Are wedding planners worth it?

Great question isn’t it? Weddings can end up costing a fortune and stretch budgets till they burst, strangely enough; most couples choose to chop out the wedding planner before they make any other changes. Is this a wise move? While wedding planners may charge a fair bit, the experience they bring to your wedding is greatly beneficial to you.

With this in mind, we put together this list of reasons of why you may want to second guess that decision to drop the wedding planner. By the end of this article you will realise the value and importance of hiring a wedding planner and by the end of your wedding, you will be grateful that you kept them on to manage your big day.


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Relax, don’t stress

Getting ready for the big day and all of the events that come along before it, can be tremendously nerve wrecking. Everything from choosing the right tablecloths at your reception, to hiring the pastor, the venue and choosing the rings can take a lot of time and effort that you don’t have.

Being totally in control of your wedding planning may sound like the right thing to do, but it can leave you torn to shreds emotionally and physically as well. There is so much to do and arrange that just mapping out the tasks you need to achieve before the wedding day can seem quite daunting.

With a wedding planner, you are not just getting someone who takes care of the details, you are buying into their industry knowledge and experience that they have cumulated throughout their careers. Good wedding planners will have established relationships and networks with many of the vendors and suppliers that you intend on using.

They spend a lot of time developing these relationships and by doing this they are entitled to deeper discounts that you would not be able to access as a one-time customer. This factor alone can end up saving you the cost of hiring your wedding planner and then some.


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Your time is important to you

Leading up to the wedding day, chances are that you will be stretched thin to meet all your appointments and commitments with suppliers. We all have our careers, families and friends to deal with on a daily basis, not to mention the mini-crisis that appears every so often. Trying to manage all of your wedding activities in amongst this is a sure-fire recipe for disaster that will put you back on your wedding date, or lead to big problems occurring on your wedding day.

A wedding planners sole mission is to make your wedding happen the way you want it to. They take away all of the hassle and the time-consuming effort. You just simply give them direction via the theme you want and they will go about organising everything with finesse.

Advice is nice

Wedding planners, whether they themselves are married or not, are experts in getting married, they know everything you need to have the most outstanding wedding day you could wish for. A wedding planners job is to make your life easier and they have had plenty clients over the years of their careers that have been in need of some sound advice.

From selecting the venue, the music, the food and the theme, right down to invitations and personalised gifts, wedding planners have been through it all, more than once, have realised the pitfalls and challenges against couples getting married and know exactly how to overcome any of these challenges, allowing you to benefit from their past decisions that have worked out to the betterment of all.


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The final vow

If you are not keen to go crazy on the days leading up to your wedding day, then it’s time to hire a wedding planner. To hire the best planner, make sure to check out the referrals of friends and families and reviews on Facebook and other social media platforms. Your prospective planner should have good experience and solid testimonials to ensure the best wedding experience for both of you.

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