Wedding entertainment planning made simple

You have the venue for the ceremony and reception picked out and booked, you have your wedding gown ready to go and your caterer is planning a delicious meal. At this point you might be thinking about entertainment planning for your wedding and music for your ceremony and deciding what you should go with. Here are a few ideas for planning the right entertainment for your wedding.

Ceremony Music
The first thing you will need to consider is if you plan to have music during your ceremony. Would you prefer a live band, or piped-in music over a stereo system? A bride usually likes to have the ‘wedding march’ played while walking down the aisle or perhaps a string quartet to announce her arrival. There are plenty of local musicians or companies that offer event services just for this end.

Reception Music
Every reception needs some music for dancing, and during dinner to enhance the mood of the day. This could be a small band, a DJ playing hand-picked songs, or even a karaoke party band such as what is found at localhost/earcandy/ns. You can have you guests dancing to rock, jazz, pop, Motown or singing their favourite songs and enjoying the evening along with you. For further enquiries please feel free to get in touch with one of our team today.


Booking your entertainment on a budget

Wedding entertainment budgetWith décor, flowers, attire, food and drinks to pay for, money will certainly be in short supply when it comes to your wedding. Hiring a band might seem like a luxury that you don’t need when a CD player or iPod could do the job just as well. If you’ve got your heart set on a live band, there are some things you can do to get one within your budget. Here some tips for great budget wedding entertainment.

Consider Your Needs

You don’t need to stage full of musicians to perform for a reception of 50-100 guests. A smaller band will provide a more intimate alternative for small groups, and you’ll cut costs. You can look for bands that are naturally small, but if a large band is willing to leave out a few musicians that’s fine too. The important thing is to make sure that leaving out musicians won’t affect the quality of the music.

Adjust Your Date and Time

Weekends and summer are peak times for musicians and DJs. The rates will obviously be higher during these peak periods, and there could be minimum booking hours implemented also. You might want to consider having the wedding in the winter or on a weekday in order to reduce costs. During those times the band might offer special rates and be flexible with their minimum booking times.

Location Matters
When you pay for a band, you want to make sure that you get value for money. earcandy advises clients to ensure that there’s a platform or raised stage for the musicians so that the acoustics are just right. You’re paying good money for the band, make sure that your guests are able to see and hear them as they play.

Let’s talk about the venue…..


Whether you’re still looking or you’ve found your perfect wedding venue, it’s worth checking whether it will meet all of your needs. The venue may look beautiful and accommodate your guests, but will it compliment your evening entertainment? Some venues may want you to include their own PA system or DJs, even if you have your own ideas.Here is our guide to ensuring you have the best entertainment, the way you want it.  If you’re planning your event in our around London you may want to check out our posts on hire bands London or wedding bands Kent and wedding bands surrey.

Although it’s a common joke that elder attendees complain that the noise is deafening, it is worth checking the sound levels for your venue. Certain venues have a sound limiter, which restricts music volume. Sound limiters may be set to turn all sound off at the power source at a certain volume, which could be embarrassing in the middle of a wedding. As a guide, Sound limiters should not be set lower than 90db for a comfortable level live entertainment sound. If you find a sound limiter at your perfect venue, not to worry, many agencies, bands or Djs can provide you with a Sound Engineer along with your entertainment, who can adjust the sound to prevent the limiter from triggering.


Venues are not always built with entertainment equipment in mind. Once you’ve chosen your perfect band or DJ you’ll need to grant them access to the venue to prevent delays. No-one wants to see suppliers tramping equipment through a beautiful wedding room. Our entertainment co-ordinators will liaise with the site planners from the venue to ensure appropriate access without delays to your day.


Having your great live act in a room with bad acoustics and painful feedback might ruin a set – some function rooms are designed for a string quartet rather than modern DJ decks. Rooms with marble or stone walls, high ceilings and lots of glass could be problematic, but a sound engineer can help plan the best acoustics, put down carpets, or position curtains to soak up any excess sound.

Many wedding venues, especially in closed, residential areas, are well aware that the surrounding neighbours are not going to be pleased with a dubstep night until 6am. Respect for those next door means that big parties, like weddings, often finish around 12 and 1am. We recommend finding out your venue’s noise restrictions prior to sending out your wedding invitations. Many venues may simply have a curfew, but all our live acts will tailor their set to accommodate your neighbours’ needs without spoiling your fun.

Lets talk about how to keep your event running smoothly and on time….

Eent timings


Get the timings right
Timing is everything. Whether it’s the bride being five minutes late to a wedding ceremony, or ensuring that the food and the music at a birthday party or corporate event are just right – the timing of your entertainment should be carefully considered. Here’s how to time your party right.


The perfect set-up
We’ve tried and tested countless combinations in our Bands and DJs to set up, in order to avoid running late.We suggest that you make sure that your band or DJ have considered their set up carefully so that they can accommodate situations where delays can be caused. Make sure that the band or DJ have sufficient time to set up (preferably out of sight from your guests).

Get ‘em drinking
For some more reserved guests, dancing may be far down their list of priorities for the evening – but with a clever set list worked out and the right timings, nearly all party poopers become compelled to remove their shoes and shake it on the dance floor. If your guests enjoy a good drink, a good band or DJ will suggest timings which help take guests out of their shells to enjoy a great party together

What to do about set breaks
Evening entertainment can run for quite a few hours, so at some point the band or DJ will need a break. Our front singers and DJ’s know to structure set lists in a way which feels ‘right. Getting this right means that the party will last as long as you have booked your act for, and not a moment sooner.

Entertainment set up
The band or DJ set must start at the right time, get the party going when it’s needed and end successfully.  Good DJ’s and performers know the key musical psychological triggers, when to play that certain song, and how to guarantee an encore.At earcandy we look after all the logistics and timings so that you don’t have to. We want you and your guests to focus on having the time of your life.

Top mistakes people make when booking live entertainment

Mistakes when booking live entertainment

Entertainment is an important element of a wedding. Yet so many brides make these common mistakes when hiring a wedding band or DJ.

Thinking the band’s only role is to play music
Your wedding band will do a lot more than just provide music. They are the glue that will pull the entire event together – making announcements when necessary and telling your guests what to do. This is why it’s important to choose a group with organization skills, personality, and experience.

Hiring a friend to provide the entertainment
You wouldn’t hire a novice to fix your car, would you? You go to a mechanic because he has the experience to get the job done right. A lot can go wrong when you leave the entertainment to the care of an inexperienced friend or relative. Entrust your wedding entertainment to professionals who will not just play good music, but interact with your guests and ensure that everyone has a good time.

Choosing entertainers with no experience or personality
Assuming you set aside sufficient funds for entertainment, your next task will be to choose the right entertainers. Wedding professionals know how to work the crowd and ensure that everyone has a good time. They won’t lose their cool if something goes wrong and will play all the right music at the right time.

Picking an entertainer who has no backup personnel or equipment
You arrive at your reception ready to get the party started, but where’s the band? Maybe they had an accident or the equipment was stolen. These types of incidents rarely happen, but they can and your entertainer must have a backup plan. Would they send a replacement band for you or quickly replace their equipment if something malfunctioned? Professional entertainers are able to manage these types of happenstance without alarming your guests.

Forgetting to ask about liability insurance
Most wedding bands have liability insurance, but you should never assume. Ask the band to present proof of insurance so you want have to spend your life savings or honeymoon budget paying legal fees.  Here at earcandy all the liability insurance is taken care of.


Play that Funky Music….

make it personal

The music at your wedding should add to the mood and leave a lasting impression on the minds of your guests. Music will keep the guests entertained when there’s a lull in the proceedings. It can also liven up the reception, and you can use it to add your own personal stamp on the ceremony. All in all, music makes the wedding just as any other element. While it might be easy to pick out selections for the ceremony, it may not be as simple when it comes to the reception. Here are some tips from the professionals at earcandy to set your thoughts in the right direction.

Carry A Notepad
If you’re doing a lot of the wedding planning, you’ll obviously need have your notepad within reach at all times. Another reason you’ll need your notepad or smart phone is to jot down playlist inspiration the moment it strikes. It might be difficult to come up with your playlist in one sitting, but if you take notes as a song pops into your head you’ll soon have a good playlist to present to the DJ.

Mix Up Your Tunes
Divide your guest list according to age or taste and choose four to five tracks for each group. This way everybody gets to enjoy the entertainment.

Trust Your DJ

It’s recommended that you present your playlist to the DJ or musician as a guide, but trust your DJ to feel the mood of the crowd and make selections to suit. In other words, don’t try to micromanage the DJ or insist on all your own songs.

Choose A Band You’re Familiar With

Always go with a band whose repertoire you like. It would cost you less than having the band learn new songs just for you. That’s not to say that you can’t request a few songs, but the more songs you request the more you’ll have to pay. Take some time to listen to the band live before you book them.

Nail Your First Dance

A lot of consideration must go into your choice of song for your first dance. It must reflect your personality and that of your spouse. Request a copy of the band’s rendition of that song, so you can practice and get your movements right.

Leave The Second Song To the Band
After your first dance, leave it to the band to pick the second song that will get everyone dancing.

Put Your Guests To Work
 One way to make building your playlist less challenging is to ask guests to write their favorite songs when they RSVP.

Turn Up The Beat
 You might want to slow dance in the arms of your new spouse, but your guests want a party. Forget the slow numbers and turn up the beat.

Don’t Forget The Older Folks
Set up a quiet area where folks can rest comfortably when they’ve had enough dancing.

How can earcandy help you……


If you think back to some of the most memorable weddings you’ve attended, you’ll realize that the entertainment played a significant role in your enjoyment. As such, you need to focus on the entertainment at your own wedding if you want your guests to have an enjoyable and memorable time. Wedding entertainment today entails a lot more than an all-night DJ taking requests from the attendees. Planners choose entertainment that will appeal to a wide variety of guests. The options are limitless – so much so that’s it difficult to make a decision. If you’re at pains to choose a band or another professional to provide entertainment for your wedding, an entertainment agency might just want you need.


Great wedding bandsCommunication and Management
With so many aspects of your wedding to plan, it will be difficult to give your full attention to just one area. Entertainment agencies are skilled in every aspect of event entertainment management. They will communicate with the performers, check the requirements at the venue, and pass on any important information to you. They will focus on things that you might easily overlook – especially those things that can cause problems if they’re not managed before the event. With your entertainment in the hands of professionals, you can focus on planning other areas of your special event

There’s no chance to redo a wedding once it’s done. That’s why it’s crucial that you get the entertainment right on that very day. Performers are accountable to the agency that booked them. They won’t want to mess up because it will impair their chances of future bookings. Using an agency ensures the receipts, invoices, performances, insurance, and all the other boring details are managed efficiently so your wedding entertainment comes off without a hitch.

Live bandKnowledge of Entertainers
Just because an entertainment band has an eye-catching website or flashy promotional material doesn’t mean that they are the best performers. Without an actual word of mouth recommendation, you’re left to choose a band based on marketing. E

Benefit From The Experienced Staff
You might be able to find a couple of experienced wedding acts out there, but the combined experience will be nothing compared to the experienced staff here at earcandy. We will advise you and the band on what works best for your own unique wedding. We will also identify and eliminate the things that can lead to potential slip-ups on your big day. Emergencies are very common, even on well planned wedding days.

earcandy entertainment agency hand picks our performers and tailor suits entertainment packages for your day it’s the only way to guarantee great entertainment at your event.

Live music for weddings

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