Wedding Bells Ringing

Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery ~

The wedding bells are ringing… There isn’t a definite way to know when it’s time to get married, but there are usually a few signs that will let you know this just might be the right person for you. It doesn’t always come across as easy to tell if this is who you are meant to be with forever, but if you can see any of the following fit your relationship, it’s a good bet you are ready to marry.

You can Be Yourself with Each Other

When people first start dating, they rarely show who they truly are in the beginning, and actually will try to impress the other person. This might continue through the relationship, especially if you don’t feel you can be yourself with the other person. It is unlikely you will find that one perfect person right away when dating, but when you find you no longer have to impress them, and that you are completely yourself, then you know they are the one.

You Trust Each Other

For most people trust can take a long time to develop and grow strong, especially in a romantic relationship. This can only be done by being completely honest with each other, and being who you truly are. In order to have a healthy relationship, let alone marriage, you need to have complete trust in one another.

You are Friends too

The best relationships tend to be those either born out of friendship, or have a friendship develop after the romantic relationship has started. It is important to be friends too, because those newlywed feelings will eventually fade, leaving problems you both must deal with – daily life, kids etc. If you are friends, you will still have a strong connection, even once the excitement dims a little.

Marriage and friendships

You are Financially Stable

This might seem obvious, but there are many couples who marry when they can’t really afford to. This will definitely lead to problems down the line, and it’s better for both of you to be financially stable than only one of you, or neither of you. If only one person is working, it will put a strain on the marriage in the long run, especially in this economy. This can lead to resentment and possible disintegration of the marriage itself.If you and your partner really understand what ‘forever’ means, then you most likely are ready to get married.


Is Marriage still a viable Choice?

In today’s world, many people are opting out of marriage and living together instead. They may believe that their relationship might not last if they marry, and don’t want the added pressure of trying to make it work because of legal issues. Since divorce rates are fairly high, many people feel it’s not worth the risk to make the commitment, or have already done so and had the marriage fail. This doesn’t mean that marriage isn’t still a viable choice to make. A marriage is an incredibly strong bond between two people, and shows each other and the world they are a partnership for life. A marriage can provide emotional support and a safe home environment for you and your loved one.

You need to Love yourself

ou have heard this before, but it’s true and very important to remember before marrying. You need to love yourself before you can truly love someone else. You need to understand you have flaws, and learn to accept them and yourself as a whole before you can do that for anyone else.

Always be Honest with Each other

It’s not likely you will always tell the truth to each other, and this isn’t always a bad thing. It is important though to be honest with each other about events that affect you both, like finances, children, etc. You do need to be completely honest with each other about your feelings and thoughts on subjects that affect your daily lives.

Don’t Fix Each other

A rather common occurrence is for people to try to ‘fix’ their partner and make them who they wish them to be. Instead of trying to change your mate, love and accept them for who they are now and for how they may change in the future. We must remember, no one is without flaws, so we need to look beyond them.

The Reality of Getting Engaged

You have dreamed of getting engaged most of your life, and most likely you have built up this perfect day in your mind – along with your wedding. The reality is the majority of the time, an engagement won’t be that picture perfect day you dreamed of, and even your wedding day will most likely have snags. Here are a few things to think about when you get engaged you might not have thought of before.

Managing your proposal expectations….

proposal expectations

Most women dream of the perfect proposal, on a beautiful beach, a classy restaurant, and wearing the perfect dress or outfit. While it is certainly true many men attempt to make their proposal as romantic and special as possible, it may not completely live up to the fantasy you have in your head. Instead of being disappointed in the method of proposal, think of the actual getting engaged and spending the rest of your lives together part.

Obsession with your Ring

You are most likely going to be staring at your ring as soon as it is put on your finger, and for hours afterward. It’s ok, enjoy the moment, enjoy your ring, and enjoy the fact that your life has just changed and you and your mate are preparing for a full life together. You will also have to get used to everyone wanting to see your ring, but that’s ok, it’s beautiful, show it off.

Not everyone may be Happy about it

It is an unfortunate truth that not everyone is going to be happy about your engagement. This doesn’t mean they don’t love you, or even your fiancé, but they may think it’s too soon, you’re too young, or they simply can’t allow themselves to be happy for you. Instead of worrying about it, focus on your supportive family and friends, and enjoy this time. You should never let the more negative viewpoints sour your special day.

People will Offer Advice

You are going to find your recently married friends and family members, or even those who have been married awhile are going to offer up lots of advice. This isn’t a bad thing usually; it does help to get the advice of people who have been there, and can point you in the right direction. If you prefer to do it alone, then by all means do so, but thank them and don’t get offended by their help.

Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas…..

Marriage proposal

Before the wedding planning, engagement parties and celebrations can begin, a proposal of marriage must be made. Traditionally it was the male of the relationship getting down on one knee at a restaurant or living room with ring in hand, but today’s culture and technology advances have paved the way for more interesting and unique methods of proposing. If you are looking for something different, try one of these ideas out.

A Scrapbook or Photoshop Proposal

If you are the crafty type, then creating a scrapbook, memory book, or even a Photoshop presentation to propose to your loved one will make it that much more special. You just need to take pictures that tell the story of the two of you and creatively place them in an album, or arrange them using a computer program like Photoshop (with music if you like) and surprise your mate with a special treat during a romantic dinner, or during a stroll in your favourite place.

Treasure Hunt Proposal

If your mate is adventure loving, then she or he just might love being sent on a treasure hunt. You set up clues or hints that will lead him/her to each successive clue; preferably hidden in places that are special to you both, like the coffee shop you met, or your favourite pub. If you want to use technology, you can use Foursquare check-ins and lead your mate to that one perfect spot for you both and propose there.

Marry Me Banner

You can purchase a banner one of two ways, you can hire a pilot and fly a banner asking your mate to marry you, or you can buy an ad banner on his or her favourite website. The airplane banner may be a little out of your price range, but the ad banner is certainly unique and something she will remember for a long time.

Specially organized Party Proposal

If you don’t mind proposing in front of your friends and family, and you know she likes attention, then why not propose at a specially designed proposal party?You can make up a reason for the party, invite everyone you want to come, and then propose at just the right moment during the party.

Planning Planning Planning…

Wedding Planning

When you are planning your wedding, you will notice there are so many details to consider, and it’s not just the wedding dress, cake, or venue, but things like where to go to hire live musicians or bands (you can check out our acts for a great selection) and what might go wrong on the actual day. Here is a sample of things you should know about your wedding. Before the wedding bells ringing start lets go over a few things.

It Won’t be Perfect

No matter how much you want nothing to go wrong on your wedding day, something will. It is pretty much impossible to have an event such as this proceed flawlessly. For the most part it shouldn’t be anything too major, but little details like the cake isn’t exactly right, or your hair won’t style perfectly. The point is, try not to let every little thing bother you, and enjoy your day.

Choose Vendors You Want to Use

Most wedding planners have vendors they usually work with, but these may or may not suit your ideal for your wedding, or your budget. Instead of going along with everything your wedding planner says, research other vendors and find who is a perfect fit for you and your budget.

Research any Wedding Planner or Vendor You Come Across

Anyone can say they are a professional wedding planner, cake designer or florist, but you should have the proof that they are. You should check out references of anyone you will do business with and this includes any professional organisation and any certifications they say they have. You should also look into if they have handled any wedding day crises and how it turned out.

Can You do it Yourself?

If you are very good at organising large events, and even enjoy it, then it might be a good idea to plan your wedding yourself. It will save you money in the long run, and you can be sure your wedding will be exactly how you and your future husband want it.

Know what You are Getting

Not all wedding planners do everything, and it’s up to you to see what each planner offers in her price. It might be someone who works with you from beginning of planning to the actual day itself, or it could be someone who simply directs what happens on the day. You should read the contract and ask relevant questions before signing any contracts.

There we go folks. That’s all from the earcandy team. We hope our little wedding blog has helped you in some positive way in planning your wedding. We wish you all the best and may it be a day that dreams are made of! As always we appreciate comments and feedback, so please feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below.  In the meantime we’ll leave you with a video from one our fantastic wedding bands : 

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