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Going so soon? I wouldn’t hear of it. Why my little party’s just beginning.

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Planning an Engagement Party? What You Need to Know…..

After an engagement is announced it’s time to celebrate and plan the party and the live entertainment. The purpose of an engagement party is for your loved ones to congratulate you on your happiness and to introduce your family and friends to each other. This is typically the first time many of these people will meet and it could be the start of fun times and a great working relationship with them.

Who Should Have it?

The choice of who should hold the engagement party is really up to the couple and their family. Traditionally, the bride’s parents held the first party or the official engagement party and the groom’s parents would host the second party. Of course, both sets of parents can get together and host the engagement party together or the couple may decide to host their own party.

When Should the Party Take Place?

The engagement party should take place within a couple of months of the actual engagement. This event is supposed to be the exciting first-step in celebrating the big event and guests need to have at least a month’s notice ahead of time. The party should fall about 9-10 months before the wedding itself.

Where Should the Party Be?

Where the party should take place depends on how far you live from family and friends; if you don’t live in the same city, you might choose to have the party in your hometown and see how many can make the trip. However, you might also wish to host two parties, one for friends and family who live near you and another for far away relatives – especially those who may not make the wedding itself. The venue in which to host it is up to the ones planning the party. They may decide on a hotel since they can hold a large capacity of people; it could be a pub, bar or restaurant or even a house party if there is a small crowd attending.

What Should the Food Be?

You can keep it pretty simple food wise if you choose. You can go with pub food or you may plan a gourmet dinner all depending on your tastes. You may wish to serve sandwiches and baked goods or you might wish to have a completely catered meal within a formal setting.

Should You Have Entertainment?

It is a party after all so yes you should have entertainment. You could view our acts and really add fun and excitement to your event. You may also wish to go the DJ and live band route but it is important to make sure everyone has fun.

Planning a Bridal Shower Party? What You Need to Know……

Bridal Party

Who Hosts a Bridal Shower?

Traditionally a bridal shower is hosted by the Chief Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour, this isn’t always the case, and sometimes the bride’s mother or other female relative or friend may take over the hosting duties.

When Should the Shower Take Place?

The bridal shower should take place anytime from six months to six days before the wedding; there is no set time. You can either make the shower a surprise for the bride, or you may tell her in advance; again there is no set rule; it’s really up to you. You should take into consideration how far everyone lives from where the party will take place, and if people are traveling in for the wedding, it might be a good idea to have the shower closer to the wedding itself to avoid unnecessary travel.

The Budget

When planning the bridal shower keep in mind the budget you are willing to spend on it. If you want to go to Royal Hospital Road for lunch for example, be prepared to spend a lot. If you are budget conscious, then a nice lunch at a pub, tea room, or at a buffet style restaurant. You can choose to have the shower in your home, with each guest bringing their own dishes, which certainly cuts down the cost of hosting.

The Guest List

You should invite anyone that is attending the wedding to also attend the shower. If the party is a surprise, ask the bride’s mother, sister or groom for a list of those that should be included. You might opt for a less traditional co-ed shower, which means inviting friends and family members of both sides in both genders.


5 Tips for booking your live party entertainment like a pro…..

Booking the right band for your event is easier said than done. While there’s no surefire way to tell what you’ll get on the day, there are things you can do beforehand to improve your chances of booking a great and reliable band. If you rely on the internet to find a professional party band, you need to go beyond a casual perusal of the search engines. You’ll have to ask questions, look for reviews, and talk at length with each band manager to get the band you want. Here are some other tips to book a party band like a pro.

Choose A Genre

If you already have a genre in mind, your next step will be to choose a band with a memorable sound. While it’s convenient to choose a general band that is flexible with music choices, it is not always the best option. Specialized or niche bands have mastered their crafts, and will be able to put on a memorable show that will stay at the top of your guests’ minds.

Book The Band And Venue At The Same Time

Shopping for the venue and band at the same will eliminate issues with of restrictions at the venue. For instance, some venues may not have sufficient space to accommodate a large band or may have restrictions with sound and lighting. Instead of trying to make the band conform to venue restrictions, get the right balance by booking the band and venue at the same time.

Contracts Are Your Friend

Never book a band without first signing a contract. Although a contract might seem off-putting, it will provide you with some measure of recourse if the band fails to deliver. The contract should be worded in simple to understand terms and solidify the verbal commitments made. Make sure that your requirements are clearly outlined and all related costs and deliverables are included on the contract before you make the deposit.

Book Time For Sound Checks

The venue should be available to the band 1-2 hours before your guests arrive. This will give them time to set up their equipment and conduct the necessary sound checks without disturbing your guests. You might need to pay for the extra time at the venue.

Be Diligent

Your event’s success will only be as good as the work you’re prepared to do beforehand. Choosing a good band doesn’t happen by chance. Here are some questions you need to get answers to before you book the band.

  • What’s included in the price?
  • How many breaks do you take?
  • What happens if I need to cancel?
  • What would you wear to the event?
  • Do you have liability insurance?

Follow the tips outlined above and you’ll not only book the band like a pro but also get a band that will exceed your expectations.

Enjoy your first dance. After all it is your PARTY!

First wedding party Dance

You might be confident performing on the dance floor with all eyes upon you, but what about your groom? Most grooms are more terrified at that first dance than saying the wedding vows. Since your first dance will always be remembered, it’s your duty to calm your groom’s nerves and make sure that he’s more than ready to face the dance floor. The coming together of the bride and groom for the first time as man and wife presents a lasting and iconic image. Your wedding dance must be planned to achieve perfection. But when the groom cannot dance, it’s especially important to pay attention to the planning. Here are some things you can do to ensure that the moment is absolutely magical.

Wedding party 2

Set a clear goal

It’s important to set a clear goal before you do anything else. Do you want your groom to just learn a few basic steps to get through the dance or put together a well-choreographed dance sequence to wow your guests? Your goal will determine whether you just take a few dance lessons at a local school or hire an experienced wedding choreographer. Make sure that your goal is something that you both are comfortable with. All the dance lessons in the world will not make an unwilling groom feel comfortable on the dance floor.

Plan the music

Your next step should be to choose your first dance song and communicate this to your wedding band or DJ. Ask the entertainer to provide you with a copy of the song just as it will be played, so you can get familiar with the track long before your first dance. Planning the music right down to the last chord is important if you want to have some great pictures of your first dance.

Wedding Party

Learn to dance

Here is the step your groom will be most anxious about. Depending on your goal, you’ll have to decide whether you’ll just take a few dance lessons or get a choreographer. Give a copy of your song choice to the teacher so you can perfect your moves. Start practicing together as early as possible, so you’ll have sufficient time to get comfortable dancing together before the wedding. Exercise patience and leave out the fancy moves if you’re not comfortable with them.

Get your timing right

So now you’ve honed your dance skills and chosen the perfect song, you now need to exercise all you’ve learned and get the timing right on the dance floor. One partner should lead out for the other to follow – decide beforehand who will lead the dance. Look to the wedding band for cues on when to start and end your dance. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the moment. As much as you’ll be concerned about the eyes upon you, the best first dance pictures are shots of couples who enjoy being in each other’s arms, not couples who are so worried that they fail to relax and enjoy the moment.



We hope that’s helped you in making a decision and more importantly we hope you have a fantastic wedding party! If we can help in anyway then please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly team today. You can also check out some of our testimonials here or why not pop on by the earcandy Facebook page and have a chat with us.


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