Wedding proposal myths busted

‘Will you marry me?’ these words are spoken hundreds of times around the globe each day. With every new engagement, comes a whole new stress-bomb that might freak you out. Just thinking about proposing, or being proposed to, is just about enough to raise anyone’s anxiety to a level that can bring a huge amount of pressure to the situation.

So before you think about popping the question to your loved one, take some time out right now to read this article and get your head around the myths involved with proposing. When it comes time to get on bended knee, you might be surprised with what’s necessary and what’s not, let’s take a look at some of these popular myths and see what the real deal is with them.



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Sure, the movies have it all wrong. You know that moment when he pops the question and she looks deep into his eyes, totally surprised at his request. Well it turns out that in a recent survey, 63% of women say that they saw the proposal coming, so don’t take her by surprise, she already knows what you are thinking, that’s why you are marrying her remember? Some 3% of women in the survey went as far as arranging their own proposal, telling their partner to be exactly when, where and how they want to be proposed to.

Diamonds are forever

The diamond is the ‘cornerstone’ of your wedding relationship. In recent polls it was shown that size, actually does matter, when it comes to the wedding ring. 25% of women polled said that they would increase the quality of the stone and downsize the ring, meaning that the, majority would prefer a ring with a bigger stone of lower quality.

Before you run out to buy the ring, brush up on your diamond grading skills. Diamonds are evaluated by what is known as the 4 c’s Color, clarity, cut and carat. Make sure you understand the different grading’s before you set foot in a diamond dealers office, or jeweler’s shop.

Responsible and ethical diamonds are a must; 83% of women polled claimed to know what a ‘Blood diamond’ was, (diamonds mined in third world countries by exploited workforces) and stated that they would never wear a ring that featured one.

Lord of the ring

Before the wedding ring, comes the engagement ring. Contrary to what most men may believe, your lady would most likely want a word in the choice of the ring. An engagement ring is seen as a fashion accessory and something your lady will wear for the rest of her life, so make sure you invite her along and give her the final choice.

She will be wearing it with pride and showing it off to all her friends and family, so at the end of the day, it’s her decision, not yours.

On your knees, good sir


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When it comes time to do the deed and propose, 68% of women polled said that they would want their man to do it on bended knee and utter the words “Will you marry me” The remaining percentage expressed that if the moment was right, no words would be necessary.

While the pressure of the situation is high and nerves will be on their ends, we recommend you just man-up and get it done.

Daddy’s girl

Every girl is someone’s daughter and the apple of their eye. While you may think that in today’s modern society, parents should have no say over the matter – statistics would prove you wrong. More than 53% of women polled said they would prefer it if their spouse-to-be informed her parents and asked for permission. Remember, marriage is about having children and starting your own family, so do in kind and pay your respects to the head of the household you are about to join with.

Proposing is one heck of a nerve-jangling experience and can unseat the most steel-nerved men, turning them into quivering, stuttering mounds of anxiety and vulnerability. The question remains, is she worth it? We are quite sure that if you have contemplated the situations above, then you are ready to embark on your new life together, good luck!


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