed. Hiring musicians & DJ’s to perform at your wedding doesn’t need to cost the earth either, Earcandy has a number of options that please the purse strings while not sacrificing on quality.


Acoustic Duo

The Earcandy Acoustic Duo provide high quality, excellent value entertainment without the cost that comes with hiring a full band. The duo are small in size but big in sound and have a huge catalogue of acoustically arranged songs, from old favourites to modern hits and you can personalise their performance by choosing your favourite songs for them to perform. By choosing a quality smaller act you can please the purse strings without compromising, plus their compact size means they are perfect for smaller more intimate venues.



The Earcandy Harpist is guaranteed to impress all your guests and will add a touch of class to your celebrations. Able to perform both classical tunes and modern songs the harpist can provide the perfect soundtrack to the day’s events. The Harpist not only sounds divine but looks sensational too and when booked alongside an evening band or DJ you can make some attractive savings.



Hiring a DJ rather than an evening band is another way to make savings without compromising on quality or atmosphere. DJ’s are very versatile and can provide a soundtrack to your wedding party that is personalised to you. The Earcandy DJ is a seasoned professional who knows how to get the party started, they have a huge track list and can entertain your guests into the early hours at a fraction of the cost of a full band.


Cutting costs doesn’t have to mean compromise and the money you save can be put towards a deposit for your first home or savings for a rainy day.

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