Wedding Fireworks: 5 Things to Remember

Personalising your weddings with fireworks is very popular. It isn’t any wonder when you consider that fireworks are a spectacular way to add a bit of glamour to your wedding, and these days you don’t need to spend a fortune for a good display.


Keep these five points in mind when planning your wedding fireworks display.


What Time is It?

Fireworks time

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The great thing about fireworks as wedding entertainment is their versatility. While traditionally fireworks are used when it is dark, for obvious reasons, it’s not impossible to have a great display during daylight hours. You may wish to have fireworks shooting across the sky as you make your way out of the church. This is something different and fun for summer weddings, while for weddings that take place in the evening or during the darker winter months you still get the darkness as an atmospheric backdrop.

Alternatively, you can stick to tradition and keep the fireworks until the end of the evening. Just consider whether it’s worth it when your guests will be worse for wear and it may be cold outdoors. As well as considering your own wishes, remember to check in with your wedding reception venue or the church to ask about any restrictions regarding the use of fireworks.


How Long?


The length of your display depends a lot on when you are getting married. If you are organising your wedding in the summer and want your fireworks during the day, you can easily have a longer display and don’t need to worry about guests staying warm. Even here in the UK the summer weather is reliable most of the time! On the other hand, if you are preparing for a winter wedding you might want the show to be relatively short, or have it when leaving church or arriving at a reception venue so guests are already in place and have their outdoor coats on.


Who’s Running the Display?


You have a few options when it comes to who actually takes care of the display. While doing it yourself or getting a friend or family member to do it might seem a good idea, the best option is usually to use a fireworks display company or enquire whether the venue has someone who can do it.

Places that hold weddings throughout the year will usually have someone in house or be happy to liaise direct with a fireworks company.


What Type of Fireworks?

Types of Fireworks


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The thing with fireworks is that choosing them should be simple, but with so many different types and numerous effects it can actually be quite difficult. Depending on how your fireworks fit in to the areas already explored, you might also find you have noise restrictions or can’t use a certain type of firework.


Your choice of fireworks may also be limited whether you are hiring someone to organise the display or doing it yourself.

The best way to avoid disappointment? Find out any rules first so you’re only choosing from what you know you can use. This can save you a small fortune, too.




How Much?

Fireworks for sale

We’re sure you’re probably tired of thinking about your wedding budget, so we won’t say anything more than make sure you’ve accounted for the cost of a firework display somewhere in it. Whether you’ve included the price in the venue costs or keep it separate, just make sure you know where the cost has been counted.


If your venue is organising the fireworks for you, make sure all the costs are included. The last thing you want is to think you’ve got a great deal on a display only to find that didn’t include the cost of the fireworks! You’re probably laughing, but it has happened before.

Fireworks are still a fun and exciting way to add something different to your wedding day. Keep these tips in mind, and your big day will go with a bang in more ways than one.


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